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Moominmamma, who always wishes everyone's happiness and watches around us warmly, makes us feel kind and relieved.The "Moominmamma's Rose" fair, in which Moominmamma plays a leading role, is an event where you can enjoy spring.SPRING FESTIVALThere are plenty of collaborations with!A special greeting, "Floating Flower Walk ~ Moominvalley Park's Hanatemizu ~" will be accented with roses, and a secret spot with the motif of Moominmamma's roses will also appear.We also have a limited-time food menu and workshops.The shops in the park also have Moominmamma-related goods that are perfect gifts for moms.
Why don't you express your gratitude to your mother through the fair?

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Attention point

Moominmamma welcomes you with a rose decoration

During the fair, Moominmamma welcomes guests to wear their favorite roses for greetings.
* The contents may be changed or canceled depending on the weather.

"Floating flower" spot, accented with roses

During the fair period, some spots of "Floating Flower", which is an arrangement of "Hanachozu", a decoration that floats colorful flowers on the water, has been transformed into a design using roses.Please visit the various roses scattered throughout the park.

Let's find the secret spot "Moominmamma Rose"

A Moominmamma rose-themed "floating flower" will appear as a secret spot somewhere in the park. Look for a handbag-like shape that Moominmamma cherishes!

[Moominmamma's Rose] Latte Art

Fair-limited artwork design will appear in the popular art latte.
■ Sales period: April 4th (Sat) -May 16th (Sun)
■ Sales location: Kokemus 2nd floor "Library Cafe"
■ Sales price: 700 yen (tax included)
※The image is an image.

[Moominmamma's Rose] Making original badges

A badge that can be easily made by children and adults alike.Fair-only artwork design will be available.
■ Sales period: April 4th (Sat) -May 16th (Sun)
■ Sales location: Kokemus 1st floor "Main Shop Moominvalley"
■ Sales price: 500 yen (tax included)
* The venue will change during the Golden Week period.For more informationplease use this form.

[Moominmamma's Rose] Recommended Goods / Pancake Mix

Moominvalley's friends also love pancakes.Using Hokkaido wheat and medium-strength flour "Fuyuezo" and Hokkaido sugar beet sugar, the baking powder is aluminum-free.A moist and chewy pancake mix made by mixing oil, eggs and milk.In addition, there will be a mini corner that collects Moominmamma's Rose limited design goods and Moominmamma goods sold at the park.
■ Sales period: April 4th (Sat) -May 16th (Sun)
■ Sales location: Kokemus 1st floor "Main Shop Moominvalley", Welcome cove "Beginning shop"
■ Sales price: 648 yen (tax included)

[Moominmamma's Rose] Get an original card

An original card will be presented to those who purchase "Moominmamma's Rose" limited design goods.
■ Distribution target: Those who purchase "Moominmamma's Rose" goods
■ Distribution period: April 4th (Sat) -May 16th (Sun) 
* It will end as soon as it runs out.
* The workshop "Moominmamma's Rose Original Badge Making" is also applicable.

Rose design appears in popular fruit sandwiches with fruit motifs

The fruit sandwich using seasonal fruits has a gorgeous cross section with a flower motif.Only during the fair period, we have prepared a special rose design limited to the park.While enjoying the flower language that is the motif, take a walk in the spring park full of flowers with a fruit sandwich in your hand.
■ Sales period: April 4th (Sat) -May 16th (Sun)
■ Sales time: 11: 00 ~ Ends as soon as it runs out
■ Sales location: Bathing hut street "Taikurin Koju"
■ Sales price: 680 yen (tax included)
① Rose sandwich (strawberry) flower language: love, beauty, passion, good looks
② Kanagi 犀 Sand (banana) Flower language: Humility, first love
③ Gerbera Sand (mandarin orange) Flower language: mystery, adventurous spirit, patience
④ Lavender sandwich (grape) Flower language: Expectations, cleanliness, grace

* Only cash is available.
* Not eligible for annual passport discount

Rose market

A flower shop is coming to Moominvalley Park.Why don't you give flowers to your loved ones as well as gifts for Mother's Day?
■ Schedule: April 4th (Sat), April 16th (Sat), May 4st (Sun)
■ Holding time: 12: 00-17: 00
■ Venue: Uimahuone Street

* Only cash is available.
* Not eligible for annual passport discount
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