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Flower Marche 9/23-24 1

*The event will be canceled on September 9rd (Fri/holiday) and 23th (Sat).

We will be holding the popular [Flower Marche] held this spring again this fall.
A store that sells dried flowers, preserved flowers, and succulents has appeared at metsä village!
Enjoy the nature of metsä, which has deepened in autumn, with products that handle flowers, trees, and plants.

There are also kitchen cars that offer take-out menus using carefully selected ingredients.[Forest Kitchen Carnival]Also held at the same time!

Date September 2022 (Fri/holiday) and 9 (Sat), 23
*The event will be canceled on September 9rd (Fri/holiday) and 23th (Sat).
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsä village special venue

Attention point

[NEW SHOP! 9/23】kanan*

We are making antique atmosphere works such as accessories using real flowers and nuts, antique lace, embroidered clasps, and art clay silver accessories.
Please come and find your one-of-a-kind favorite.

[NEW SHOP! 9/23] wood shop

We manufacture Himmeli, LED lanterns, etc. mainly from domestic wood (cedar).
The kanji character for the items used by the Japanese people is 'gu'.Tools, fittings, toys, tableware, etc. I wanted to use wood if I could use it, so I put "wood" and "gu" in the shop name.
"Cedar", which is often used in woodworking stores, is hated because of hay fever, but it is light, has a good scent, and is excellent in workability.There are many "cedars" in the mountains of Japan, so I would like to use them more effectively.
Himmeli is a decoration used at Finnish harvest festivals, etc. It is usually made by threading straw through a polyhedron and hanging it.It is also called mobile of light.I named the product "Kimmeli" because it is made of wood.

[9/23] grande domani

grande domani creates works that are conscious of the seasons and trends, such as candles stuffed with flowers, wreaths with a strong presence, and suncatchers that gather light.I would be happy if it could be a soothing item that you would look at while living.We also regularly hold workshops so that everyone can create their own.
Please take a look at what kind of work it is.

[9/23-24] doille doillette

“doille doillette”
Read Douillet Douillet.
It means "soft" and "comfortable" in French.
We aim to be a flower shop where you can feel soft and comfortable like those words.
Artificial Flower/Dried Flower/Preserved Flower
With XNUMX types of flower materials, you can enjoy unique "texture" and "color matching".

[9/23-24] tomte's garden

Tomtez Garden "Fairy Garden"
We produce hand-made pots, leather hangings, and succulent plantings using remade original pots.
The healing of plants in everyday life.
I would be happy if you could find your favorite item.

[9/23-24] Little Garden Heart

I am planting succulents.
A succulent plant with beautiful foliage from autumn to winter.
While admiring the gradation and shape of the leaves,
Enjoy collaborating with pots and other plants.In addition to group planting, we will also bring pots made with mortar.

[9/2] Spring Hill

Hana no Marche will be the second store opening, my name is Spring_Hill.
I would like to welcome everyone with works that will make you feel relieved with gentle colors, such as seasonal dried flowers, wreaths of nuts and autumn hydrangea, and basket arrangements of flowers.
I am very much looking forward to seeing you again and meeting new people, so please feel free to contact me.
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