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“Creema Craft Caravan” No. 7 that visits cities around the country based on the concept of “There are good things, there are good towns”, and opens a city (Ichi) with the people of that area The bullets will be held in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture on 2019 Monday, 4 Day (Saturday) and 13 Day (Sunday).
At the venue metsä Village, about 60 Creema creators from all over the country, including vessels, interior goods, accessories, and food, will gather to develop a market where carefully created original works line up and a workshop by popular creators. .. This time, we will also carry out a stamp rally project in collaboration with about 15 stores such as locally popular cafes and interior shops. Those who collect 3 stamps will receive a Creema original mug for 150 people on a first-come-first-served basis each day. By distributing the original Hanno map and going around the stamp spots while enjoying the city, it is a plan where you can fully enjoy the charm of Hanno.

Date July 4th (Sat) and 13th (Sun)
Time 10:00 - 16:00

Attention point

Stamp rally benefits

We will carry out stamp rally planning at 15 popular stores in the local area. Those who collect 3 stamps will receive a Creema original mug for the first 150 people each day.On the day of the event, the original map will be distributed and you can enjoy the charm of Hanno by visiting the stamp points while enjoying the city.
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