Lisa Larson POP UP SHOP & WORKSHOP "metsä mikey market" 1
Lisa Larson POP UP SHOP & WORKSHOP "metsä mikey market" 2
Lisa Larson POP UP SHOP & WORKSHOP "metsä mikey market" 3

Lisa LarsonPOP UP SHOP "metsä mikey market" will be opened in metsa hall.

“Nyan, Nyan, Nyan”

This POP UP SHOP, commemorating the cat's day, which was enacted after the cat's cry, said that POP UP SHOP is for goods including "Mikey (Mickey)," which is also representative of Lisa Larson. Along with sales, we will hold the "Lisa Larson WORK SHOP". At the same workshop in Metsa Hall as POP UP SHOP, you can use the Felissico Couture kit to handcraft brooches and charms featuring Lisa Larson's cute animals.

In addition, the work “Cat of the Cat” created by Swedish craftsmen for “Cat's Day” and Kaikaidou's capsule figure “My Key Collection” are items that must be sold out. Inside the capsule figure "Mikey Collection", there are also two limited-edition versions (Mitsuneko and Black Cat) that can only be purchased at "metsä Village".

Other than that, Mikey is filled with miscellaneous goods that you can feel Northern Europe, such as the items in the "Mori series" that mice are playing in the forest. Whether you are a cat lover or not, please take this opportunity to visit the “metsä Village”.

■ Lisa Larson POP UP SHOP metsä mikey market

Items such as "Morce Series" which are being played in the forest, such as Mickey who is also a representative work of Lisa Larson, and limited number pottery made for "Cat's Day" Cat "Buchi", pottery, stationery, kitchen miscellaneous goods will gather.

■ Lisa Larson WORKSHOP

Felissimo Kutulier × Lisa · Larson Wooden frame accessories made of UV resin ~ Pukutsu Tsuya! Lisa cute animals ~

A workshop where you can make cute brooches and charms with wood-friendly texture and glossy UV resin using the Felissimo Couture kit. Put cloths and parts in the original crate, pour in resin solution, and stack layers to finish. Enjoy making your own accessories with your family and friends.

・ Participation fee: 1 pieces ¥ 2,052 (tax included)

Lisa Larsonに つ い て

1931, a ceramicist born in Harrunda in the Sm モ ー land, Sweden. After graduating from university he received a scout from Stig Lindberg and joined Gustavsberg, then Sweden's largest pottery company. Produced about 320 excellent works, including animal series, and then switched to a free designer. Gentle cute coquettish animals and simple, warm and expressive figures are rapidly increasing not only in Sweden and Japan, but also in many parts of the world.

Event Dates 2019 / 2 / 20 (Wednesday) to 3 / 17 (Sunday)
Time POP UP SHOP 10: 00 to 20: 00 / WORKSHOP 10: 00 to 15: 00 (final reception)
Place metsä hall
Entry fee WORKSHOP 1 unit ¥ 2,052 (tax included)
Remarks Attention point

Attention point

Felissimo Couture x Lisa Larson WORKSHOP

1 unit ¥ 2,052 (tax included)

~ Plump Tsuya Tsu! Lisa cute animals ~

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