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Metsä Village, located in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, will celebrate its 11th anniversary on November 9th thanks to all of you.To commemorate this, we will hold the “4th Anniversary Weekend” for two days on November 11th (Sat) and November 19th (Sun), with Lake Miyazawa surrounded by rich nature in the background.In addition, from November 11th (Sat) to November 20th (Sun), we will hold an “Anniversary Fair” where you can win wonderful gifts by lottery.

Date July 11th (Sat) and 19th (Sun)
Time Please check the details of each event as it varies depending on the event.
Place metsä village

1) 4 cinnamon rolls will be distributed free of charge each day as a thank you for the “400th anniversary”!

We will present cinnamon rolls that can be eaten at each store in metsä to the first 4 people each day to commemorate the 400th anniversary.
※The image is an image.・Date and time: November 11th (Sat) and 19th (Sun) 20:10-00:14 ・Distribution location: Special tent at the front entrance of metsä village market building * Distribution will end as soon as it runs out. *You cannot choose the type of cinnamon roll. *One piece will be distributed per person.

2) An area where you can experience the “sauna” part of Finnish life

An outdoor sauna area produced by TABISAUNA, a “Finnish sauna ambassador” certified by the Finnish Government Tourism Board, is now available for the first time.We have a Finnish tent sauna SAVOTTA and a sauna car that allows you to enjoy the sauna freely without being bound by time or place.

Sauna area

・ Date: November 11th (Sat) and 19th (Sun) 20: 11-00: 16 ・ Venue: Nordic Square *Please wear a T-shirt before using.It is not possible to use the facility in the nude or in the upper half of the body only.

①Self-whisking* experience at Shirakaba Vihta*

*Shirakaba Vihta: A bundle of young birch branches and leaves. *Whisking: A massage that involves tapping and stroking the whole body with vihita, promoting blood circulation, and enjoying the scent of birch.

② Sauna yoga experience by yoga teacher

・Application: Accepted at any time ・Capacity: 3 to 4 people, first-come-first-served basis

③ Get a sauna drink (euglena, chillout) by following and posting on SNS

[Sauna management] TABISAUNA

With the theme of “travel” x “sauna”, couples carry out activities to spread the goodness of outdoor saunas in superb views all over Japan.So far, I have been doing outdoor saunas in about 100 places, such as uninhabited island saunas, waterfall saunas, cliff saunas, snow saunas, etc., combining various scenic locations and nature.Her activities were recognized by the Finnish National Tourist Board, and she was appointed as a “Finland Sauna Ambassador”, and recently appeared on TV as a “Superb View Sauna Hunter”.He mainly produces sauna events and sauna tours, and recently he is active as an "outdoor sauna producer" by producing saunas for facilities.

[Sauna Car] Totonou Car

“Totonou Car” is a new type of sauna experience where you can freely enjoy the sauna without being bound by time or place.I want to enter the sauna while talking.I want to do self-rowry at my favorite timing.I want to forget about time and just want to go to the sauna without worrying about tattoos.I don't want to be in the same sauna or bath with strangers.Totono Car will make such an ideal come true!The maximum temperature inside the car is 110℃.The ceiling is lower than that of public bath saunas and tent saunas, so the heat can enter the car at a tremendous speed.A natural water bath that is one with nature and feels great!The infinity chair is perfect if you take a bath in the open air. All you have to do is assemble the chimney in about 5 minutes and light the firewood, and you have a full-fledged sauna.It is also easy to prepare and clean up.

3) A bonfire area and outdoor games where you can feel the Nordic winter

The warm light of candles, the fireplace in the house, and talking around a bonfire even in the cold winter are one of the wisdoms to spend the long dark winter in Northern Europe comfortably.Why don't you experience such winter activities in the bonfire area?You can also enjoy the night fire under the winter night sky.In addition, there are games that even children can challenge, wood-chopping experience, and a wood-stove demonstration corner.

Bonfire area

・Date and time: November 11th (Sat) and 19th (Sun) 20:11-00:19 ・Venue: Nordic Square

①Delicious grilled marshmallow experience with chocolate dip

・Hours: 12:00-, 14:00- *Limited quantity.

②Experience making your own coffee/hot wine with a wood-burning stove or bonfire (with a souvenir Sierra cup)

Holding time: 17: 30-19: 00 ・Experience price: 1,000 yen 17:30-19:00

③Outdoor games

・"Morukku" trial session It is a sport originating in Finland that can be easily participated in regardless of age. Holding time: 13:30~, 15:30~
・Firewood stacking competition Holding time: 13:00~, 15:00~

4) Scandinavian music live

We welcome two groups of artists and enjoy live performances of Nordic music. ・日時: 11月19日(土)、20日(日)11:00/13:00/15:00(各回約20分) ・場所:metsäビレッジ 三叉路付近

[Saturday, November 11] Cathedral Musculars

Playing mainly Scandinavian music with high recognition.Performer profile ・Tomoe Tomaru (accordion) While studying at Ritsumeikan University, he encountered the accordion and started playing it.After that, he formed the acoustic trio [Sachertorte].Performed in various places such as cafes, museums, halls, live houses, etc., with original songs that incorporate elements of Eastern and Western Europe. Starting distribution activities from 2020, the number of live performances per year is over 150!Participating works ▼ Performance of Aflac's "Duck Waltz" and "Song of Chronic Disease", TV Tokyo [Beauty Giants] theme song performance NHK TV drama series "Ochoyan" performance, Joe Hisaishi [XNUMXth, The Wind Rises] [Concert] Published as a soloist ▼ [Mother to Issho] Composed, Arranged and Performed Chorus of the hit song "Dokonokono Kinoko", NHK TV series "Warotenka"・Akio Minamikawa (keyboard harmonica) Living in Tokyo, from Osaka Prefecture, former IT company Ginza office worker.As one of Japan's leading keyboard harmonica players and researchers, he has performed a variety of performances in a solo keyboard harmonica style that is unparalleled in the world. ing.Participating works▼ Yumi Adachi starring "Abandon Adachi-san." Katagiri Hairi starring "Mogiri-san", play accompaniment "Mercari" CM song, etc. Appearance ▼ Unjash Watabe J-wave radio "GOLDRUSH", "Wind instrument magazine Pipers" "Weekly Flash" etc.

[Sunday, November 11] ääni

A trio that plays mainly Nordic traditional music.Performer profile ・ Emi Sakai (Fiddle / Harding Vele) A violinist who travels, researches, and writes in the world of folk music, such as learning the traditional instrument Hardingfele in Norway, the Arab violin in Lebanon, and the Venezuelan violin in Miami.Main appearances ▼ NHK, NRK (Norwegian national broadcasting), La Folle Journee au Japon 2017, Kinck dagane 2019 (Norway), SUKIYAKI MEETS THE WORLD 2022, Yufra Festival 2022, etc. ・Patori (Nordic flute / tin whistle / recorder) Norse/Celtic flute player.He plays a wide variety of flutes and fiddles, including Nordic flutes (such as the Offerdahlspipa), tin whistles, and recorders. In 2020, he won gold medals in the tin whistle and recorder categories at the Japanese preliminaries of the international Irish music competition Fleadh Cheoil. In 2022, he will participate in the final round of the same competition.Main appearances ▼ Embassy of Ireland, Embassy of Sweden, IKEA, Yufra Festival, etc. REC participating works: Game "Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster I, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, Ⅴ, Ⅵ" and others. ・Chiaki Umeda (34-string harp) Based on classical techniques, learn Swedish and Irish traditional music at local workshops.He performs in traditional music bands and supports singers mainly in the Kanto area.She co-starred with the Irish performance group The Chieftains and Anoona (chorus group) when they came to Japan.In addition to traditional music, he has participated in various recordings such as music for commercials, movies, games, and anime.

XNUMX) Himmeli Workshop

Finnish crafts "Himmeli"strawDecoration with materials.swaying in the wind,Would you like to make a beautiful mobile that casts shadows when exposed to light?
・ Date: Saturday, November 11th 
·TimeBetween: 5 people each time (required time about 30 minutes) ① 11: 00-11: 30 ② 11: 45-12: 15 ③ 13: 00-13: 30 ④ 13: 45-14: 15
・Fee: 500 yen (cash only) ・Venue: Nordic Square
Organizer: Hanno City Finland Association

The 4th Anniversary Fair Scratch Campaign has also started!

Gift certificates that can be used in metsä Village, Moominvalley Park 5,000 Day Pass and "Moominvalley Night Walk-Ilmorinooto-" for shopping of 1 yen (including tax) or more at shops and facilities in metsä Village One scratch card with a set ticket will be presented!
・ Period: November 11th (Sat)-November 9th (Sun) ・ Venue: Each store in metsä Village
*Some stores, such as event stores, are not eligible for distribution or use. * Since the number of scratch cards is limited, it will end as soon as it is gone even during the period. Return to event list
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