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Kokemus New Special Exhibition Moominvalley's Happiness Lifestyle Exhibition 1

A new exhibition "Moominvalley's Happy Lifestyle Exhibition" is now being held!

Let's search for the "form of happiness" of the Moomins from our lives

Happiness is shaped and felt differently.Surrounding yourself with precious things, eating delicious food, and spending time with your family, each happiness requires a “living” that is the core of the surrounding environment and space.The depictions of buildings, the thoughts and feelings of each character, and the lives of the Moomin family and their friends are studded with hints for a comfortable and rich life.

Date From Saturday, March 2022, 11
Place KOKEMUS 2F special exhibition area

Attention point

You can also visit that room that you couldn't enter at Moominhouse!

At Moominhouse in Moominvalley Park, we have recreated "Moominpappa's study" and "Little My Room," which you cannot actually enter.

Let's take a picture with feeling like Little My!

You may be able to find your own "form of happiness" in a comfortable space surrounded by your favorite things and things of your size.

A space design where you can feel the life of the Moomins close to you!

Pay attention not only to the contents of the exhibition, but also to the decorations that color the space! Inspired by the hand-made Moominhouse by Moominpappa, we also paid particular attention to expression, such as using nameplates with seashells for section headings and handwritten notes for commentary.

Take a peek into the lives of our Moominvalley friends!

You can enjoy a glimpse of life in Moominvalley by displaying your favorite things like the Moomins.
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