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In the metsä village surrounded by forests and lakes, spend a pleasant time enjoying the seasonal flowers and vegetables, the works of the artists, and the take-out food that is perfect for walking around.

Event Dates July 4th (Sat) and 23th (Sun)
Time Open: 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsä village special venue

Attention point

[4 / 23-24] Ishikawaya Foods

We have a selection of dried fruits from all over the world that the owner thinks "delicious!"For making sweets and bread!For a fun picnic or hiking treat!To accompany wine!Enjoy the fascinating dried fruits.

[4 / 23-24] Weekend woodworking

Weekend woodworking for wooden tableware.Wooden tableware has a glass coat finish and is easy to clean *.We have a wide range of products, from unique one-of-a-kind items to easy-to-use standard items.Would you like to feel the warmth of wood in the metsä village surrounded by nature?
* Avoid dishwashers.

[4 / 23-24] Dip Capua

It is a dip capua of "accessories that feel light and wind".Capua is a Hawaiian word meaning petals.Each one is made of wire.It is a transparent and delicate accessory like glass work, but it is surprisingly durable and lightweight.We also offer patented, painless magic earring fittings.Please try it.Garden picks that enrich your home life are also popular.I hope you find your favorite.

[4 / 23-24] Nyamur Croppe

At the foot of Yatsugatake, in Hokuto City, we are making interior accessories with the theme of "a little color and wood for everyday life."I would be happy if it was a work that could help you enjoy your life.

[4 / 23-24] hacobe garden

We carefully put together the things that we carefully raised and the things that we found to be beautiful.Using the plants produced by the seasons and the dried flowers that bring new life to life, I would like to create such a work that will make you feel at ease in your daily life.

[4 / 23-24] hana * coco

Gently snuggle up to your daily life.I make such works in Hanno where you can feel the atmosphere of Scandinavia.May my work add color to someone's life.With feelings.

[4 / 23-24] PURARE

Dandelion dome made from dried flowers, an original product only for purare select.The real fluff is specially processed to prevent it from flying, dried, and placed in a glass dome.
The original scented sachet is made by blending several types of essential oils and fragrances.In particular, the scent of the forest is so popular that it is sold out at the event exhibition. The original scent only for purareselect cannot be explained, so we sell it only at the event exhibition.

[4 / 23-24] Salvia

This is Salvia, which is the first store to open.We are an activity that makes "I wish there was something like this" in our daily lives such as clothing, food, and housing. It started in 2000 with the personal manufacturing of graphic designer Seki Yuriwo. Since 2021, Seki Yuriwo has moved to Higashikawa-cho, Hokkaido, and now, with the theme of "living really good," while receiving the blessings of the abundant nature surrounded by Daisetsuzan, both physically and mentally. We are also making comfortable products.This time, we will bring items that are perfect for spring walks, such as "fluffy shoes" and "forest bucket pochette" that do not contain rubber.We look forward to seeing you on the shores of the lake on a bright spring day.

[4/23] Aloha Vine Me

A Vietnamese food and Hawaiian drink kitchen car delivered by a couple who love Hawaii. We will bring you happiness with 20 years of authentic Vietnamese coffee, Vietnamese coffee, acai bowl full of fruits, and tropical drinks! It is a freshly made kitchen car that will open at the end of March 2022.

[4/23] Pizza Truck Itchya

We offer freshly baked pizza on a truck with a new kiln!You can enjoy the fragrant scent unique to the new kiln and the crispy outside and chewy texture inside.The most popular is "Prosciutto ham salad pizza".Place plenty of Italian prosciutto and leafy vegetables on top of freshly baked pizza, and wear itchaa's special dressing.We are looking forward to your order.

[4/23] Even though it's a fruit

Even though it's a fruit sandwich specialty store!It features a cute flower shape.There are more than 10 types of menus, and some are for a limited time.Please try the creamy fruit sandwich.

[4/23] am creation

Works using Indian handmade beads and works with uniqueness that are a bit different from humans are produced by processing Indian embroidery ribbons.I would be happy if I could become one that brings out your charm in your own way.

[4/23] Blue Tarp FOOD TRUCK

Food truck of BBQ restaurant "Blue Tarp" in Shimonaguri, Hanno City.We serve authentic American BBQ dishes, including steaks on the high-heat BBQ grills loaded in the car.

[4/23] die Tasche

-die Tasche-A word that means "bag" in German.I mainly use tanned cowhide to make bags and accessories.The maker trained to become a leather accessory craftsman in Germany, and after obtaining the national qualification of feintaeschner, he returned to Japan.By training in the workplace where I have been making bags for more than half a century, I am working with the German word -die Tasche-, which means "bag", because I think I am now.

[4/23] kurodakao pottery workshop

Using the traditional technique of "iron painting," we create containers for everyday use that blend into our daily lives.Since the combination of patterns is different one by one, I would like you to enjoy "time to find your own favorite".

[4/23] meipuryinu

We will open a store with the works of two candle artists.We make it with such a thought that people who pick it up will be able to smile and know the charm of candles.Light a candle
It is said that the swaying flame has a healing effect.You can make a relaxing and calm time.It is also recommended as a gift for loved ones and as a reward for yourself.Why don't you take in a life with candles ♪ We will also hold a workshop.Please drop in ♪

[4/23] mii-nan

"My favorite adult clothes" "Lovely adult clothes" Before I let go of those clothes, I stopped once and remade them into children's clothes that would be a special outfit.Also, while raising children,
I'm sticking to each canvas bag that I started to make, hoping that there would be such a bag.A little relaxing in your handmade life.Based on this theme, we are making things every day.

[4/23] Nihao Farm

Nihao Farm is aiming for regional circulation agriculture that does not burden the earth by sticking to pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizers centering on Chinese vegetables in Hanno City.We are waiting for you with rare vegetables.

[4/23] NOWEAT

A hot dog with freshly baked meaty raw sausage sandwiched between handmade koppe bread.Koppe-pan is additive-free and does not use dairy products or eggs.

[4/23] Spice & Curry Tattukada

A yellow kitchen car of Indian food run by a shopkeeper from South India.In addition to various Indian curries, fried chicken sandwiches baked with authentic spices and chai made with tea leaves sent directly from India are also popular.We also offer children's curry with zero spiciness and no flour for children.Please come and visit us!

[4/23] yellowtail

It is a yellow tail that makes macrame accessories while enjoying color play.We knit each one by hand with the concept of a design that makes you feel bright and energetic like the sun when you wear it.In addition to the sun-themed pendant, we are waiting for you with a large number of colorful macrame accessories.Please come and visit us to find a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

[4/24] Iida Tacos

We sell tacos that are handmade with local production for local consumption in mind, such as tortillas made from wheat from Saitama prefecture and Mexican hamburgers made from Tokorozawa's brand pork "Musashino Z pork"!May the tacos of Iida Tacos be transformed into "delicious", "energetic" and "smiles" for our customers ...

[4/24] Cafe No No

[4/24] Ceramics Studio Tabito no Ki

We run a ceramic art class in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, with the motto "Learning happily and creating freely".Forest and lake Marche sells pottery accessories.Each piece is carefully molded from clay and produced using the technique of Kutani ware.Surprisingly light and durable, the gold accents are real gold.Please take a look at the casual brilliant accessories unique to pottery.

[4/24] Nogawa Dyeing and Weaving Industry

For over 100 years in Hanyu City, Saitama Prefecture, we have dyed threads with indigo that is particular about natural fermentation, weave the fabric with a loom, and consistently carry out product manufacturing in-house.Utilizing our main technology of kendo clothing manufacturing, we propose a Japanese lifestyle not only with beautiful colors but also with practical indigo dyed products.

[4/24] Flower cocchi

My name is Hana cocchi.A couple runs a flower shop without a store in Saitama city.It is a business trip flower shop that you can meet in various places!Introducing beautiful seasonal flowers and dried flowers.Let's choose and decorate your favorite flower in your daily life ♪ We are waiting for you with branches and bouquets that you will want to decorate at home.We also accept orders for Mother's Day on the day!

[4/24] Mitsu of ginger on the cheeks

A warm syrup of organic ginger and organic spices that does not contain white sugar, Na salt, or food additives.Enjoy the stimulating homemade ginger ale chai, sweets and the delicious and punchy taste of the dish.

[4/23] Traveling flower shop Tsumugiya

It is a flower shop that "connects flowers and people" where you can touch your favorite flowers like picking flowers and enjoy the time and space surrounded by flowers to your heart's content.We will deliver flowers to you as if you were traveling on a Mizuiro wagon.
Fresh flower sale Tsumugi family's selection seasonal flowers
* Small bouquet: 550 yen (tax included) ~
* 1 book sale: 110 yen (tax included) ~

[4/24] Camp x Camp

Camp x Camp is a kitchen car designed like a camping car with a camping theme, and sells kakuni & cheese plates and creative muffins that can be eaten with one hand as camping rice.The proud Kakuni is Yamamine pork from Gunma prefecture, and the muffins are 100% Hokkaido wheat.Kakuni boiled cheese plates, kakuni muffins, and meat cheese pies are popular.Please try the camping rice that is even more delicious when you eat it outside!

[4/24] musubi "Yui"

We mainly produce the one and only Brocante (old tool) + macrame knitting.It is carefully knitted at a glance using Fair Trade organic cotton rope.We will bring you plant hangers, tapestries, and antique miscellaneous goods that will make it fun to enter spring, so please stop by.

[4/24] ozigi

Ozigi will deliver to you "I wanted this", which is a bit different from humans.

[4/24] Sunny Side Kitchen

[4/24] Ukichi-cafe station

Ukichi-cafe station, which mainly serves pulled pork, a local dish of the southern United States.
It is also a standard dish of BBQ, and it is a gem that is easy to eat by boiling pork shoulder loin and entwining it with BBQ sauce!It's a menu that can't be eaten at other stores, and it's exquisite and popular and well-known.I hope you will enjoy it!

[4/24] 81 LABO

Baby castella that is perfect as a souvenir.Since it does not use honey, even children can enjoy it with confidence!
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