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In the metsä village surrounded by forests and lakes, spend a pleasant time enjoying the seasonal flowers and vegetables, the works of the artists, and the take-out food that is perfect for walking around.


Event Dates July 11th (Sat) and 5th (Sun)
Time Open: 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsä village special venue

Attention point

[11 / 5-6] Group planter

I usually work mainly in the Plants Gathering classroom.
Gathering is a technique of planting seedlings of 2-3 or more types of plants together like a bouquet.
At the event, we plan to bring not only gatherings but also dried flower works and miscellaneous goods that match flowers.

I would be happy if you could take a look at it and feel the healing of plants and the kindness of nature.
We are looking forward to meeting you.

[NEW SHOP! 11/5-6] Teori Koubou EDIT

We make clothes, stoles, bags, accessories, etc. from cloth woven with rigid looms.
I can't do complicated weave patterns, but I try to use the colors I want for the season.
I would be happy if I could help make your life a little more enjoyable.

[11 / 5-6] Weekend woodworking

Weekend woodworking for wooden tableware.
Wooden utensils bring peace of mind to your life.They are all handmade and can be washed with detergent for easy care. (Avoid dishwasher)
We are waiting for you with everything from unique one-of-a-kind items to easy-to-use standard items.

[11/5-6] grand domani

grande domani creates works that are conscious of the seasons and trends, such as candles stuffed with flowers, wreaths with a strong presence, and suncatchers that gather light.

I would be happy if it could be a soothing item that you would look at while living.We also regularly hold workshops so that everyone can create their own.
Please take a look at what kind of work it is.

[11/5-6] CHALEUR

Based on the theme of "flowers and glass", we produce glass miscellaneous goods that add color to your daily life.
Marche also holds workshops using fired glass.
We are waiting for everyone's visit.

[11 / 5-6] Adan

The pottery made in Okinawa has both practical and tropical patterns.It has excellent practicality as well as Nordic vessels.

It is said that Okinawan glass was made by picking up empty bottles that Americans drank up.The design is reminiscent of corals in the sea of ​​Okinawa, with countless bubbles floating on the surface of the glass.
I have lived in Okinawa for a long time, and I would be happy if I could widely introduce Okinawan pottery and Okinawan glass to everyone in Saitama, which cannot be seen in Saitama.

[11 / 5-6] ozigi

ozigi will bring you something a little different, "I wanted something like this".

[11/5-6] Wood shop

We manufacture Himmeli, LED lanterns, etc. mainly from domestic wood (cedar).
The kanji character for the items used by the Japanese people is 'gu'.Tools, fittings, toys, tableware, etc. I wanted to use wood if I could use it, so I put "wood" and "gu" in the shop name.

"Cedar", which is often used in woodworking stores, is hated because of hay fever, but it is light, has a good scent, and is excellent in workability.There are many "cedars" in the mountains of Japan, so I would like to use them more effectively.
Himmeli is a decoration used at Finnish harvest festivals, etc. It is usually made by threading straw through a polyhedron and hanging it.It is also called mobile of light.I named the product "Kimmeli" because it is made of wood.

[11/5-6] Ishikawaya Foods Co., Ltd.

The owner himself tried it and said, "It's delicious! ] We have dried fruits from all over the world.

For making sweets and bread!
For a fun picnic or hiking snack!
Accompanied by wine!

Please enjoy the fascinating dried fruits.

[11/5-6] Ishizaka Industry Co., Ltd.

[11/5-6] Sweetslabo Pignon

This is a small confectionery shop run by a shop owner who trained at a Western confectionery shop and hotel for many years.
We mainly sell cute original order cakes online.
We have a laboratory in Hanno with the concept of not only delicious but also fun to look at.

This time, we will also sell animal-shaped donuts, cookies using fragrant fermented butter, and canelés, a traditional French confectionery, exclusively for Marché.

[NEW SHOP! 11/5] hamu's

Cut out wood with a scroll saw, carve and shave to create original wood parts,
We use vintage beads, antique beads, and modern beads to create one-of-a-kind accessories and accessories.
I would like you to take a look at the warmth of wood.

[11/5] hacobe garden

I mainly make dried flower works in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture. This is hacobe garden.
Carefully put together things that you have grown yourself and things that you find beautiful.

We look forward to seeing you all.
Thank you in advance.


A trio of writers based in an atelier in Hanno City.
Sometimes they slow down, sometimes they don't even walk, they take it easy, and then they go at their own pace.
At such a pace, we carefully create each handmade work.

[11/5] Arno

This is Arno, a bespoke furniture workshop.
We value the user's perspective and deliver discerning wooden accessories that cannot be produced in mass production.
Please feel the detailed techniques and ideas of the furniture craftsmen.

[NEW SHOP! 11/5] irodori add

We are creating aroma stones, wax sachets, swags, etc. We aim to create flower accessories that anyone can easily decorate with the concept of ~Comfort and color in your life~.Not only preserved flowers and dried flowers, but also artificial flowers (artificial flowers) and resin clay are used, so that even those who are not familiar with flowers can easily care for them.

[NEW SHOP! 11/5】M's handmade accessories

Made by mother and daughter.My mother is making a bag by remaking her kimono sash.It goes well with Japanese clothes and clothes, so please take a look and take a look.

I make accessories using dried flowers and natural stones.
We carefully finish each one and work to make it a customer's favorite.
If it is a simple item, we can also make custom-made accessories on the spot, so please feel free to contact us.

[11/5] kanan*

We are making antique atmosphere works such as accessories using real flowers and nuts, antique lace, embroidered clasps, and art clay silver accessories.
Please come and find your one-of-a-kind favorite.

[11/5] Aloha Vine Me

A Vietnamese food and Hawaiian drink kitchen car delivered by a couple who love Hawaii.
We will deliver happiness with authentic banh mi, Vietnamese coffee, fruit-filled acai bowls, and tropical drinks that have been around for 20 years!

[NEW SHOP! 11/5】Yanoya

They sell gluten-free salad wraps made with rice flour from the town of Tokigawa, which is rich in nature, as organic and additive-free as possible, rice flour donuts, french fries made with domestically produced potatoes, and health-friendly drinks. increase. 

[11/6] hana * coco

Gently snuggle up to your daily life.
I am making such works in Hanno, where you can feel the atmosphere of Northern Europe.

May my work add color to someone's life.With feelings.

[11/6] gris-bleu

We reproduce and sell European accessories and antique beads as original accessories so that you can easily feel familiar with them.
We will bring you accessories that match your autumn and winter outfit.
Please take a look and take a look.

[11/6] Small Kuri Kobo

Each piece is handmade by fusing glass together using a technique called glass fusing.
Glass is resistant to discoloration and has a gentle shine unlike jewels.  
It's very beautiful when the light shines through it, so I'd be happy if you could hold it in your hand and see it.

[NEW SHOP! 11/6] Airacy

Based on the concept of "making love into shape", we are making wool felt dogs.
I put casual moments in my work with hints of things I found and felt in my life with dogs.
Ever since I was little, I have loved animals and nature, and I was fascinated by the warmth of wool felt, which is born from natural wool and a single needle, and the depth of expression that changes depending on the creator, so I started working as an artist.

With the theme of "loveliness" that will make you smile, we aim to create works that make you feel kind.

[NEW SHOP! 11/6] Chuchurun

We are making energetic and colorful works with the theme of ♡ that you want your family to enjoy from babies to grandmas!

At Forest and Lake Marche, we mainly sell herbarium aroma stamps.While enjoying the colors of dried flowers, pop a mask or handkerchief!I'd like you to stamp and be healed by aroma.
We will listen to the customer on the spot, mix doTERRA's aroma and hand it over.

[11/6] Head Oasis

Relax your mind and body in an open space

A head massage that does not use water or oil [Dry Head Spa] can be easily experienced not only in bed but also in a chair for 10 minutes (Dry Head Spa 10 minutes ¥ 500)!

Clear your head in just 10 minutes!Bright eyes!
We promise you the best relaxing time♪

[NEW SHOP! 11/6] mon chouchou

We make styles and miscellaneous goods for babies and kids.Natural, warm and gentle.We are waiting for you to prepare such works.
Mon chouchou means my favorite in French.Hope you find your favorite.

[11/6] vegetable kitchen Noie

At Noie, we provide “vegan food” that does not use animal products and is gentle on the body, centered on brown rice and vegetarian food.
A particularly popular menu item is veggie taco rice.
I always have 3 types of food.

[11/6] Holy BBQ

Holy barbecue.
We offer charcoal-grilled authentic BBQ steak and meaty linguica (Brazilian sausage).
The steak uses US loin red meat.
Holy BBQ won 3rd place in Japan in a steak contest based on SCA rules.
Please enjoy the juicy and authentic taste of both steak and linguica with beer and wine.

[11/6] AKUA

Original taco sandwich with taco meat sandwiched between pita bread!
It's a perfect match with cheese and tomato, and the spiciness is addictive☆
We also have authentic pumpkin potage that will warm you up.
We are waiting for you with good friends.

[11/6] Sn'up Snack

Based on the concept of "sweets that are close to your daily life", we aim to make sweets that you will not get tired of even if you eat them every day.
I want to choose something that is kind to my body as much as possible because I am going to eat it.
We deliver carefully selected sweets that incorporate certified organic ingredients and safe domestic ingredients.

[11/6] Sunny Side Kitchen


We use additive-free wheat flour milled in the traditional Italian method.
Pizza baked at 500℃ after receiving your order allows you to enjoy the original taste of wheat.
Enjoy MIKIMANAPIZZA with your family and friends!
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