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The 16th "Forest and Lake Marche" 12/3-4 1

In the metsä village surrounded by forests and lakes, spend a pleasant time enjoying the seasonal flowers and vegetables, the works of the artists, and the take-out food that is perfect for walking around.


Date June 12 (Sat) and June 3 (Sun)
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsä village special venue

Attention point

[NEW SHOP! 12/3-4】sunny

A small flower shop on a mountain in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture.We will open dried flower products.Cute and beautiful expression with natural materials.I would be happy if I could share that fun feeling.

[NEW SHOP! 12/3-4] Swedish Organic Cosmetics

Organic Natural Brand Care of Yard was born in the great nature of Yokumoku, Sweden.Moisturize your whole body with items using berry seed oil collected in the midnight sun.We also offer Marche limited products.In addition, we have prepared a lot of Tomte series and new products that are popular regardless of the season.


100% organic healthy chocolate devised by a Swedish pharmacist.Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content, rich in baobab and superfoods, and free from white sugar, dairy products, emulsifiers, trans fatty acids, fragrances, additives and preservatives.

[12 / 3-4] Group planter

I usually work mainly in the Plants Gathering classroom.Gathering is a technique of planting seedlings of 2-3 or more types of plants together like a bouquet.At the event, we plan to bring not only gatherings but also dried flower works and miscellaneous goods that match flowers.I would be happy if you could take a look at it and feel the healing of plants and the kindness of nature.
We are looking forward to meeting you.

[12 / 3-4] hana * coco

Gently snuggle up to your daily life.I make such works in Hanno where you can feel the atmosphere of Scandinavia.
May my work add color to someone's life.With feelings.

[12 / 3-4] Weekend woodworking

Weekend woodworking for wooden tableware.Wooden utensils bring peace of mind to your life.They are all handmade and can be washed with detergent for easy care. (Avoid using the dishwasher) We are waiting for you with everything from unique one-of-a-kind items to easy-to-use standard items.

[12/3-4] grand domani

grande domani creates works that are conscious of the seasons and trends, such as candles stuffed with flowers, wreaths with a strong presence, and suncatchers that gather light.
I would be happy if it could be a soothing item that you would look at while living.We also regularly hold workshops so that everyone can create their own.Please take a look at what kind of work it is.

[12/3-4] Ishikawaya Foods Co., Ltd.

The owner himself tried it and said, "It's delicious! ] We have dried fruits from all over the world.
For making sweets and bread!For a fun picnic or hiking snack!Accompanied by wine!
Please enjoy the fascinating dried fruits.

[12 / 3-4] ozigi

ozigi will bring you something a little different, "I wanted something like this".

[12/3-4] Muku-studio

We are Muku-studio, which has an atelier in Hanno City, which is rich in nature. Muku-studio's wooden toys are carefully made one by one with the image of children playing with them, and are popular as baby gifts and birthday gifts, and have been patronized by many people.

[12/3-4] Woodworking workshop Buru,s Factory

Simple and easy to use durable gear!Gear that can also be used as an interior!We manufacture and sell wooden miscellaneous goods that are highly convenient for daily life and camping.
We give top priority to design and functionality, and deliver products that take time and effort from design to production.


Nice to meet you, my name is RINA★RINA.Using various materials such as mortar, cement, wood, lime cans, lime pots, etc., we make pots and miscellaneous goods that decorate succulent plants.I think that "Tani Robo" with succulents in mind and "Tani Pochan" wrapped in wool felt can add a little color to the interior.Thank you very much.

[12/3] yellowtail

This is yellowtail making macrame accessories while enjoying playing with colors.Based on the concept of a design that makes you feel bright and energetic like the sun when you wear it, each one is hand-knitted with all your heart.In addition to pendants with the motif of the sun, we are waiting for you with many macrame accessories in colorful colors.Come and visit us to find a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

[NEW SHOP! 12/3】Tree Fragment

Based on the concept of "exploring on the desk", I make small objects using dried plants and nuts.

[NEW SHOP! 12/3] Kinoha

We manufacture fragrant candles and aroma wax bars that do not light.The wax is infused with plenty of aroma.Decorate your room, entrance, toilet, etc. and enjoy the scent.

[NEW SHOP! 12/3] Aya Maejima

At the foot of Mt. Fuji, on top of the mountain in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, we make wreaths with dried flowers using seasonal plants while living surrounded by nature.

[12/3] MRSA

I want you to wear flowers as if you were arranging flowers.I make resin accessories using real flowers.Most of the flowers are grown at home and dried.By making dried flowers yourself, I think it's attractive that you can use plenty of rare flowers and works that are as they are.Accessories that are natural and classy, ​​yet have a strong presence.We want you to feel the season by wearing colorful flower accessories.

[12/3] Pottery Studio Majiro

We mainly make vessels that are baked with ash glaze made from natural wood ash.It features a calm color and a nice touch.There is also a wide variety of tableware and vases, such as vessels with vivid paintings.We also accept orders, so please feel free to contact us.

[12/3] Noharasha

I use threads dyed from the colors of plants by myself.
I embroidered plants and creatures with a soft and dignified expression in a simple design.At the event, we will have many accessories that will allow you to enjoy the colors of plant dyeing, so please take a look at the pale colors.I would be happy if I could get used to dressing up in my daily life.

[12/3] Yugensha

We are very much looking forward to opening a store again at Forest and Lake Marche in a wonderful location overlooking the lake.
Vessels that make drinking at home even more enjoyable, such as sake cups that come in different shapes with different glazes and creamy foaming beer cups.The mosquito repellent, which can also be used as a vase, can also be used as a mini flower wash basin or accessory case.
I would be happy if you could find your favorite one among the pottery that I handcraft one by one.

[NEW SHOP! 12/4] Akaneko

I'm akaneko who makes children's clothes.She is a clothing store with mainly animal patterns made by animal lovers.She makes clothes that can be worn by both men and women.In the busy days of child-rearing, I think it would be nice if I could have a relaxing moment when I saw my child.

[NEW SHOP! 12/4] Ito and

My name is Ito.
Using a technique called tatting lace, the lace tied at a glance is used to make accessories and accessories.Please take a look at the beauty of the delicate lace created by handwork.

[NEW SHOP! 12/4] Mahina

mahina is the moon in Hawaiian.
The moon, which gently receives the light of the sun and illuminates the darkness, has the meaning of "peace" and "kindness".I love the sea and nature ♡ I love fashion ♡ With that feeling, I design and select accessories with the image of a woman who looks good on the beach and in town.I am trying to make natural and mature accessories that are cute and unpretentious.I hope you can feel happy even just a little in your daily life. We hope that the mahina will bring you closer to the hearts of those who wear it.


hello.I'm ICHI, a flower craftsman who loves flowers and dogs.I would like to create works that make you feel a little happy and warm, so that you can spend your everyday life on a special ordinary day.Nothing can be made exactly the same.Please try to find only one favorite for him in the world.

[12/4] Adan

The pottery made in Okinawa has both practical and tropical patterns.It has excellent practicality as well as Nordic vessels.
It is said that Okinawan glass was made by picking up empty bottles that Americans drank up.The design is reminiscent of corals in the sea of ​​Okinawa, with countless bubbles floating on the surface of the glass.
I have lived in Okinawa for a long time, and I would be happy if I could widely introduce Okinawan pottery and Okinawan glass to everyone in Saitama, which cannot be seen in Saitama.

[12/4] Itonomori

Thread mandala is an art that creates a mandala-like pattern by hammering nails into a board and threading the nails regularly.It is also called string art or string art, and some schools use it in math classes because of its rules.When you want to be innocent, when you want to concentrate, why not make a yarn mandala with your own pinned color?Most of the threads used in Itonomori are silk threads.Kyoto's Nishijin yarn has an elegant luster, and the yarn from the workshop facility "Ito Kobo Mokumoku" in Tsujido, Kanagawa is a step-dyed silk yarn with a beautiful gradation.The same color will never be available again because it is hand-dyed according to the sensibility at that time.Please enjoy the smooth luster and color of silk.We also sell itonomori's original thread accessories, which were created with the desire to casually wear the thread mandala.The pendant is a carefully selected accessory that is perfect for those who are naturally oriented, using a wooden frame dyed with indigo or red iron oxide and natural stones.

[12/4] Small Kuri Kobo

Each piece is handmade by fusing glass together using a technique called glass fusing.
Glass is resistant to discoloration and has a gentle shine unlike jewels.It's very beautiful when the light shines through, so I'd be happy if you could hold it in your hand and see it.

[12/4] Chakomori

Chakomori, a rice flour sweets shop, does not use wheat, and makes gluten-free cookies and baked goods made with carefully selected rice flour and fermented butter.We are developing delicious sweets recipes with the theme of body-friendly, such as coconut oil and maple syrup vegan gluten-free cookies and granola.I would like you to try Chakomori's sweets once.

[NEW SHOP! 12/4] chise

I create small stained glass works by combining glass and wire.She strives to create playful creations using familiar objects as motifs.


[12/3] Ukichi-cafe station

Pulled pork from the American South. It has become a standard BBQ dish, and it is a gem that is easy to eat by simmering pork shoulder loin for a long time and mixing it with BBQ sauce!It has become popular and well-known because of its exquisite menu that cannot be eaten at other stores.I would be happy if you could try it!

[12/3] Spice & Curry Tattukada

A yellow kitchen car serving Indian cuisine operated by a South Indian owner.In addition to various Indian curries, chicken fried sandwiches baked with authentic spices and chai made with tea leaves sent directly from India are also popular.We also have children's curry with zero spiciness and wheat flour.Please come and visit us!

[12/3] Da California

Born in LA, the home of hamburgers, and lived in LA for 25 years.He later moved to Hawaii after studying Japanese cuisine in Las Vegas.Cook at the Ritz-Carlton DEAN & DELUCA HAWAII!This is an authentic hamburger shop made by his owner.Come and taste the authentic taste at Da California! ! !

[12/3] Pizza Truck Itchia

"We offer freshly baked pizza from a truck loaded with a wood-fired oven! You can enjoy the fragrant aroma unique to a wood-fired oven, and the crispy outside and chewy texture inside. The most popular item is "Nama Ham Salad Pizza".Place plenty of Italian uncured ham and leafy vegetables on top of a freshly baked pizza, and enjoy it with Iccia's special dressing!Please try it! !

[12/3] 81 LABO

Baby castella that is perfect for souvenirs.No honey is used, so even children can enjoy it with confidence!

[12/3] Ishizaka Industry Co., Ltd.

[NEW SHOP! 12/4] Russ Fincus

Las Fincas, which means "farm" in Spanish, is a bright red food truck run by three sisters from Central America, Guatemala x Japan, Joan and Marilou, and their husband Maxim from Montreal.The very popular donuts fried on the morning of the day, and the "Pulled Pork Burger", which is a fusion of Central American style that is a little different from Southern American BBQ, is a highly recommended product that even gourmets will love! Pork marinated in herb sauce for 3 days. A juicy pulled pork shoulder loin that has been slowly grilled over a long period of time, served in homemade milk buns with guacamole, mayo, mango sauce, lettuce, coriander, and jalapeño, and served with pickles and chips for an addictive dish!

[12/4] AKUA

Original taco sandwich with taco meat sandwiched between pita bread!The spicy tacos, which go perfectly with cheese and tomatoes, are addictive!
Don't miss the banana chocolate and red bean butter hot sandwiches for dessert!We are friendly sisters who love the sea and will welcome you.

[12/4] CREARE

Pizzas made with plenty of vegetables from our own farm are carefully baked on the spot in a wood-fired kiln loaded in the car.Please enjoy freshly baked pizza.

[12/4] Sunny Side Kitchen

[12/4] vegetable kitchen Noie

At Noie, we provide “vegan food” that does not use animal products and is gentle on the body, centering on brown rice and vegetarian food.A particularly popular menu item is veggie taco rice.I always have 3 types of food.

[12/4] Bouquet de joie

Falafel is a Middle Eastern-born croquette made from chickpeas, fragrant spices and herbs.Bon appetit is a stylish and healthy sandwich filled with crispy, fluffy falafel and colorful vegetables like a bouquet!
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