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"metsä Art Promenade" is an art event where art students market handmade products and exhibit their works. "Promenade" means "promenade", and while strolling around metsä, you suddenly come across art, and through exchanges through markets and exhibitions, you want to revitalize communication between artists and guests who visit metsä. It's included.We hope that you will enjoy the different personalities and expressions of each artist.

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Date 11/27
Time 10:00-16:00 *Cancelled in case of rain
Place metsä village crossroads, nordic square

Three-forked road area


Studied at Ochanomizu Art College.I am creating works with the image of writing a diary about the memories and experiences that left an impression on her in her daily life.
In my paintings, I want to express things that cannot be stopped, even if they are illusions.

Instagram: @xk_.0x


DICDIC is a brand launched by three people: Honoka Kamizono, a sophomore at Musashino Art University, Kosuke Sekiguchi, a sophomore at the Department of Visual Communication Design, and Yumika Inoue, a sophomore at the Sacred Heart Women's University.
We will develop various miscellaneous goods based on cute illustrations with a slightly dark accent!

Instagram: @dicdic_official

cafe bunch

Musashino Art University unofficial coffee club "Cafe Tsuka".We have a tea party twice a month at a cafe near the school.
The word "bun" means "to gather".It would be interesting and fun to create connections between people while various people gather loosely and spend a short break.
I am working with the thought that it would be nice if I could create such a space through coffee.I would be happy if I could have a little more rich time for everyone with a bunch of coffee.

Instagram: @taba_coffee_m

potential lover

Parlor, which means a common room, and Botamochi, which is wrapped in red bean paste, has been said to ward off misfortune since ancient times.
We sell botamochi, which has the potential of tanabota.I hope you have a sweet encounter.

Instagram: @potentialovers

Shimizu Yuu

Born in Chiba Prefecture in 2002. Enrolled in the Department of Design Information, Musashino Art University.
"Chunibyo" is a sensibility peculiar to adolescence that can be seen around the second year of junior high school when the mind is unstable.It is ridiculed on the internet as Chuunibyou (chuunibyou) as something that stretches out and is full of self-love.
However, I view that period positively as the “peak of being cool,” and my drawing begins with having a kitchen spirit.

Instagram: @susanooooh

Futamata Tsuzumi

Musashino Art University Spatial Design Department 3rd year I make clothes that change people.
The brand “tsuzumifutamata” was started with the idea that “change is scary, but it will surely be fun with cute items”.
New items will be exhibited and exhibited at this event.

Instagram: @tsuzumi_dayo


It's actually a very conceptual fashion item, but I'm sorry I won't say it.
I feel like I want to hide what I said.I don't say it because I feel like I shouldn't say it.
sorry.To be honest, I don't care what the concept is.Fashion explodes.
Two years from now, it's okay to know the concept and go crazy.I don't have any intention of rewarding you with this sentence.

Instagram: @zen_zaburo_zen

nordic square area


I create works while thinking about my own existence.
Based on his own experiences, he considers recollections and dreams that are connected to reality.
We handle illustrations, writing, zines, videos, etc., with a focus on photo production.We care about realism.

Instagram: @poyappi_

Yuiga Matsuoka

Belongs to Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Art and Culture.
Participated in the past three exhibitions and experienced curation, direction, planning and management, exhibition of works, and graphic design.He works in all genres.
This time, he will team up with Mio Ando for a tent sauna.

Instagram: @uigaggagaffafaffgagaggga


It is my desire to teach people about life and death in everyday life through myths, fairy tales, and folk tales.
Basically, I draw.

Instagram: @chihan__upupup

Haruto Shirota

I'm Haruto Shirota, a third-year student at Musashino Art University's Faculty of Art and Design.
Based on my own experiences and thoughts, I usually work based on works using texts and expressions through spatial production.
At this event, we will exhibit participatory three-dimensional art works created through research on metsa and Finland!

Instagram: @haruto_shirota

Maho Hamasaki

I'm always looking for everyday fantasy ◯
This time, I will bring charms, stickers, etc. for the girl who has stars growing from her ears, the embroidered rattling sweatshirts that she is addicted to, the usual donjara pin pins, and more.
They are a size that you can hold in your hand.Please take a look~

Instagram: @manahohamasaki

Sawada Takumi

furefure_sawada Takumi Sawada Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting, Department of Printmaking, XNUMXnd year
In order to express the ideal body that I envision, I use color pens to create pen drawings.
I express the divinity inherent in human beings through various ways of drawing lines, so I think you'll enjoy my work even more if you pay attention to the strength and weakness of each line and the overlapping colors!

Instagram: @furefure_sawada
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