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We will hold the up-cycle craft market that was a big success last time.
The up cycle is about creating new value. The purpose is not to reuse, but to combine it with something else or to create a new thing from another point of view.
For example ...
・ Make a lamp with a broken trumpet
・ Paint cutely outsized boots for children to make flowerpots
・ Make a bag with your favorite jeans that have been torn
Please come and look for one-of-a-kind items and digging items such as remakes and recycled items centered on upcycling.

Exhibitor List

Event Dates March 3nd (Sat) 2rd (Sun) * Canceled in case of rain
Time Open: 10:00 - 15:00
Place In front of the market hall
Remarks Organizer: Time Machine Company

Attention point

Hiroko Yokota

Upcycle into a fashionable lighting fixture using a trumpet that can no longer be used as a musical instrument.


Upcycling to a stylish interior using floorboards (chestnuts), staircase decoration pillars (tama), and waste materials (lawan).


An accessory using the resin of IRO LAB, which was very popular in the first installment.This time, we sell Scandinavian taste accessories and accessories for spring.
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