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Place Moominvalley Park

Satisfaction over 94%!
Enjoy with soundMoomin monogatari, Ltd.
~ A new type of experience attraction ~

* From the results of the questionnaire for those who experienced the previous experience period conducted by our company.


Introducing the original AR frame!

With the AR camera button of the app,
With a frame featuring Moominvalley friends
Take a picture and leave a memory!

What is a sound walk?

A sound attraction where you can relive the story of the novel "Winter of Moominvalley" in the scenery of Moominvalley Park, which is rich in nature, is back as a version that you can enjoy in the park!

If you listen to the sounds you hear while walking in the park, you will be able to see the world of Sound AR ™, where the sounds of the virtual world are mixed with the real world as if you were in the story.

In addition, attractions have evolved with new technology, and by linking Sony's 360 stereophonic technology with smartphone sensors, it is possible to reproduce natural sounds as if the voice is ringing from that location according to the orientation of the body. It came to be.We are designing a tour that you can safely experience with your smartphone and earphones / headphones so that you can go around the park at your own pace and enjoy yourself.

Please listen to the world of Moomin's story, which you can enjoy with sound while feeling the chill and wind unique to winter.


Ryo Oguri

Direction / Screenplay

Ryo Oguri


  • Takahiro Sakurai

    Narration /
    The role of Snufkin

    Takahiro Sakurai


  • Haruka Tomatsu

    Moomintroll role

    Haruka Tomatsu


  • Fumiko Orikasa


    Fumiko Orikasa


  • Aki Toyosaki

    Little My role

    Aki Toyosaki


  • Hanazawa Kana


    Hanazawa Kana


  • Inori Minase

    A squirrel with a wonderful tail

    Inori Minase


  • Toru Okawa


    Toru Okawa


Experienceable time

Experience time: Approximately 40 minutes
Up to 1 hour before Moominvalley Park closesYou can experience it.
Experience period: December 12th (Friday) -February 10th (Sunday)

Entry fee

During the event period, you can play back the audio and look back on the experience even after the experience in the park is over.


Moomintroll, who has just awakened from hibernation,
We will meet various things in the winter world and grow up.
Let's walk in the winter forest with Moomintroll.
Like Moomintroll, you might like winter.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the signs of winter creatures.
The Moomintroll adventure turns into your own story ...

To enjoy the sound walk

In order to enjoy the app, it is necessary to acquire the device and the location information of the app.

  1. Step 1

    First, download Locatone ™

    First, download Sony's Locatone ™ app from the Apple Store, Google Play on your smartphone.

    Click here to download the app


    Downloadplease use this form.から

    Operation is not guaranteed for iPad and wi-fi model tablet devices.

  2. Step 2

    Select a channel

    From the Locatone ™ app, select "Moominvalley Park Channel".

    Select a channel
  3. Step 3

    Tour selection

    Select "Sound Walk-Moominvalley Winter-" from "Moominvalley Park Channel".

    Tour selection
  4. Step 4

    Download tour data

    Download the tour data from the download button.

    Download tour data
  5. Step 5

    Reconfirm before departure

    On the day of the attraction, fully charge and with a smartphoneDon't forget to connect earphones / headphones!

    Reconfirm before departure
  6. Step 6

    Start when you're ready

    When you arrive at the site, press the tour start button to start the tour.You can hear the voice when you visit the spot ♪

    Start when you're ready

* After downloading the app and tour data, turn off Wi-Fi and start the tour locally.
(If you leave Wi-Fi connected from the outside, weak radio waves may be picked up and communication may become unstable.)


● To enjoy the Sound AR ™ experience, please download the Locatone ™ app and the tour data for “Sound Walk-Moominvalley Winter” in advance.
● Before using the Sound AR ™ experience, please prepare earphones / headphones that can be connected to your smartphone.
● The attraction experience time will be about 40 minutes, so please check the charge amount of your smartphone.
● Sound AR ™ and Locatone ™ are trademarks of Sony Group Corporation or its affiliates.

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