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Forest Kitchen Carnival 9/17-18・9/23-24 1

*September 9th (Sat), 17th (Sun), 18rd (Fri/holiday), and 23th (Sat) will be canceled.

A large collection of kitchen cars where you can enjoy takeout menus using carefully selected ingredients in the metsä village where time flows slowly!This is a food event that is attracting attention in this season when you can spend comfortably outdoors.

On September 9rd and 23th, flowers and plants were themed[Flower Marche]Also held at the same time!
Enjoy shopping with your family, friends and pets.

Date September 9th (Sat), 17th (Sun), 18rd (Fri/Holiday), 23th (Sat)
*September 9th (Sat), 17th (Sun), 18rd (Fri/holiday), and 23th (Sat) will be canceled.
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsä village special venue

Attention point

[9/17-18・9/23-24] 81LABO

Baby castella perfect for souvenirs
No honey is used, so even children can enjoy it with confidence!

[NEW SHOP! 9/17】Yummy restaurant

It is a kitchen car with healthy snacks and handmade rice made by a registered dietitian.

Low calorie, low sugar, no additives and moderately sweet.We make food that is gentle on the body and safe for everyone, from children to the elderly.

All baked goods and sweets do not use flour or butter.We use low-sugar Lakanto S, beet sugar, and agave syrup instead of white sugar, and add bean curd refuse powder and soybean flour to make it low-sugar.
In addition, we aim to make snacks that everyone can eat, including those with allergies and dietary restrictions, by avoiding the use of the XNUMX major allergens as much as possible.

The rice uses low-salt soy sauce and low-salt salt, and has a gentle flavor without using chemical seasonings.I'm making it carefully with time and effort.
It is finished with a taste that you will not get tired of eating every day.

[9/17-18] Banana God Tochigi kitchen car

Banana no Kamisama's "Eatable Japanese Bananas *From Kagoshima" smoothies are made only with bananas and milk (excluding chocolate and strawberries).
No sugar or honey is used, so children and health-conscious people can drink it without worry.
You can also change the base from banana peel (powder) or milk to soy milk or almond milk for toppings, so you can enjoy various flavors.
There are 3 flavors."Zeitaku God Banana Smoothie" made only with banana and milk, "Chocolate" with plenty of rich chocolate
Banana Banana Smoothie”, and the sweet and sour “Strawberry Banana Smoothie” that harmonizes the acidity of strawberries with bananas.

[9/18] Iida Tacos

Our store sells tacos that are handmade with local production for local consumption in mind, such as tortillas using Saitama Prefecture wheat and Mexican hamburgers using Tokorozawa brand pork "Musashino Z Pork"!
We hope that the tacos of Iida Tacos will change to customers' "delicious", "energetic" and "smiling". . .

[9/18] Sunny Side Kitchen

[9/18・9/24] Spice&Curry Tattoukada

A yellow kitchen car serving Indian cuisine operated by a South Indian owner.
In addition to various Indian curries, chicken fried sandwiches baked with authentic spices and chai using tea leaves sent directly from India are also popular.
We also have children's curry with zero spiciness and wheat flour.Please come and visit us!

[9/18・9/24] Pizza Truck Itchia

We offer freshly baked pizza on a truck loaded with a wood-fired kiln!
You can enjoy the fragrant smell unique to a wood-fired kiln, and the crispy outside and chewy inside.
The most popular item is the “cured ham salad pizza”.Place plenty of Italian uncured ham and leafy vegetables on top of a freshly baked pizza, and enjoy it with Iccia's special dressing!Please try it! !


"Taco Bread" with tacos sandwiched between bread
Spicy is addictive! !
We are waiting for you with good friends ♪

[9/23] Aloha Vine Me

A Vietnamese food and Hawaiian drink kitchen car delivered by a couple who love Hawaii.
We will deliver happiness with authentic banh mi, Vietnamese coffee, fruit-filled acai bowls, and tropical drinks that have been around for 20 years! It is a freshly made kitchen car that will open at the end of March XNUMX.

[NEW SHOP! 9/23-24] Da California

Born in LA, the home of hamburgers, and lived in LA for 25 years.
After studying Japanese cuisine in Las Vegas, he moved to Hawaii.
Cook at the Ritz-Carlton DEAN & DELUCA HAWAII!This is an authentic hamburger shop made by such an owner.
Come and taste the authentic taste at Da California! ! !

[9/23-24]Blue Tarp FOOD TRUCK

[9/24] vegetable kitchen Noie

At Noie, we provide “vegan food” that does not use animal products and is gentle on the body, centered on brown rice and vegetarian food.
A particularly popular menu item is veggie taco rice.
I always have 3 types of food.

[NEW SHOP! 9/24】Holy BBQ

Holy barbecue.
We offer charcoal-grilled authentic BBQ steak and meaty linguica (Brazilian sausage).
The steak uses US loin red meat.
Holy BBQ won 3rd place in Japan in a steak contest based on SCA rules.
Please enjoy the juicy and authentic taste of both steak and linguica with beer and wine.


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