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A cool experience with cypress scent in the summer metsä village! 1

At Nordic Square, which overlooks Lake Miyazawa, we will prepare content where you can enjoy the scent of cypress and a cool experience.
Enjoy the refreshing scent of cypress and the coolness of the wind and mist that blows through the lawn square through the mechanism made from thinned cypress wood, which is a specialty of Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture.

Event Dates 2022/7/16 (Saturday) to 9/25 (Sunday)
* There will be no installation from August 8th (Friday) to August 26th (Tuesday) due to an event.
* The period is subject to change.
Time According to metsä village business hours.
* Time is subject to change.
Place Nordic Square in metsä village
Entry fee Admission free

Attention point

1. "Mist Circle" with aroma and coolness

Five octagonal mist circles made by cypress will be installed in the lawn open space "Nordic Square" overlooking Lake Miyazawa.
When you sit on the bench installed at the bottom of the circle, you can feel the scent and texture of cypress on your skin, and you can get a relaxing effect with a cool mist.
The fine mist sprayed from the top makes you feel comfortable and cool with almost no feeling of getting wet when you touch people or objects.
* The production may change depending on the weather.
※The photograph is an image.

2. "Sunshade in the mountain rest area" which is a complete reproduction of the former resting place

The sunshade used in the simple rest area when working in the mountains has been completely reprinted.The branches and leaves of cypress can avoid direct sunlight, and when combined with the permanent sauna chair in Nordic Square, you can feel the breeze of Lake Miyazawa more comfortably.
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3. "Bent log bench" with a length of about 4.5m

It is a bench that makes the best use of the natural curve of the log, which is designed to functionally use wood whose market value is reduced due to the curve.
You can feel the original texture of cypress that has been carefully cultivated for about 50 to 60 years.
※The photograph is an image.
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