An unusual and special greeting by the friends of Moominvalley in winter reveals the inside of the normally locked "bathing hut" for the first time.

In addition, you can enjoy the world of Moominvalley, which has a different expression between day and night, such as an original design stamp rally and limited workshops, along with the night event "Moominvalley's Night Walk-Ilmori no Oto-".

Date November 2022, 11 (Sat) - January 19, 2023 (Mon/holiday)

Attention point

Park first!The door to the bathing hut opens & you'll be lucky to meet him♪Secret greeting from the winter resident "Tootikki"

In fact, the protagonist of the winter Moomin monogatari, Ltd., the important friend of the Moomin family, "Tootikki". Moominpappa's bathing hut becomes Tootikki's every winter.
During the event period, in addition to Tootikki, who has not hibernated during the winter, one of Moominvalley's friends will come to play around the bathing hut in winter attire to give a secret greeting.If you happen to meet him, please say hello.
In addition, the door of the bathing hut, which is normally locked, is opened for the first time between greetings.Take a closer look at the winter bathing hut, which you can't usually see.

■ Secret greeting time: Twice a day between 15:00 and 17:00, about 1 minutes each time
■Regarding the opening of the bathing hut: You can freely see the bathing hut during the open hours between the secret greetings.
*You cannot enter the hut, but you can look inside from the outside of the door.
■ Appearing characters: Too-Ticky, Moomintroll, or Little My

Stacked Stamp Rally Appears in Original Winter Design

It is a stamp rally where colorful art is completed by stacking stamps scattered around the park on a single card.You can also send it as a postcard from within the park, so we recommend writing down your memories and feelings of gratitude from the winter park.

■ Distribution location: Moominvalley Park entrance (first-come-first-served basis)
* There is a limit to the number of sheets that can be distributed per day.Please note.
*Separate stamps must be purchased for mailing.

Winter decorations and photo spots in the park

Moominvalley Park has a winter-only version of its decorations. The photo spot decorated with fir trees at the Welcome cove is perfect for taking commemorative photos of your visit.In addition, there are many musical instruments and ornaments scattered along the bathing hut street, so please try to find your favorite.

Limited winter workshop ① [Storytelling] Moomin monogatari, Ltd. book "Moomin roll and ice festival"

In the storytelling held at the kids space, we will introduce Moomin's story book "Moomin Troll and Ice Festival" (Original: Tove & Lars Jansson / Tokuma Shoten).
This is the story of the Moomin family who enjoy the winter world for the first time, perfect for the coming season.Please feel free to join us.
■ Venue: KOKEMUS 2F "Kids Space"
■ Participation fee: Free

Limited winter workshop ②Original badge making

A badge that can be easily made by everyone from small children to adults.An event-only artwork design will be available.
■ Sales location: KOKEMUS 1F "Main Shop Moominvalley"
■ Sales price: 500 yen (tax included)

Winter limited menu to warm your body ①Pot-au-feu

An exquisite pot-au-feu with vegetables, pork, and sausage in a chicken soup base that melts in your mouth.Please enjoy a dish that soaks into your body in the cold winter.
■ Sales location: Restaurant Moominvalley
■ Sales price: 800 yen (tax included)

Winter limited menu to warm your body ② Art latte

An art latte using event-limited design art only available at Moominvalley Park will be available.
■ Sales location: Library Cafe
■ Holding price: 700 yen (tax included)

Winter limited menu to warm your body ③ Meat pie

Meat pie with tomato paste filled with onions and beef that goes well with crispy pie crust.Enjoy the park with a meat pie!In the soup set, you can choose from 3 types of soup.
■ Sales location: Lettula Lounge
■Price: Single item 500 yen (tax included), soup set 900 yen (tax included)
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