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Moominmamma's Rose Spring Flower Market 1

The spring flower market will be held for the first time in conjunction with the "Moominmamma's Rose" fair.
A limited number of flower shops centered around Hanno, the hometown of Moominvalley Park, will open, and Moominmamma's favorite roses and various flowers will be lined up in the store.As a gift for Mother's Day, how about a souvenir for your loved one or a reward for yourself?

Date April 4th (Sat) 16th (Sat) May 30st (Sun)
It may be canceled in case of rain
Time 12:00 - 17:00
Place Uimahuone Street special space

Attention point

Present of original flower tag

If you purchase a flower, we will give it to you with the original flower tag of Moominvalley Park.
* One coupon will be given for each transaction.
※It will end as soon as it is gone.

apple roses

■ Opening schedule: April 4th (Sat) May 30st (Sun)
■ Comment by Mr. Fuminori Nukariya
Japanese rose breeder.We are improving the variety of roses in Hanno City.Although it is one of the most popular roses among plants, it is often thought that it is a difficult plant to grow.In order to overturn that image, we are breeding with the aim of growing disease-resistant, beautiful and attractive roses.This time, the flower market will sell Apple Roses original easy-to-grow rose seedlings.
It's a perfect gift for your loved ones.Why don't you grow roses on the balcony or in the garden while you have more time at home?

Green tree garden

■ Opening schedule: April 4th (Sat) 16th (Sat) May 30st (Sun)
■ Comments from the store owner:
A long-established flower shop in Hanno City that is closely related to the local area.Founded in Showa, it is currently run by the third generation.At the market, we mainly prepare cut flowers.

Green tree garden


■ Opening schedule: April 4th (Sat) 16th (Sat) May 30st (Sun)
■ Comments from the store owner:
This is Garden, a flower shop in Hanno city.We mainly sell cut flowers.We also produce products such as dried flowers and resin accessories.On the day of the event, we will sell mainly roses of various colors, as well as small items of resin accessories made from real flowers such as bouquets using other cut flowers and dried flowers, and pressed flowers.


Rose design appears in popular fruit sandwiches with fruit motifs

■ Sales period: April 4th (Sat) -May 16th (Sun)
■ Sales time: 11: 00 ~ each day
* Sales will end as soon as they are sold out.
■ Sales location: Uimahuone Street Taikurin Koju
■ Sales price: 680 yen (tax included)
The fruit sandwich using seasonal fruits has a gorgeous cross section with a flower motif.Only during the event period, we have prepared a special rose design limited to the park.While enjoying the flower language that is the motif, take a walk in the spring park full of flowers with a fruit sandwich in your hand.
① Rose sandwich (strawberry) flower language: love, beauty, passion, good looks
② Kanagi 犀 Sand (banana) Flower language: Humility, first love
③ Gerbera Sand (mandarin orange) Flower language: mystery, adventurous spirit, patience
④ Lavender sandwich (grape) Flower language: Expectations, cleanliness, grace
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