On Father's Day, give your medals to your dad!  5.25 (sat) -6.6 (sun) 1

Sunday, June 6th is Father's Day. "Metsä" has many events for Father's Day. By the way, on Mother's Day in Finland every year, the President gives the "Mother" who has been most active, and the "Mads" is held at the workshop held at "metsä Village" so that the "Mads" can be given to his father. You can make a medal to Also, at "Moomin valley Park", you can take a picture with "Moominpappa" only on Father's Day on Sunday, June 16th.
Although I can not usually say embarrassingly, please put a feeling of thanks to your father who always works hard and find a wonderful present.

Event Dates 2019 year 5 month 25 day (Saturday) to 6 month 16 day (day)
Place metsä

Attention point

Father's Day Limited Postcard

Period: 5 month 25 day (Saturday) ~ 6 month 16 day (Sun)

In target store with campaign POP, Father's Day limited postcard is presented to those who purchase more than 1,000 yen (tax-included)!

Post cards will end as soon as they are exhausted.

WORKSHOP Medal making rosette badge making

Period: 5 month 25 day (Saturday) ~ 6 month 16 day (Sun)

Location: metsä hall

Price: Rosette XNUM X yen (tax included)

Badge X NUM X yen (tax included) You can choose a badge from all six original patterns. Only the badge can be produced.

Moominpappa appeared in photo studio!

Period: XNUM X Month X NUM X Day

Location: Moominvalley Park "Muikku foto"

Moominvalley Park, Moominnppappa, is limited to 6, Moon, 16 days of Father's Day.Photo studio (Muikku foto)Appears on!
Would you like to take a photo with Moominpappa in a commemorative fashion?

※ A separate admission fee is required for Moominvalley Park.

Making a Badge for Father's Day Limited Design Moominpappa

Period: 5 month 18 day (Saturday) ~ 6 month 16 day (Sun)

Location: Moominvalley Park Kokemus 2 Paja (Paya)

Price: 1 XNUM X (tax included)

※ A separate admission fee is required for Moominvalley Park.

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Via® Coffee Essence 5 Booklet ¥ 702

Starbucks Via® coffee essence ice coffee with 5 book and message card
A set of coffee gifts.


Various coffee beans 100g

1 House Blend ¥ 860, 2 Roberts Special ¥ 980, 3 Meyers ¥ 980, 4 After Dinner ¥ 1080

We offer XNUM cups of ice or hot coffee for customers who purchase coffee beans.

Coffee beans roasted in Finland for Father's Day gifts!

Musashi Rikyu

Set of filter in bottle and sencha ¥ X NUM X ~

“Filter-in-bottle” makes it possible to make water-sencha easily
It is recommended as a gift for fathers who work hard every day with Sencha.

※ The type of new tea depends on the arrival time.

Moi Saitama

Thank you Dad Mug, hot water only ¥ 1,296

Father's Day-limited mug, hot water only for Hannoyaki, which was baked with the local Haninoko.


Wooden clock (oak) ¥ 5,940

A wooden wall clock using real wood. Because the size and shape of each point are different,
You can choose your favorite products at the store.

Nordic goods

1 HYGGE WATCHES VARI (Vali) ¥ 16,200

While collaborating with overseas designers, we are releasing Nordic style watches
HYGGE / VARI series with a history of receiving a red dot design award.

2KLNTA Cleanta Massage Candle / Gift Set (Men's Collection) ¥ 5,000

A great value candle set for gifts. Fragrance is less sweet musklin,
Sandalwood and musk 3 types.


Father curry ¥ 1300

Curry set (with drinks) for children and the elderly, full of grilled vegetables and fresh cream.


Dainoku software \ 810

A rich but aftertaste clean dream milk soft and "Tamba Dainagon" made by the Kyoto metropolitan area cocoon!

The great taste of beans is perfect for dreaming soft. I want adults to eat
Soft ice cream. * Depending on the situation, it may end early.

※ It ends as soon as it disappears


1 La Pincutter (Finland beer) ¥ 432

Fresh and crisp Finnish beer

2G & T pack ¥ 1,580

Set that can make gin tonic easily (Kyronapue tonic water)

PANZA Lake Miyazawa

A free break area has been specially updated for fathers who love the outdoors!
There are contents that let you enjoy non-daily life as well as enriching the hammock and variety.
How about healing a tired body in nature?

Business hours

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10:00-17:00 PM

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17:00-20:00 PM


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(Adventure walk)

17:00-20:00 PM

metsä village

Market hall

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metsä parking lot

09:30-21:00 PM

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* Metsä (metsä village / Moominvalley Park) is open all year round.
* From December 2020th (Tuesday) to 12st (Thursday), 29, the metsä parking lot will be charged on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.