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In the metsä village surrounded by forests and lakes, spend a pleasant time enjoying the seasonal flowers and vegetables, the works of the artists, and the take-out food that is perfect for walking around.

Date July 5th (Sat) and 28th (Sun)
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsä village special venue

Attention point

[NEW SHOP! 5 / 28-29] Group planter

Nice to meet you.My name is Group Planter.I usually work mainly in the Plants Gathering classroom.Gathering is a technique of assembling and planting seedlings of two or more types of plants like a bouquet.At the event, we plan to bring not only gathering but also dried flower works and miscellaneous goods that go well with flowers.We hope that you will take a look and feel the healing and gentleness of nature.We look forward to meeting you.

[NEW SHOP! 5 / 28-29] hinatakyoku

We knit thin wires with crochet hooks to make accessories.The wire used is 0.2mm.It is knitted with a fine crochet with a 0.6 mm end.We are particular about delicate stitches, lightness, and calm colors, and make each one.


Enjoy the fascinating taste and aroma of "ripe unheated raw honey," a gift from Australia's wilderness and honeybees.Why don't you find your favorite honey while listening to the detailed explanation of Honey Meister?Enjoy your daily life with honey, a dining table, and honey habits!

[5 / 28-29] Ishikawaya Foods

We have a selection of dried fruits from all over the world that the owner thinks "delicious!"For making sweets and bread!For a fun picnic or hiking treat!To accompany wine!Enjoy the fascinating dried fruits.

[5 / 28-29] Leather Studio Owl

We produce and sell various miscellaneous goods using genuine leather.We have a rich lineup of accessories such as key chains and bracelets, wallets, coin purses, smartphone cases, dog collars (small and medium-sized dogs), and leads.All products are handmade one-of-a-kind items.Please pick it up and take a look if you like.We look forward to your visit.

[5 / 28-29] Weekend woodworking

Weekend woodworking for wooden tableware.Wooden tableware has a glass coat finish and is easy to clean *.We have a wide range of products, from unique one-of-a-kind items to easy-to-use standard items.Would you like to feel the warmth of wood in the metsä village surrounded by nature?
* Avoid dishwashers.

[5 / 28-29] Dip Capua

It is a dip capua of "accessories that feel light and wind".Capua is a Hawaiian word meaning petals.Each one is made of wire.It is a transparent and delicate accessory like glass work, but it is surprisingly durable and lightweight.We also offer patented, painless magic earring fittings.Please try it.Garden picks that enrich your home life are also popular.I hope you find your favorite.

[5 / 28-29] Camp x Camp

Camp x Camp is a kitchen car designed like a camping car with a camping theme, and sells kakuni & cheese plates and creative muffins that can be eaten with one hand as camping rice.The proud Kakuni is Yamamine pork from Gunma prefecture, and the muffins are 100% Hokkaido wheat.Kakuni boiled cheese plates, kakuni muffins, and meat cheese pies are popular.Please try the camping rice that is even more delicious when you eat it outside!

[5 / 28-29] hana * coco

Gently snuggle up to your daily life.I make such works in Hanno where you can feel the atmosphere of Scandinavia.May my work add color to someone's life.With feelings.

[5 / 28-29] ozigi

Ozigi will deliver to you "I wanted this", which is a bit different from humans.

[5 / 28-29] PURARE

Dandelion dome made from dried flowers, an original product only for purare select.The real fluff is specially processed to prevent it from flying, dried, and placed in a glass dome.The original scented sachet is made by blending several types of essential oils and fragrances.In particular, the scent of the forest is so popular that it is sold out at the event exhibition. The original scent only for purareselect cannot be explained, so we sell it only at the event exhibition.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] Adan

Some of the pottery made in Okinawa are practical and some have a tropical pattern, and the Persian blue pottery is reminiscent of the clear sea of ​​Okinawa.It is as practical as the Scandinavian vessels.Okinawa glass is said to have been made by collecting empty bottles that Americans have drunk.Innumerable bubbles float on the surface of the glass, and the design is reminiscent of the coral of the sea of ​​Okinawa.I would be happy if I could introduce Okinawan glass, an Okinawan pottery that I have lived in Okinawa for a long time and cannot be seen in Saitama, to everyone in Saitama.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] Leather kurafu and leaves

I sketch leaves and herbs that make me laugh at the wormholes and make me want to talk to them, and I make accessories and accessories using colorful hand-dyed leather.I hope you find your favorite leaf and feel happy.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] Drops fluffy

We produce and sell accessories made of natural motif wood with the color of paper.Taking advantage of the lightness of wood and paper, it is recommended for those who tend to hurt their ears due to the weight when wearing it and those who tend to have stiff shoulders.Earrings and earrings are also available for those who are sensitive to metal, so please feel free to contact us.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] Taiwan stalls

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] Yugensha

Each one is handmade at a pottery workshop with a hearth in Ogawa Town, Saitama Prefecture.We are very much looking forward to opening a store in the forest and lake Marche in a great location overlooking the lake.If warm pottery such as a mug with a unique kneading technique, two types of creamy bubbling beer cups, mosquitoes that can also be used as vases, and chopstick rests with fresh flowers can become a part of your moisturized life. I'm happy.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] ciel ☆

We sell accessories and handmade miscellaneous goods using Indian embroidery ribbons.Indian embroidery ribbon, a popular material with delicate embroidery and eye-catching colors!This time, we will also sell face-to-face cuts.Please take a look at the wonderful ribbon.There are only one handmade miscellaneous goods.Find your favorite!

[NEW SHOP! 5/28】 grande domani

grande domani holds flower and candle workshops mainly in Saitama prefecture.Candles packed with flowers and workshops with original designs that combine flowers and suncatchers are popular.We use durable artificial flowers that are easy to care for, but we are creating works that are conscious of the seasons and trends.I hope it will become an item that fits into your room and makes you want to look at it.Please take a look at the work while feeling the rich nature and the seasonal breeze.


GREEN WOOD, a dog cafe in Kodaira, Tokyo, offers a friendly selection for dogs and their families.Additive-free snacks, handmade dog clothes.We also offer gift items such as dried flower swags and accessory cards.


Accessories made from unique materials such as Czech glass (Czech drop beads), natural stones, and gems that are about to be discarded due to chipped scratches.Please take a look at the glittering accessories that can cast a drop of magic on your daily life.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] MELIDA Linen & Herbs

Sow the seeds, watch over them, and harvest them.We propose the world of small plants by turning the resulting plants into wreaths, swags, and miscellaneous goods.We also have a miniature garden that recreates a small garden using succulents.In the beautiful season of fresh green that feels early summer ... I am looking forward to seeing you all.

[5/28] Aloha Vine Me

A Vietnamese food and Hawaiian drink kitchen car delivered by a couple who love Hawaii. We will bring you happiness with 20 years of authentic Vietnamese coffee, Vietnamese coffee, acai bowl full of fruits, and tropical drinks! It is a freshly made kitchen car that will open at the end of March 2022.

[5/28] Pizza Truck Itchya

We offer freshly baked pizza on a truck with a new kiln!You can enjoy the fragrant scent unique to the new kiln and the crispy outside and chewy texture inside.The most popular is "Prosciutto ham salad pizza".Place plenty of Italian prosciutto and leafy vegetables on top of freshly baked pizza, and wear itchaa's special dressing.We are looking forward to your order.

[5/28] Mitsu of ginger on the cheeks

A warm syrup of organic ginger and organic spices that does not contain white sugar, Na salt, or food additives.Enjoy the stimulating homemade ginger ale chai, sweets and the delicious and punchy taste of the dish.

[5/28] musubi "Yui"

We mainly produce the one and only Brocante (old tool) + macrame knitting.It is carefully knitted at a glance using Fair Trade organic cotton rope.We will bring you plant hangers, tapestries, and antique miscellaneous goods that will make it fun to enter spring, so please stop by.

[5/28] Ukichi-cafe station

Ukichi-cafe station, which mainly serves pulled pork, a local dish of the southern United States. It is also a standard dish of BBQ, and it is a gem that is easy to eat by boiling pork shoulder loin and entwining it with BBQ sauce!It's a menu that can't be eaten at other stores, and it's exquisite and popular and well-known.I hope you will enjoy it!

[5/28] Willow kitchen

Our curry is cooked to bring out the taste and taste of the ingredients, and it is cooked only with salt and vinegar without using additives, so customers can eat with confidence.In addition to being delicious, we also strive to offer it at a price and volume that will satisfy the customers who purchase it.

[NEW SHOP! 5/29] Turkish Mosaic Lamp Noaruna

Turkish Mosaic Lamps are colorful glass lamps handmade using traditional Turkish metal and glass processing techniques.At the event, you can use the same technique to make only one original glass coaster or mini candle holder in the world.

[NEW SHOP! 5/29] Little Garden Heart

We make cute group plants with succulents.It is a succulent plant with a wide variety of colors and shapes, but it grows even with little water or soil, so it is easy to grow and suitable for group planting.We also handcraft pots and apply rust paint to make them fit in the garden.I try to create works that will heal you when you look at them.

[NEW SHOP! 5/29] Atelier-C

We sell accessories and miscellaneous goods that feel the sea, patchwork denim products and sea resin panels.

[NEW SHOP! 5/29] sea room

Nice to meet you ♪ It is a sea room.Simple natural stones ♡ But glittering ♡ You can feel happy just by putting them on ♡ Such an adult cute ♡ We are delivering all 14kgf Jewelry that feels the sea ♡ There is also Jewelry designed with natural stones and shells purchased at Hawaii We are waiting for you ♡

[NEW SHOP! 5/29] hareruya_808

It is "hareruya_808" that makes furniture and miscellaneous goods by hand.We use safe and secure paint.I try to make simple, fashionable and cute works.It also supports resizing.Feel free to talk to me ♪

[5/29] Small Kuri Kobo

We use a technique called glass fusing to melt the glass and make it one by one.Glass is resistant to discoloration and has a gentle shine unlike jewels.It's very beautiful when exposed to light, so I'd be happy if you could see it in his hands.

[5/29] Santome Konjyamura Kunugi no Mori CAFE

[5/29] Ceramics Studio Tabito no Ki

We run a ceramic art class in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, with the motto "Learning happily and creating freely".Forest and lake Marche sells pottery accessories.Each piece is carefully molded from clay and produced using the technique of Kutani ware.Surprisingly light and durable, the gold accents are real gold.Please take a look at the casual brilliant accessories unique to pottery.

[5/29] Even though it's a fruit

Even though it's a fruit sandwich specialty store!It features a cute flower shape.There are more than 10 types of menus, and some are for a limited time.Please try the creamy fruit sandwich.

[5/29] Bouquet de joie

・ Falafel sandwich
Falafel is a Middle Eastern-born croquette made from chickpeas, fragrant spices and herbs.Bon appetit is a stylish and healthy sandwich filled with crispy, fluffy falafel and colorful vegetables like a bouquet!

[5/29] CREARE

[5/29] gris-bleu

We make accessories that can be used everyday by reproducing French and European antiques, vintage items and Japanese antiques as accessories.We produce accessories that can be used everyday, mainly vintage and antique parts from France and Europe.Please take a look at the accessories that are rare in modern times, with the ancient beauty of France and Europe.

[5/29] k / zoo & kazi: ta

We use hand-knitted knit (autumn / winter only) and stained glass fusing techniques to make glass interior goods, kaleidoscopes, and accessories.There are many works that combine simple colorful figures for both knit and glass, and I hope we can deliver the "fun" of making to everyone.It's not a useful tool, but if you're by your side, you'll be a little smiled ... Thank you for those works.

[5/29] mii-nan

"My favorite adult clothes" "Lovely adult clothes" Before I let go of those clothes, I stopped once and remade them into children's clothes that would be a special outfit.Also, while raising children,
I'm sticking to each canvas bag that I started to make, hoping that there would be such a bag.A little relaxing in your handmade life.Based on this theme, we are making things every day.

[5/29] studio japama

[5/29] Sunny Side Kitchen

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