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An event where you can enjoy the warm spring and flowers against the backdrop of Lake Miyazawa, which is surrounded by abundant nature.metsä flower festivalWe will hold a flower-themed Marche for two days during the event.

Date March 3th (Sat) April 19th (Sat)
Time 10am-00pm
Place metsä village special venue

Attention point

[3/19 * 4/30] Traveling florist Tsumugiya

It is a flower shop that "connects flowers and people" where you can touch your favorite flowers like picking flowers and enjoy the time and space surrounded by flowers to your heart's content.We will deliver flowers to you as if you were traveling on a Mizuiro wagon.
Fresh flower sale Tsumugi family's selection seasonal flowers
* Small bouquet: 550 yen (tax included) ~
* 1 book sale: 110 yen (tax included) ~

[3/19 * 4/30] PURARE

Dandelion dome made from dried flowers, an original product only for purare select.The real fluff is specially processed to prevent it from flying, dried, and placed in a glass dome.The original scented sachet is made by blending several types of essential oils and fragrances.In particular, the scent of the forest is so popular that it is sold out at the event exhibition. The original scent only for purareselect cannot be explained, so we sell it only at the event exhibition.

[3/19] Uncut flower shop Uraniwa

Cute, discerning flower seedlings sold directly from producers, new gardening technology, group planting sales such as flower arrangements using gathering, flower accessories and cloth accessories handled at stores, etc. I will bring it.

[3/19] hacobe garden

Hello.In Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, I mainly make works of dried flowers. It is a hacobe garden.Carefully put together the things that you raised yourself and the things that you found to be beautiful.
We look forward to seeing you all.Thank you.

[3/19] Flower shop "Hana cocchi" with no store for two couples

In Saitama city, two couples are running a flower shop without a store!It is a flower cocchi.It is a business trip flower shop that appears in various storefronts.As the seasons change, so do the flowers.Now I want to deliver beautiful flowers to you.Let's choose and decorate your favorite flowers in your daily life.On the day, we will also make a bouquet with your favorite flowers.Please enjoy your life with flowers.
* Instagram:

[3/19] Little Garden Heart

We make cute group plants with succulents.It is a succulent plant with a wide variety of colors and shapes, but it grows even with little water or soil, so it is easy to grow and suitable for group planting.In addition, the pots are also handmade and rust-painted so that they fit in the garden.I try to create works that will heal you when you look at them.

[4/30] Dip Capua

It is a dip capua of "accessories that feel light and wind".Capua is a Hawaiian word meaning petals.Each one is made of wire.It is a transparent and delicate accessory like glass work, but it is surprisingly durable and lightweight.We also offer patented, painless magic earring fittings.Please try it.Garden picks that enrich your home life are also popular.I hope you find your favorite.

[4/30] Group planter

Nice to meet you.My name is Group Planter.I usually work mainly in the Plants Gathering classroom.Gathering is a technique of assembling and planting seedlings of two or more types of plants like a bouquet.At the event, we plan to bring not only gathering but also dried flower works and miscellaneous goods that go well with flowers.We hope that you will take a look and feel the healing and gentleness of nature.We look forward to meeting you.

[4/30] Bonheur Candle

We offer lessons and business trip lessons at our home in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture.There are various types of candles to handle, but flower candles made from beeswax are delicate enough to be mistaken for the real thing because each petal is made by hand and assembled.I hope you will pick it up and take a look.In addition, botanical candles using preserved flowers and dried flowers are also popular items.It would be great if you could add a candle to your daily life items to heal your daily fatigue with the slight scent of aroma and the 1 / f fluctuation effect of the light.

[4/30] chie gotoh

I mainly make flower pots for succulents with a house motif.Succulents are planted in the pot.We also produce vases and candle holders, and we hope to bring healing to your life.

[4/30] doille doillette

Would you like to live with flowers?It is a flower shop that creates a special day and space that weaves beautiful flowers forever.How about a swag, wreath, box flower, etc. for your home or as a "Mother's Day gift"?

[4/30] grande domani

grande domani holds flower and candle workshops mainly in Saitama prefecture.Candles packed with flowers and workshops with original designs that combine flowers and suncatchers are popular.We use durable artificial flowers that are easy to care for, but we are creating works that are conscious of the seasons and trends.I hope it will become an item that fits into your room and makes you want to look at it.Please take a look at the work while feeling the rich nature and the seasonal breeze.

[4/30] Spring_Hill

Naturally dried flowers, leaves and wildflowers are used as works such as wreaths, swags and bouquets.We cherish the once-in-a-lifetime meeting and make the best use of the individuality of seasonal flowers to make each one carefully and with all our heart.The appearance of the dry flower fading little by little is also attractive.We bring you everything from cute arrangements inspired by spring hills to adult chic items.Please feel free to take a look with the Nordic world.I'm looking forward to a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with you ♪

[4/30] tomte's garden "Fairy Garden"

We produce succulent plants using handmade pots and pots that are remakes of original vessels.Pack a lot of cute things in a small bowl.A small garden in your house.I would be happy if you could find your favorite bowl.
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