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The new theme "Well-being" of Moominvalley Park, which will be reopened on December 2021, 12 (Friday) -Winter Festival, where you can enjoy winter as one of the experience-based contents only for winter, where you can feel comfortable in your mind and body. Is held.
Street music is played around the park, you can move your body in sports, and there are plenty of participatory events that you can feel with all five senses in the park, which is rich in nature.Limited menus and workshops will also be available during the event.Because online such as remote work has become commonplace, we will gradually provide a place where you can feel the special value of real communication through the event.

[Updated on Monday, December 12]
-Moominvalley Park BUSKING STREET-2021 Winter–
・ Winter-only decorations that direct the story
-The sound walk "~ Moominvalley Winter ~" is back!
* The content release date of "Sound Walk-Moominvalley Winter-" will be after 12:9 (scheduled) on December 18th (Friday).

[Updated on Thursday, December 12]
-Moominvalley Park Ekiden Tournament RUNDAY FUNDAY

Date January 12th (Friday) -February 10rd (Sunday)
Place Moominvalley Park

Attention point

[12/26 (Sun)] Moominvalley Park Ekiden Tournament RUNDAY FUNDAY

Even in Moomin's original work, a winter sports competition has been held, so a running event based on the concept of "Fun Running", where you can enjoy running at your own pace, will be held for the first time.Unlike marathons and relay races, which have strong sports elements and compete desperately for time and personal best updates, we invite families and friends to participate in groups and connect the tasuki with the relay race to aim for the goal."Family" and "friendship" are big themes in the Moomin world.It is an event where everyone can enjoy running while feeling the connection and bond with their loved ones.

[12/26 (Sun)] Moominvalley Park Ekiden Tournament MAP

The running distance can be arranged within the group, and even small children and those who are not good at exercising can challenge.In addition, since time is not measured, it is possible to enjoy while wearing Moomin-related goods and costumes while considering safe driving. In the spirit of "Fun Running", why not enjoy running by the lake while feeling the clear air of the morning and cutting the pleasant breeze in the forest (metsä) before the opening of the park?
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[December] BUSKING STREET / Street live performance

As a culture enjoyed overseas, we will hold a music event for the first time where you can experience the generic name "Busking", which is a street performance of various genres.While listening to various performances played around the park, you can communicate with the performers, throw money to cheer, get excited with the guests around you, and freely listen to the music as you like. Try to move your body and feel the comfortable live music groove outdoors!

[12/26 (Sun)] BUSKING STREET / Special Dinner & Live

In addition, a one-day event "JAZZ DINNER & LIVE -Convivial night-" will be held.Even in Finland, the birthplace of the author Tove Jansson, jazz is played every night at various restaurants and bars and is loved by many people.You can enjoy live jazz music and meals in a spacious space. Moominvalley buddies may come to play casually.Please spend a "convivial" night, which means "banquet", "feast" and "spend comfortably together" in a special space after the park is closed.
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Winter-only decorations that direct the story

From December 12th (Friday), a 10-meter-tall "white horse" made by Too-Ticky, which appears in the novel "Winter of Moominvalley", will appear near Moominhouse.In addition, the sea of ​​clouds mist, which is like the sigh of "The Lady of the Cold" that freezes the viewer, spreads coolly around the illuminated Moominhouse, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Winter-only decorations that direct the story

In addition, a balloon sky that imagines the world of snow appears on the tree-lined road leading to the entrance of the Moominvalley area.It is also attractive that you can enjoy the excitement of getting closer to Moominvalley and the different facial expressions during the day and at night.

The sound walk "~ Moominvalley Winter ~" is back!

A sound attraction where you can relive the story of the novel "Winter of Moominvalley" is back in the nature-rich Moominvalley Park!A new original AR frame has also appeared, and you can take a commemorative photo with your Moominvalley friends at various places in the park.If you listen to the sounds you hear while walking in the park, you will see the world of Sound AR ™ where the sounds of the virtual world are mixed with the real world as if you were in the story.You can safely experience it with your smartphone and earphones / headphones so that you can enjoy walking around the park at your own pace.Please listen to the world of Moomin's story, which you can enjoy with sound while feeling the chill and wind unique to winter.

The sound walk "~ Moominvalley Winter ~" is back!

■ Price: Free
■ Time required: Approximately 40 minutes 
■ Period: December 12th (Friday) -February 10th (Sunday)
* For the experienceLocatone ™(Location tone) You need to download the app.
*Sound Walk ~ Moominvalley Winter ~The content will be released on December 12th (Friday) after 9:18 (scheduled).Click here for the download procedure link.
* For Locatone ™ and Sound AR ™please use this form.

Moominvalley Park renewal commemoration! Limited to 3 days!Get an original sticker

To commemorate the reopening of Moominvalley Park for three days from December 12th (Friday) to 10th (Sunday), we will present "Winter Festival" original stickers (not for sale) to all visitors.
※ It ends as soon as it disappears

[Winter Festival] Food

■ Semla
The traditional sweet bun "Semla", which is popular in Scandinavia, is finished with a yogurt whipped topping to give it a Park original taste.Bread is a sweet with almond paste.
Sales location: Restaurant Moominvalley
Selling price: 400 yen (tax included)

[Winter Festival] Goods

■ Almond dragee
White chocolate and sugar coating are lightly sprinkled on roasted almonds to create a gentle color that resembles a snowball.
Sales location: Main Shop Moominvalley
Selling price: 600 yen (tax included)

[Winter Festival] Workshop

■ Moominvalley Park original badge making
Event-limited art is now available for making popular badges! From December, the venue will be changed to Main Shop Moominvalley.
Sales location: Main Shop Moominvalley
Selling price: 500 yen (tax included)
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