one! Daffle Week 1

Dogs, cats, everyone fun Golden Week!

Under the idea of ​​"metsä" that pets are families, we have prepared a number of events during which you can spend your time with your pet during Golden Week, which is a long holiday. The schedule for Golden Week will be made soon! If you're looking for a place to spend with your pet, stop by "metsä" during this Golden Week.
Event Dates 2019 year 4 month 27 day (Saturday) to 2019 year 5 month 6 day (month)
Time Holding time varies according to event

Attention point

Free admission to Moominvalley Park
XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Fri) ~ X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Mon)

During the Golden Week, guests coming with the Golden Retriever are entitled to one free admission to the Moominvalley Park. Please enjoy the world of "Moominvalley Park" where you can relive Moomin's story on this occasion.

※ The target is only Golden Retriever. Please note.

Wonderful Park: Place Nordic Square
XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Fri) to X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Mon) Until Sunset

A dog run is born in "metsä village" for a limited time during Golden Week! Please enjoy playing with your pet freely with the backdrop of nature-rich green forest and Lake Miyazawa.

Wonderful photo studio
5 month 1 day (Wednesday) to 5 month 3 day (Friday) 11: 00-17: 00

Photographed by professional photographers, commemorative photo with everyone.
Limited to the first 5,000 groups who purchase 30 yen or more in metsä
* Parking fees are not included.

Welcome name tag present
4 month 27 day (Friday) to 5 month 6 day (month) 10: 00 to 16: 00

We present the metsä original name tag to the dogs and cats who visited us.

Write your dog's name on the badge, and let's deepen communication with everyone!

Wonderful Theater: Place Outepils
5 Mon 2 (Thursday) Open 18: 00 Screening Start 18: 30 <Opening Screening> My Wonderful Life

"HACH! The latest series of masterpieces known by artists such as Promise Dog, 'My Life as a Dog', etc. The love story of dogs and humans that make every dog ​​lover's dream come true, the importance of love and the feeling of family love! Director: Lasse Halstrem 2017 / 100min

(C) 2016 Universal Studios and Storyteller Distribution Co., LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Wonderful Theater: Place Outepils
5 Mon 3 (Friday) opening 18: 00 Start of screening 18: 30 Baltic

An animation by S. Spielberg production general director based on the true story that is still told in America. Barth fights against harsh nature, squeezes wisdom and courage, and draws in an exciting manner how to bet everything on a death adventure. Director: Simon Wells 1995 / 78min


Wonderful Theater: Place Outepils
5 Mon 4 (Sat) Open 18: 00 Start of screening 18: 30

A timeless masterpiece that turned into numerous films, TV dramas, and animations in the wake of the first movie of 1943. Remake faithfully to the world of the original novel. The feeling movement that a firm bond tied between a boy and a dog invites tears. Director: Daniel Petri 1994 / 95min


Wonderful Theater: Place Outepils
5 Month 5 Sunday (Sunday) Open 18: 00 Screening Start 18: 30 <Closing Screening> Pet

Topic work presented by the staff of the blockbuster "Minions"! What kind of things are pets doing when humans are away? A comedy film depicting times of only pets that can not usually be seen on the stage of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Japanese voices are composed by Banana Man's band and Yuki Himura. Director: Chris Renault 2016 / 86min

(C) XNUM X Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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*To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we are operating with reduced business hours.