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In Northern Europe, where winters are cold and dark for a long period of time, Christmas is an important event of the year.It is common to spend time slowly at home with family and close friends, and prepare for Christmas while enjoying spending time decorating the house.This winter, we have prepared events that can be enjoyed from Christmas preparations to the day at metsä Village.We will hold a food garden where you can enjoy Christmas menus that are popular in Northern Europe and a market with Christmas goods.With a fir tree Christmas tree of about 5m, soft lights that envelop the entire metsä village, and the coldness of winter, you can feel the atmosphere of being in Northern Europe.

# Nisse the Fairy Carrying Happiness ~Northern European Forest and Christmas Market~


Event Dates August 11th (Sun) -August 19th (Sun)
Remarks Supported by: Embassy of Finland

Attention point

❶Christmas special event

*Santa Claus greeting

Santa Claus is coming from Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa Claus in northern Finland!A special greeting will be held where you can take a picture with a Christmas tree about 5m high and Lake Miyazawa in the background.After the photo shoot, you will receive a “certificate of meeting Santa”!Spend a special Christmas time with Santa.

・Date and time: December 12 ①11:11~ ②00:14~ ③00:16~ (Limited to 00 groups each time)
・Place: Nordic Square in front of the Christmas tree
・ Participation fee: 1 yen per group (reservation required, first-come, first-served basis, no cancellation)
・ Maximum number of people per group: Up to 1 people (not including preschoolers / One certificate per group)

Your First Class
*Sold out.

■ Requests when shooting
*Tontu, who helps Santa, will take pictures with your camera and mobile phone. Up to 1 camera per pair is supported.Please set the auto mode in advance.We do not provide printing services.
*Greetings will be held while observing social distancing.Please note that we cannot ask Santa to pick up babies or dogs.
*Guidance on the day will be carried out in order of numbered ticket number at the time of application.
*In case of rain, the event will be held under the eaves of the Market Hall facade.
* The estimated time required for shooting per group is about 1 minute.

*Christmas Lucia Performance by the Swedish Children's Choir 

Special performance for one day only by Swedish children.Enjoy Swedish Christmas songs and traditional St. Lucia* classics.

・Date and time: Sunday, December 12 ①18:14 ②30:16
・Location: Market building outside stairs
・ Participation fee: Free

*About St. Lucia
Children in white gowns, stars and candles enter the choir singing Lucia and Christmas songs in choirs that are formed throughout Sweden around Christmas time.Her representative girl Lucia traditionally wears her "light hair" and her Lucia's attendants hold her candles in her hands.Along with the midsummer festival, Lucia's festival has long been one of Sweden's most important cultural traditions.Today, Lucia is still a very popular celebration in Sweden, bringing light and smiles to people during the darkest time of the year.

*Christmas concert by Musashigogose High School brass band club 

We will deliver classic winter songs centered on familiar Christmas songs, performed by active high school students.There is a song!There is dance!Enjoy powerful performance!

・Date and time: December 12 (Sat) ①24:12- ②00:14- (twice a day, about 00 minutes each time)
・Place: ①12:00: Nordic Square ②14:00: metsäaukio (three-forked road) 

Christmas food menu at metsä village

・Business hours 10:00-18:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-19:00)
・Location: Market Hall, Viking Hall

●Christmas drink

perfect for the holiday season
Robert's special drink

Sales store: ROBERT'SCOFFEE (Robert's Coffee)
Sales price: 638 yen (in-store tax included)

●Christmas pie

A classic pie for Christmas in Northern Europe.
You can choose from meat or jam.

Sales store: biokia smoothie
Selling price: 611 yen (tax included)


Christmas topping ice cream that is sure to look great in photos.

Sales store: ONE MORE BITE
Selling price: 770 yen (tax included)

●Strawberry flavored shake

Enjoy mixed shakes such as Sayama matcha and raw chocolate cookies.

Sales store: Musashi Rikyu
Selling price: 540 yen (tax included)

-With gaburi!fried chicken

Crispy outside and juicy chicken inside.

Sales store: nordics
Selling price: 990 yen (tax included)

*Christmas food garden

An outdoor food court with authentic Finnish Christmas food and drinks will open for a limited time only.

・Business hours: ①12:00-16:00 / ②17:30-19:00
The time period for ② is"Ilmori no Oto ~Moominvalley's Night Walk~"

Only those who have a (paid) ticket can use it.
*Regular holiday: December 12st and January 31st
・Location: Utepils
●Riisipuuro (milk porridge)
Finnish Christmas dish "Risipuro".Sweet milk rice porridge with cinnamon, which is made by simmering rice in milk until soft.People who have almonds in it are said to have very good things in the coming year.Who will it be this year?
Selling price: 500 yen (tax included)
●Glögi (Christmas drink)
A Scandinavian Christmas drink based on red wine with spices such as fruits, cardamom, and cinnamon.We also have non-alcoholic drinks made with apple juice.Even in the cold winter, drinking “Gurogi” will warm you up.
Sales price: Grogi (alcohol) 550 yen (tax included)
Grogi (non-alcoholic) ¥450 (tax included)

●Kyrö Gin Tonic
Gin and tonic using Finnish gin "Kurojin" made with cranberries.It is a premium gin that was selected as the best in the world in the gin and tonic category of the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2015.
Selling price: 600 yen (tax included)
● Lohikeitto (lohikeitto / salmon soup)
A staple of Scandinavian home cooking, "Rohi (Salmon) Kate (Soup)" is a cream soup containing salmon and vegetables.Accented with dill for a full-fledged taste.
Selling price: 550 yen (tax included)
● Snow globe hot cocoa
Hot cocoa with a cute Christmas snow globe motif.Dissolve gelatin dome in cocoa and enjoy.
Selling price: 600 yen (tax included)
●Hot rum lemonade
Hot lemonade with rum for adults to enjoy.Non-alcoholic lemonade is also available in hot and ice.
Sales price: Hot rum lemonade (alcohol) 550 yen (tax included)
Lemonade (hot/ice) ¥450 (tax included)

●Food and drink set
2 servings of raclette cheese plate + 1 glass of lemonade
Scrape the surface of the charred and melted cheese with a knife and serve hot over meat and vegetables.The performance where plenty of raclette cheese is poured in front of you is a must-see movie!
Sales price: 1,550 yen (tax included) (+50 yen to change to hot rum lemonade)
●Snowman Marshmallow
A marshmallow shaped like a cute snowman.
Selling price: 300 yen (tax included)
●Beef stew
Beef stew with chunky beef and vegetables.
Selling price: 500 yen (tax included)

*Christmas goods of metsä village

・Business hours: 10:00-18:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-19:00)
・Place: Market Hall

- Felt toy

A cute doll that can be made to sit.
There are 3 types: Fox, Cat, and Raccoon.

Sales store: metsä café (metsä cafe)
Sales price: 1,210 yen (tax included) ~

●Fabric panel/Kewin tong

Scandinavian items such as tontu handmade by craftsmen in Helsinki are lined up.

Sales store: LUNE D'EAU
Sales price: Panel 5,236 yen, Tonto 2,860 yen (tax included)

●TEA BOOK (5 packs included)

Tea in a Christmas design can
Recommended as a gift!

Sales store: VEGE TOWER
Selling price: 1,400 yen (tax included)

Aarni watch

Finnish watch brands
2% discount for pairs (20 points or more) during the period!

Sales store: TRE
Sales price: 2 yen for 59,400 items → 47,520 yen (tax included) *Varies by product number

● Harmony Series Scandinavian Goods Original

Two Nisse appeared while playing harmony.
A set of "Noah" with a bell that creates peace and praise and "Olivia" with a rose in her hand and singing for happiness

Store: Scandinavian miscellaneous goods
Selling price: 9,680 yen (tax included)

Various Christmas limited items

Which one should we do this year?fun to choose
Christmas items collected from various countries.

Sales store: LAAVU
Selling price: 600 yen (tax included)

● Christmas Heart Kuksa

Polish it yourself and apply walnut oil to complete it!Kukusa cup with a heart-shaped handle.

Experience location: Canoe workshop Sogberg
Sales price: Medium size 3,850 yen, small size 3,300 yen (tax included)

*Nordic Forest and Christmas Market

It is a market where you can find Christmas products such as Christmas cards and wreaths directly imported from Northern Europe, ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree, and the popular fairy "Nordicanisse" who carries happiness every year.From the preparation period to the day of the event, we have a variety of goods that you can enjoy during the Scandinavian Christmas period.

・Operating hours: 10:00-18:00
・Location: metsä hall

- Fairy Nisse who brings happiness

"Nordic Nisse" is a brand of wooden dolls with the motif of the Danish fairy Nisse.Nisse, which is popular every year, will open the corner of Nordika nisse official shop at Nordic forest metsä again this year.This year's new Harmony Series Nisse uses a choir as its motif.Let's resonate, overlap, and create the future together. "Harmony" means "harmony" or "harmony".From one town to another while playing the harmony that connects the world together... Let's have a gentle and fun time with Nisse.

- Fazer

Fazel, a long-established confectionery maker representing Finland, can purchase most of the products sold in Japan at metsä village in Hanno city since the opening of metsä village in Japan. 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of Fazel's flagship chocolate, named after its founder, Karl Fatzel. From November 11th (Sat), we will present a special postcard to those who purchase Fatzel products for 12 yen (excluding tax) or more.

●En Gry & Sif

Engliand Schiff is a brand of felt products established in 2002 by two Danish sisters, Grai and Schiff, who were fascinated by the nature, culture and people of Nepal. Én means "one" and "one and only" in Danish.Introducing items to enjoy winter, such as felt wreaths and ornaments.

●Jette Frolich Design

One of Denmark's leading designers.He has worked for many years as a Christmas designer for Holmgard, a glass brand purveyor to the royal family, and for Christmas decorations at Ilms Volfoss (famous department store) in the center of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.In Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens, there is a shop of Jette Frorich Design, and her works such as candle holders and ornaments are like reading a fairy tale. is breathing.


"Mokomoko Socks" are "made in FINLAND" socks made in a relaxing environment surrounded by forests and lakes. TOIVO is a Finnish word meaning "hope".As the name suggests, the inside of the socks are all brushed "fluffy", and because they absorb and dissipate sweat moderately, they do not get stuffy, and they have excellent heat retention, so they keep your feet warm and comfortable.
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