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12/24-25 Forest and Lake Marche -Christmas Edition- 1

Special marche only for Christmas day

This time's "Forest and Lake Marche" is "Christmas Edition"A special marche to be held on the day of Christmas.Wreaths, ornaments and accessories are also available.not yet,Searching for Christmas gifts for those who haven't been able to express their gratitude to their loved onesIt is also perfect forAs a gift to yourself,Dried flowers and goods will be active even after Christmas at home in winter.Recommended as an item to wear.From handmade works that are filled with thoughts one by one,Feeling the connection of feelings from person to person,Have a warm Christmas.


Date June 12 (Sat) and June 24 (Sun)
Time 10am-00pm
Place metsä village special venue
Remarks *There is a charge for using the parking lot on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, but it is free for those who spend 5,000 yen (tax included) or more at metsä village.Shopping at Forest and Lake Marche is also eligible.  

Attention point

[12/24-25] Wood shop

It is a stained glass-like wooden lantern made by drilling polygonal holes in three equilateral triangle cedar boards and pouring resin into them.How about an illumination for Christmas night?

[12 / 24-25] Group planter

I usually work mainly in the Plants Gathering classroom.Gathering is a technique of planting seedlings of 2-3 or more types of plants together like a bouquet.At the event, we plan to bring not only gatherings but also dried flower works and miscellaneous goods that match flowers.I would be happy if you could take a look and feel the healing of plants and the kindness of nature.
We are looking forward to meeting you.

[12/24-25] CHALEUR

At Marche, you can arrange your favorite glass and make only one "komorebi tree" in the world.
There will also be candles, wreaths, and swags that will make you enjoy the Scandinavian Christmas atmosphere.We look forward to welcoming you for a memorable Christmas.

[12 / 24-25] Adan

The pottery made in Okinawa has both practical tableware and tropical patterns.It has excellent practicality as well as Nordic vessels.It is said that Okinawan glass was made by picking up empty bottles that Americans drank up.The design is reminiscent of corals in the sea of ​​Okinawa, with countless bubbles floating on the surface of the glass.I have lived in Okinawa for a long time, and I would be happy if I could widely introduce Okinawan pottery and Okinawan glass to everyone in Saitama, which cannot be seen in Saitama.

[12 / 24-25] Weekend woodworking

Weekend woodworking for wooden tableware.Wooden utensils bring peace of mind to your life.They are all handmade and can be washed with detergent for easy care. (Avoid using the dishwasher) We are waiting for you with everything from unique one-of-a-kind items to easy-to-use standard items.

[12/24-25] ICHI

hello.I'm ICHI, a flower craftsman who loves flowers and dogs.I would like to create works that make you feel a little happy and warm, so that you can spend such a special ordinary day.Nothing can be made exactly the same.Please try to find only one favorite in the world.

[12/24] musubi

Macrame and antiques in your life.Using fair-trade organic cotton cord, we produce macrame miscellaneous goods that can be enjoyed casually in Ogose-cho, which is rich in nature.Occasionally, I also make things that make use of old tools that have a deep taste.This time, we have macrame items that will warm your heart even in the cold winter.

[12/24] Ishikawaya Foods Co., Ltd.

The owner himself tried it and said, "It's delicious! ] We have dried fruits from all over the world.For making sweets and bread!For a fun picnic or hiking snack!Accompanied by wine!Please enjoy the fascinating dried fruits.

[12/24] Spring_Hill

This will be the last event stall of the year. We are very much looking forward to meeting you on Christmas Eve while enjoying the beautiful nature in metsä village.This time, I would like to use dried flowers, conifers, and nuts to make wreaths and swags that can be displayed for a long time from Christmas to New Year.

[12/24] Arno

We made ornaments from home objects that are very popular in Marche.The shape of the house, the color, and the type of string are also various.Let's combine the things you like ♪ You can decorate it on the tree, hang it on the wall, or change the string to decorate it as an interior decoration even after Christmas is over ♪

[12/24] gris-bleu*The store has been canceled.

We reproduce and sell European vintage and antique glass beads and parts as original accessories so that you can easily enjoy them.This time we will also bring the perfect accessories for Christmas gifts.We also have a gift box available for those who wish to give it as a gift.Please take a look at the beauty that has passed through time.

[12/24] Small Kuri Kobo

An accessory made of dichroic glass that shines differently depending on the viewing angle.They are cut one by one and baked at high temperature by hand.I would be happy if you could find your favorite for your hands.A gift box is also available, so it is also recommended as a gift! 

[12/24] kurodakao pottery workshop

"Oval plate with leaf pattern" A plate with a leaf pattern that goes well with Christmas.Each leaf has a different pattern, so please look for your favorite one.

[12/24] soeru craft

“Thoughts, Soel, Ideas”
Mainly making things using paper and paper embroidery, we create items that gently add a touch of glamor to various situations and thoughts.

[12/25] Tree Fragment

Based on the concept of “exploring on the desk”, I make small objects using dried plants and nuts.

[12/25] Ceramics Studio Tabito no Ki

I make accessories with pottery.Each piece is handcrafted from clay, and all processes from design and molding to overglaze firing are done by myself.It is a one-of-a-kind accessory in the world that features vivid colors using the technique of Kutani ware, and is finished with gold and silver to give it a genuine shine.

[12/25] Pottery Studio Majiro

We mainly make vessels that are baked with ash glaze made from natural wood ash.It features a calm color and a nice touch.There is also a wide variety of tableware and vases, such as vessels with vivid paintings.We also accept orders, so please feel free to contact us.

[12/25] Woodworking studio Buru,s Factory

Simple and easy to use durable gear!Gear that can also be used as an interior!We manufacture and sell wooden miscellaneous goods that are highly convenient for daily life and camping.We give top priority to design and functionality, and deliver products that take time and effort from design to production.
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