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[SOLD OUT] * Sold out [Winter Festival] JAZZ DINNER & LIVE -CONVIVIAL NIGHT- Moominvalley Park BUSKING STREET-2021 Winter– 1

A one-day event "JAZZ DINNER & LIVE -Convivial night-" will be held.
Even in Finland, the birthplace of the author Tove Jansson, jazz is played every night at various restaurants and bars and is loved by many people.You can enjoy live jazz music and meals in a spacious space. Moominvalley buddies may come to play casually.Please spend a "convivial" night, which means "banquet", "feast" and "spend comfortably together" in a special space after the park is closed.

Date 12/26
Time Reception 18: 00 / Start 18:30
Place Lettula Lounge
Entry fee [SOLD OUT] * Sold out ■ JAZZ DINNER & LIVE -Convivial night- / Special dinner & live ・ 2 people 1 group: 24,000 yen (tax included / service fee included) ・ 1 person participation fee: 15,000 yen (tax included / service fee included) ) Reservation: Advance reservation required. 10 groups of 20 people (first-come-first-served basis). * Application start date: December 12th (Thursday) 9: 10-
* Reservations will end as soon as the capacity is reached. * The Moominvalley Park admission fee is not included in the "JAZZ DINNER & LIVE -Convivial night-" ticket. * If you come after 18:XNUMX, you do not need to pay the entrance fee to Moominvalley Park.

Attention point

~ Menu contents of the day ~

● Cocktail time: 18: 00-19: 00
・ Free drink & snack: Assorted nuts
● Dinner menu
・ Appetizer: Scandinavian sailor's plate (assorted fish and shellfish)
・ Soup: Clam chowder
・ Bread: Variety Red
・ Main: Wagyu beef loin steak Madera liquor scented sauce
・ Dessert: Winter dessert a la carte
● Free drink menu
・ Alcohole: Beer, wine (red / white), whiskey (rock / mizuwari / highball)
・ Soft drink: Orange juice, apple juice, coffee (Hot / Ice), tea (Hot / Ice)
* Consumption tax and service charge included
* Some menus may be changed depending on the purchase situation.
* There are no allergy-friendly, salt-reduced menus, or low-calorie menus.

~ Performers ~

● BINGO & O2 (Bingo and Oz)
A special unit formed for the Moominvalley Park special night."BINGO" by Sanshiro of saxophone and Kazuhiko Obata of guitar, and "O2" by Yuichi Otsuka of accordion. The sounds of the two music units decorate the special night of the Basking Street Finale.

~ Performer profile ~

● Sanshiro
Saxophonist (composer, arranger, vocal)
After graduating from Berklee College of Music, based in New York, developed street performances in Boston, Paris, London, etc.In Japan, street performances in Shibuya have become a hot topic and are featured on TV. Album debut from CBS / SONY.Since then, his main activities have been recording with Sean Lennon at GOW advocated by Yoko Ono, and performing at a concert at Tokyo Dome. "Minna no Uta" NHK "Minna no Uta" ON AIR won the Galaxy Award Radio Award for FM programs.He also performed concerts in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong and released an album. Co-starred with Paul Stookey of PPM and appeared in "Fashion Cantata 2012" at Shingon Buddhist Headquarters Toji Temple.Actively hold Tohoku reconstruction support concerts.About 30 CD albums have been released.Even now, while performing in various parts of the country, he focuses on album production and music education.

~ Performer profile ~

● Kazuhiko Obata
After moving to Tokyo in 1981, he has been active mainly in live houses in Tokyo. After working in bands such as Spick & Span and Masaru Imada Now Inn, he is active in bands such as Pan Cake and Fonte.He is also active in solo guitar activities, composition and arrangement, and production of Brazilian singers.He has also participated in numerous recordings such as Lisa Ono, Ken Hirai, TOKU, and Monday Michiru.

~ Performer profile ~

● Yuichi Otsuka
With piano lessons as a child, he started playing from his student days.When he met the accordion, he became an accordionist because he was attracted to his charming appearance.He is one of the few button-type accordionists in Japan.He has a good reputation for playing with a warm singing voice.
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