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On the weekend of the fruitful autumn “harvest” period, a market will be held for the first time with coffee in one hand and sweets that are suitable for tea time, in connection with Fika *, which is the culture of Scandinavian Sweden.Chatting over sweets and coffee, taking a walk on the shores of the lake, relaxing and surrendering to nature…the perfect Fika for you at metsä Village.

Along with the market, we also pick up recommended coffee that you can enjoy in metsä village.Find your favorite coffee and enjoy a relaxing tea time with sweets.

*Fika is a unique Swedish culture where you take a break with sweets and coffee.In addition, it is used as a communication tool to enjoy conversation during work, and it is practiced as part of daily life.

Kitchen cars gather[Forest Kitchen Carnival]Also held at the same time!

Date July 10th (Sat) and 22th (Sun)
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsä village special venue, each store in metsä village
Remarks ※ Rain stopped
*Only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, parking is free for customers who spend 5,000 yen (tax included) or more at metsä Village. Shopping at Fika Market is also subject.

Attention point

[10/22, 10/23] Ishikawaya Foods Co., Ltd.

The owner himself tried it and said, "It's delicious! ] We have dried fruits from all over the world.

For making sweets and bread!
For a fun picnic or hiking snack!
Accompanied by wine!

Please enjoy the fascinating dried fruits.

[10/22, 10/23] Ringo de Tarte Beni

We sell [apple tarts] that look like flowers using only ruby ​​apples grown in Aomori Prefecture without chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers at our online shop.

In addition to Kodama apples, we use soft flour from Hokkaido, butter made from 100% domestically produced milk, refined sugar rich in minerals, and other ingredients that are gentle on the body, making it a product that even small children can eat with peace of mind.

My wife, who is a patissiere, bakes the pie crust, boiled apples, and even the surface finishing according to a special recipe.

[NEW SHOP! 10/22] Decent Work Lab, a non-profit organization

We have collected selected baked sweets made by people with disabilities who work at welfare facilities.

We carefully selected the ingredients and baked each one with sincerity.Somehow he has a nostalgic, gentle taste.Please enjoy the delicious sweets that make you feel warm and happy!

[10/23] Chakomori

Chakomori, a rice flour sweets shop, does not use wheat, and makes gluten-free cookies and baked goods made with carefully selected rice flour and fermented butter.
We are developing delicious sweets recipes with the theme of body-friendly, such as coconut oil and maple syrup vegan gluten-free cookies and granola.

I would like you to try Chakomori's sweets once.

[NEW SHOP! 10/23 Sweetslabo Pignon

This is a small confectionery shop run by a shop owner who trained at a Western confectionery shop and hotel for many years.
We mainly sell cute original order cakes online.
We have a laboratory in Hanno with the concept of not only delicious but also fun to look at.

This time, we will sell donuts in the shape of animals, cookies using fragrant fermented butter, and canelés, a traditional French confectionery, exclusively for Marché.


This is MISORA, an illustrator who will open a store for the first time this time.
I draw illustrations of "delicious things, cute things" that make you feel warm just by looking at them.

This time, we will pre-sell the bread calendar that is sold only online every year.
I would be happy if it was a work that would color my life in 2023.

Enjoy Fika, metsä village recommended coffee

In the metsä village you can taste different coffees.Please spend a relaxing time while looking at the lakeside with sweets and your favorite coffee in one hand.

metsä cafe

Iced coffee with less sourness and rich flavor, hot coffee with a rich aroma and soft taste, both of which go well with sweet sweets.

Roberts coffee

Robert's coffee from Finland, we are giving you freshly made gentle and mellow latte that makes Fika fun!

Starbucks Coffee

Perfect for autumn, enjoy seasonal coffee and chocolate chunk scones with a sigh of relief!
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