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"Moomin's Day 2022" Special Week 1

The theme of "Moomin's Day" in 2022 is "Together".
The creatures in Moominvalley are all unique.But it's not individualism.Do something with your friends around you, or be considerate of others even if you are far from each other.With the theme of "together", Moominvalley Park will hold a day-only event for Moomin on Tuesday, August 8th.Limited content and decorations only for this period will also appear, further enlivening "Moomin's Day".

Moomin's Day
The Moomin series was created by Finnish writer and painter Tove Jansson.Drawn as a novel, picture book, and comic, it continues to be loved all over the world today, 77 years after the first novel was published. Since August 2005, the birthday of the author Tove Jansson, was established as "Moomin's Day" in 60 to commemorate the 8th anniversary of publication, we have been celebrating in various ways every year.This time, we have been registered and certified by the Japan Anniversary Association.

Date March 8th (Wednesday) to 3th (Tuesday)

Attention point

~ Moomin Day Memorial ~ metsä Fireworks Festival

Various fireworks such as the gorgeous star mine dance and the shaku ball that blooms large flowers brightly dye the night sky and the surface of Lake Miyazawa in the summer.

■ Date and time: Tuesday, August 8th, 9: 19-40: 20
* Light rain was carried out, and strong winds and stormy weather were cancelled.
* Cancellation information will be announced on the metsä official website and SNS.

■ About the sale of paid bleachers at Moominvalley Park
□ Location
1. Kokemus 4F rooftop area / 160 people
2.Kokemus2F Terrace seats / 20 people
3. Lettula Lounge Grandstand with dinner greeting / 15 groups 30 people
* All "paid seat tickets" have been sold out.
* There is no sale of "paid seat tickets" at the venue.

* For more information about the fireworks display, please seeMoominvalley Park Official Event PageI will update it from time to time.

Dance Dance with Moomin-Moomin's Day ver.-

An entertainment show of songs and dance led by Moomintroll and his friends will be delivered in a slightly different version of the 8/9 Moomin day only!On the day of the event, there will also be a "Kids Area *" exclusively for children who can stand and dance.
* The contents may be changed, interrupted or canceled depending on the weather.Please note.

■ Date and time: Tuesday, August 8th, 9:10/45:16 (about 15 minutes)
■ Venue: Emma's theater

* A "kids area" exclusively for children who can stand and dance is also available!
This is a special area for children, which is set up in the show area (inside the rope) in front of the stage.Let's get excited with Moomintroll and friends!

■ About the use of the kids area
・ This area is for children under elementary school age.
・ Parents are also requested to enter the show area.If there are no parents in the show area, the kids area will not be available.
・ Only children under elementary school age will be guided into the kids area.Parents are kindly requested to view in the show area other than the kids area.
・ You cannot enter or leave the kids area on the way or be accompanied by a guardian.
・ If there is an act that is considered to be a nuisance to customers around you, the staff may speak to you.
* Notes are subject to change without notice.Please note.

Special character greeting

For Moominday Week only, Moominvalley friends will be wearing a special corolla!I'm looking forward to seeing which character will come to play on the day.
* The contents may be changed, interrupted or canceled depending on the weather.Please note.

■ Period: August 8rd (Wednesday) to 3th (Tuesday)

[WORK SHOP] Making original badges

Moomin's Day 2022 Key Art Limited Design is now available for making original badges!You can complete the original badge by pressing some materials using a special machine.

■ Period: August 8rd (Wednesday) ~
※ It ends as soon as it disappears

[WORK SHOP] Transfer painting experience to a mug

Moominday A hands-on workshop where you can freely lay out key art and Moominvalley friends to create your own original mug!The mugs we make will be fired at the factory and delivered by mail.

* Time required 1 hour
■ Participation fee: 3,000 yen (tax included / shipping included)
■ Venue: Lettula Lounge
* Participation will be accepted at the "Lettula Lounge" on the day of the event.

Completed around the park! "Layered stamp rally"

Limited to “Moomin Day 2022” Special Week, “Layered Stamp Rally” is now available!You can create a colorful piece of art by stacking the stamps scattered at 6 locations in the park on the special mount handed to you when you enter the park.The mount is an easy-to-use postcard size.You can take it as a souvenir or send it by mail from the Post Office in the park. !Please enjoy it together with a walk in the summer park full of deep greenery.
* Since the number of special mounts distributed per day is limited, it will end as soon as it runs out.Please note.

■ Period: August 8rd (Wednesday) to 3th (Tuesday)

Enjoy until the time of fireworks! "Moomin Day" Limited Bus Tour

Bus tours arrive and depart from various places such as Tokyo, Kanagawa and Saitama only on "Moomin's Day"! Depart after the fireworks display at Moominvalley Park.You can return smoothly with reserved seats on both the way back and forth.
※The photograph is an image.
※For more informationplease use this form.

You can get Moomin's day limited Uchiwa!

Moomin's day-only uchiwa will be set up throughout the Moominvalley Park.This year, we changed to a paper uchiwa in consideration of the environment.Those who enter the park can take it home freely.

■ Distribution period: Tuesday, August 8
※ It ends as soon as it disappears

"Moomin's Day" original tote bag gift!

Buy a limited edition original tote bag for purchases of 10,000 yen (tax included) or more.

■ Target stores: Beginning store, Main Shop Moominvalley, Little My store, Post office, Kokemus front wood deck special corner *
* Receipts can be added up (1 day pass, restaurant, arcade game, nibbling shop, capsule toy, medal typer, meda leaf are not applicable)
* The special corner of the wood deck in front of Kokemus is only on Tuesday, August 8th.

[GOODS] This is the only store in Japan! "Moomin by Arabia x Red Cross Collaboration" limited sale!

From "Moomin's Day" on August 8th (Tuesday), each collection of "Moomin by Arabia x Red Cross Collaboration" using the original drawings drawn by Tove Jansson for the Red Cross will be on sale for a limited time. This collection, which is limited to "Moomin's Day" in 9, will be in stock only once (no additional stock is planned), so don't miss this timing!
※For more informationplease use this form.

[FOOD] The standard menu of "Restaurant Moominvalley" has been renewed!

In conjunction with the "Moomin Day 2022" special week, the "Restaurant Moominvalley" grand menu and kids meal set will be renewed from August 8 (Wednesday)! On August 3th (Tuesday), a special Moomin Day pick will be added to the meal menu♪

■ Limited pick target store: Restaurant Moominvalley
*August 8th (Tuesday) limited picks are only available on the meal menu (excluding kids meal sets)

[FOOD] Special week limited cheesecake

At the “Library Cafe”, a cheesecake limited to the “Moomin Day 2022” special week is now available!looking forward to!

■Product Name: Art Cheesecake ~Moomin Day ver.~
■ Sales price: 1,500 yen (tax included)
■ Sales store: Library Cafe

A photo spot for a limited time appears!

During the “Moomin Day 2022” special week, a new photo spot will appear in the park!It's fun to come and see what kind of design it is.Post the photos you took on SNS and have fun together!

■ Installation location: Welcome cove (planned)

"Hobgoblin's zipline" is specially open!

"Hobgoblin's zipline" came back with a power up.It is usually open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, but will open on Tuesday, August 8th!Please come and enjoy the beautiful scenery and thrills full of nature!
※For more informationplease use this form.
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