An event "BUSKING VILLAGE" where you can enjoy various genres of music against the backdrop of the rich nature of Lake Miyazawa is held.We will deliver attractive performances by artists who are active in various genres both in Japan and overseas, and sessions for the day only.
Enjoy a performance full of tenderness and peace in the metsä village surrounded by bright fresh greenery.

Date May 5th (Sat) 14th (Sun), 15st (Sat) 21nd (Sun), 22th (Sat) 28th (Sun)
Time 9:30 - 17:00
Place metsä village special venue
Entry fee ■ Participation fee is a free event.

■ Schedule / Appearance schedule

# May 5th (Sat)
09: 30-09: 40 Sanshiro (saxophone)
12: 30-13: 15 Ai Suno (vocal music)
13: 30-14: 15 Sanshiro
15: 00 ~ 15: 30 Ai Suno
15: 45-16: 15 Sanshiro
16: 30 ~ 17: 00 Ai Suno

# May 5th (Sun)
09: 30-09: 40 Ai Suno (vocal music)
12: 30-13: 15 Sanshiro (saxophone)
13: 30 ~ 14: 15 Ai Suno
15: 00-15: 30 Sanshiro
15: 45 ~ 16: 15 Ai Suno
16: 30-17: 00 Sanshiro

# May 5th (Sat)
09: 30-09: 40 Rino Iida (violin)
12: 30-13: 00 Seira (singer-songwriter)
13: 30-14: 00 Rino Iida
15: 00-15: 30 Seira
15: 45-16: 15 Rino Iida
16: 30-17: 00 Seira

# May 5th (Sun)
09: 30-09: 40 Kana Fuefuki (Flute / Shinobue) / Yoshiyuki Takuma (Vibraphone)
12: 30-13: 00 Yuichi Otsuka (accordion)
13: 30-14: 00 Fuefuki Kana / Yoshiyuki Takuma
15: 00-15: 30 Yuichi Otsuka
15: 45-16: 15 Fuefuki Kana / Yoshiyuki Takuma
16: 30-17: 00 Jam session

# May 5th (Sat)
09: 30-09: 40 Kana Fuefuki (flute, Shinobue), Kaori Nakajima (vibraphone)
12: 30-13: 00 Seira (singer-songwriter)
13: 30-14: 00 Fuefuki Kana, Kaori Nakajima
15: 00-15: 30 Seira
15: 45-16: 15 Fuefuki Kana, Kaori Nakajima
16: 30-17: 00 Seira

# May 5th (Sun)
09: 30-09: 40 Rino Iida (violin)
12: 30-13: 00 Fuefuki Kana (flute / Shinobue) / Hata Kotaro (accordion)
13: 30-14: 00 Rino Iida
15: 00 ~ 15: 30 Fuefuki Kana / Hata Kotaro
15: 45-16: 15 Rino Iida
16: 30 ~ 17: 00 Fuefuki Kana / Hata Kotaro

Attention point

Profile / Sanshiro

Graduated from Berklee College of Music.Based in New York, she has street performances in Boston, Paris, London, etc.In Japan, street performances in Shibuya have become a hot topic and have been featured on TV, attracting more than 2012 spectators every day. Album debut from CBS / SONY.TAO, a stateless group that mixes African, Brazilian, and Jamaican musicians, has created a new topic and ignited the world music boom in Japan.Performed recording with Sean Lennon and a concert at Tokyo Dome at GOW advocated by Yoko Ono.He performed in a memorial concert for "Bob Marley" in Jamaica. Received the Galaxy Award Radio Award for "Minna no Uta" NHK "Minna no Uta" ON AIR FM Program "Trans World Music Ways-Swimming Paradise Tokyo Version".Taiwan debuts in Asia.Activities with Mushuu Kamayatsu. Co-starred with Paul Stookey of PPM / Appeared in "Fashion Cantata XNUMX" at Bunkyo Civic Hall, Shingon Buddhist Headquarters Toji Temple.She actively holds concerts to support the reconstruction of Tohoku.With an international sensibility, regardless of major or minor, the attitude of always looking at new things has never changed since the street performance era, and he continues to challenge the mixture of different arts and new media.

Profile / Ai Suno

Born in Tokyo.When he was a junior high school student, he learned about the wonderfulness of his music in the brass band and chorus clubs.She studied vocal music at Tokyo College of Music after attending the high school music department attached to Seitoku University.She won a prize at the 63rd and 64th All Japan Student Music Competition.She is currently in a variety of genres, including the Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance Project, outdoor operas and musicals using the Kagura-den of the shrine, appearances in various concerts, collaboration between reading and music, and participation in insert songs in plays. We are active in various fields.
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Profile / Seira

Born May 1989, 5 Singer-songwriter / model.You can freely change the expression of her song just by the expressive power of her playing. In 4 she worked as an exclusive model for Shogakukan "PS", and in 2007 she appeared in a commercial as Suntory Nacchan's 2009th generation Nacchan. Major debut from her SONY Defstar records.Since then, she has been energetically active mainly in her live and album production. In June 5, she released the 2018st album of Familia, a parent-child unit with her father Sanshiro, a saxophonist. She will use "Wish for the Stars" recorded seven years ago as an insert song for "Peace Nippon" directed by Hiroyuki Nakano, a movie released in July. In 6, she was in charge of the personality of "Seira's Girlfriend is La La La Music Cafe" every Saturday at Tokyo Skytree Solamachi Hiroba. In 1, she holds a monthly project "I like it, Kitasando." At Strobe Cafe.She welcomed the percussion instrument Ryota Kodera (ex Tsubakiya Quartet) and released [Studio Live Edition] as "Seira x Ryota Kodera" in June.Regularly performed at cafes, restaurants, etc., centering on original and jazz covers.She is in charge of narration and singing for corporate commercials. In 7, while continuing live activities based in the cafe, he formed the rainy season limited unit Bar Bar Pole with FoZZtone Vo, Gt Masashi Watarai and Ba, Cho Cannon, and traveled all over the country.Actively active in various forms such as other bands and support. She has been narrating two consecutive Kewpie commercials. 7 Four seasons series omnibus full album "Four seasons" released.She does all the steps by herself, from songwriting, arrangement, recording, and mixing.She plays and talks mainly one-man live. In November she participated in the FoZZtone Album chorus. Throughout the year 2017, we released four handmade works, the four seasons series [winter root], [spring bud], [summer fruit], and [autumn seed]. 2016 BS Asahi "Let's go to the castle town!" Image song "Furaibou" was announced by distribution.He appeared on the stage "Dream". Participated in a charity tour hosted by Starbucks Coffee in 6 with Yuichi Ohata, Makoto Saito, and AOEQ (YO-KING, Hiroshi Fujiwara). Released his 2015rd single "You don't have to worry about it anymore" 2st Full Album "Medium Aim".Talk and live at Kakuza in Shinjuku with Master Shofukutei Tsurbin from the radio. 2014 11nd single "This poem instead of love letter." (Theme song of the anime "Tegami Bachi". It became the most aired song in the week at the FM station in Kanto) 2013 Suntory Beverage "Nacchan" his 1 Selected as the second generation Nacchan.Covers her first commercial appearance, Elephant Kashimashi "Beginning is Now". Major debut with "Suuji to Koi" from SONY Defstar Records. She has appeared in numerous events such as "ROCK IN JAPAN Fes" and "COUNTDOWN JAPAN FES". Appeared in the 4 summer festivals "ap bank fes '2012" and "Young and Young Men and Women '2011" (sponsored by Chatmonchy / Base Ball Bear / Snorkel).Her self-produced CD sold out.Indie version "# 3 Compass" released. 1 Started live activities based in Tokyo.He begins modeling activities exclusively for Shogakukan "PS". He taught himself guitar at the age of 2010 and started writing lyrics at the age of 2.

Profile / Rino Iida

Born in Gifu prefecture, lives in Kawagoe city. She started playing the violin at the age of four.Since she was a child, she prefers to improvise rather than practice songs.When she was in college, she participated in the "ROCKY CHACK" forest orchestra at the invitation of her seniors and entered the world of POPS. For several years from around 4, she will perform live at live houses, cafes, streets, etc. nationwide as a member of the POPS strings unit "LPchep2000" led by composer Shunsuke Kida, and will release three albums. She is active in live performances and album releases as a member of the unit "Clione" centered on SAX player Sanshiro.In his solo, he participated in the "Baku Chu Mondai" of Fuji TV "Ponkickies" as a violin mouse.She works as a support member of the music project "J DNA" by kin player Yuka Hosaka.In addition, he has participated in live recordings of many artists including the bossa nova duo "Sapatos (Sanshiro & Jun Kimura)" and Nobuhiro Aku.Although she had been refraining from activities for a while after her marriage and childbirth, she met LiLo in Kawagoe in 3 and participated in a live concert, and she is slowly resuming activities with the support of her family.

Profile / Yuichi Otsuka

<Accordion & Vocal & Guitar etc.>
With piano lessons as a child, he was enrolled in the modern jazz study group when he was a university student.Around that time, he started his career as a musician as a keyboard player. In 1991, his own group <SO-DA! > Formed.He won numerous contests in his tongue.Live activities centered around Roppongi Pit Inn.The melodious and warm original number has been well received by many fans regardless of genre. In 1993, he bought an instrument, fascinated by the accordion played by Gilgoldstin on a tour of Pat Metheny. In 1996, he participated in the 8th All Japan Accordion Contest (Osaka Tournament).He won the Asahi Broadcasting Award.At the same time, he participated in the steelpan, accordion, and acoustic guitar unit <PAN CAKE>.He is in charge of accordion, composition, arrangement, etc.Establishing a unique sound with a wide selection of songs such as original and cover songs, centered on the elements of Brazilian music. <Pankei His Ki> released 6 albums.At the same time, he breaks new ground with his own session centered on the accordion.His free expression, which is particular about the genre and makes the best use of the accordion tone, is a hot topic.He released a solo album "ACCORDIANA" based on this unit in the fall of 1997, and started solo activities in earnest. In 1999, he started a live concert with the desire to sing a song.The repertoire is diverse, including originals, chansons, Beatles, bossa nova, and popular songs.
Also, in the unit <Balmusette> with guitarist Daisuke Takagi, he mainly works on French retro dance music.In Junko Akimoto's <As Love>, the accordion was a hit with her char.Her activities are diverse.

Profile / Kana Fuefuki

<Jazz flute, jazz Shinobue>
A jazz flute and jazz shinobue player who specializes in Jazz, Latin and improvisation.He also plays various air reed instruments such as ocarina, recorder, and tin whistle as a plus alpha, and is a genuine whistle player who also has one side as a multi-flute player.On stage, he specializes in entertaining performances and has a reputation as an original musician with expressive tones.He has released three of his own CDs so far. Diners Club Social Jazz Session 3-2013 In the YouTube video posting contest, won the wind instrument category and overall runner-up. He won second place in the Internet Shinobue Contest 14.His own song "Send for Spring" won the Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2014 World category. As a member of [Beauty Village Sisters] in 2014, he appeared in LONDON HYPER JAPAN, and as a member of [Japanese Musical Instrument Ensemble JAPAN] in 2015, he performed at Traditional Music Festival in Kazakhstan, and also performed in Taitan, Thailand, Malaysia and Canada.He is also active in studio work and performing arts, such as guest appearances at BS Tele Higashi Ongaku intersection, music reading drama, ballet stage, and participation in CDs of various artists.

Profile / Yoshiyuki Takuma

From an early age, he started marimba under the influence of his father, a marimba player.He has been in high school
Interested in jazz, he started vibraphone in parallel with marimba and studied jazz theory under Hidekiyo Murai.After graduating from high school, he studied abroad at Berklee College of Music in the United States.While she was in school, she performed numerous concerts, live performances, recording sessions, and co-starred with Hiromi Uehara.After returning to Japan, he formed "MALLET x PIT" with his younger brother Masaaki and released two albums.After the band disbanded, his first leader work "diario" will be released as his own group "Vibrasonic" on the live DVD "Yoshiyuki Takuma Vibrasonic".In recent years, he has been active as a regular member of "Wu-Xing" (Latin jazz), "Kiss the Cats" (jazz) and "Mr. Jazz Quartet" (jazz) in parallel with "Vibrasonic". In 2, he released an album with all his bands.Jazz and fusion, including competitions with actress Eri Watanabe's concert tour members, James Brown, Billy Joel, Paul Simon and other Grammy-winning jazz pianists, David Matthews, and ocarina player Soujiro. He is one of the few mallet and percussion players who is active in all genres such as Latin music, club music, ensemble, and healing music.

Profile / Kotaro Hata

Born in Osaka.He has been studying the piano since he was a child, and has performed live activities nationwide using the accordion and the piano.While working on creating and arranging original songs and supporting artists, the NHK serial TV novel "Beppin-san" aired from the latter half of 2016, the 2019 Bunkamura 30th anniversary stage "Sin and Punishment", and the 2020 NHK serial TV novel. As an accordionist and pianist, such as appearing in "Ale", he continues to carry out a wide range of activities that are not bound by conventional forms.

Profile / Kaori Nakajima

Lives in Tokyo.After graduating from the Department of Japanese Literature at Rikkyo University, he studied Jazz theory and four mallet playing methods under Toshihiro Akamatsu. Every year since 4, he has been studying by going to New York for a short period of time and holding sessions with various musicians who are active in the field.With a wide range of expressive power that can be spun while vividly flashing four mallets, such as a dynamic and passionate solo that is beaten from a small body and a ballad that sings, it is well-known for the staging of the whole body that fully brings out the charm of the vibraphone. There is. Released 2010st album "Flying Mind" in November 4, 2013nd album "CROSS POINT" in December 11, and 1rd album "starry nights" in August 2016.He has recorded many original songs and is attracting attention as a melody maker.
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