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Get exclusive mineral water from Moominvalley Park!Hold a winter campaign 1

From January 1th (Sat) to February 15th (Sun), a winter campaign will be held to present limited mineral water not for sale to those who use highway buses and direct bus tours to Moominvalley Park. To do.This mineral water with the artwork of the exhibition project "Moomin's Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition-Eating, Living Together-", which was newly started last summer, is a special item limited to this campaign. ..Please do not miss this opportunity and take advantage of the campaign.

campaign information
■ Details: During the period, if you use a highway bus or a direct bus tour, you will receive one bottle of limited mineral water (not for sale) per person.
* Those under 3 years old are not eligible.

■ Implementation period: January 2022th (Sat) -February 1th (Sun), 15

■ Product Description: Fuji Mineral Water 350ml
* Weakly alkaline soft water containing 4 major minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium)

■ Target:
Various high-speed route bus or direct bus tour users
-Highway bus from Tokyo Station * For passengers departing from JR Tokyo Station and arriving at Moominvalley Park
-Direct bus tour to / from Minami-Koshigaya Station (via Omiya Station)
-Direct bus tour from Shinjuku station
-Direct bus tour from Yokohama Station
* Please check the service dates on each company's website.

Date January 2022th (Sat) -February 1th (Sun), 15 * Please check the service schedule on each company's website.
Time Departure time depends on the bus you are using.
Place From JR Tokyo Station, Minamikoshiya Station, Omiya Station, Shinjuku Station, Yokohama Station
Entry fee Please check the travel price on each company's website.
Remarks Mineral water will be handed to you at the time of boarding.

Attention point

[Highway bus departing from Tokyo Station]
There is a wrapping bus and a special special ticket

The highway bus departing from Tokyo Station is a cute Moominvalley Park wrapping bus!You can enjoy the atmosphere of Moominvalley Park before boarding.
The bath has a toilet, so families with small children can rest assured.
A special ticket with a round-trip bus and a 1-day pass is a great deal of 4,700 yen.Especially recommended for those who have good access to Tokyo Station.

[Direct bus tour to / from Minami-Koshigaya Station (via Omiya Station)]
With wrapping bath & tote bag not for sale

It also departs from Omiya Station, where the Joetsu Shinkansen stops, so it's a direct bus tour that is easy for people using the Shinkansen. It's a nice point to get on the Moominvalley Park wrapping bus.
The bath has a toilet, so families with small children can rest assured.
The Moominvalley Park original tote bag, not for sale, is also a gift for passengers.

[Direct bus tour to / from Yokohama / Shinjuku]
Not for sale with tote bag

A direct bus tour from Yokohama Station, which is easy to use for people in the Kanagawa prefecture, and Shinjuku Station, which is convenient.
Passengers will receive a Moominvalley Park tote bag not for sale!

DVD screening of "Moominvalley Friends"

An animation of "Moominvalley's Friends" is being screened in the car you visit.
After learning about the Moomin monogatari, Ltd., come to Moominvalley Park and you'll be able to enjoy the park even more!Enjoy the world of Moomin even in the car.

New exhibition "Moomin's dining table and convenience exhibition-eating, living together-"

At the exhibition facility "KOKEMUS (Kokemus)" in Moominvalley Park, a new exhibition "Moomin's Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition-Eating, Living Together-" has started."Convivial" in English means "banquet", "feast", and "symbiosis", and you can feel the connection of living with eating and drinking."Convivial" also means that the atmosphere is cheerful, friendly, and comfortable.

Details of the exhibitionplease use this form.
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