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In Northern Finland, where the story of "Moomin" was born, people have coexisted with nature from an early age and learned many things from it.It is also tolerant to the diversification of values, and the goal of education is to respect individuality and independence.

At the spring event "Spring Festival", Hemulen, who likes collecting plants, is welcomed as a new member of Moominvalley Park, and "learning" can be experienced as close as in Finland.Hemulen's Academy(Hemulens Academy)” will start.Enjoy the arrival of spring with Hemulen and Moominvalley friends at Moominvalley Park, where colorful flowers are in full bloom.

Date December 2023, 3 (Wednesday) -January 1, 2023 (Sunday)

Attention point

Introducing Hemulen

New to Moominvalley Park is botanist Hemulen. I live in Moominvalley and am an avid plant collector. Hemulen is diligent and knowledgeable, but he's also a little clumsy because he's so obsessed with collecting plants that he angers the Hattifattener and chases him. At Moominvalley Park, you can enjoy a photo shoot with Hemulen.

"Hemulens Academy" started

We will start "Hemulen's Academy" where you can experience "learning" familiarly like Finland where the story of Moomin was born.
We will hold fieldwork where you can learn about nature such as Moominvalley Park's flowers and creatures, and workshops where you can experience making things.
■ List of workshops:

Various flowers welcome you

Spring flowers such as nemophila and ranunculus are in full bloom around the Moominvalley area.Even in Moominvalley Park, which is rich in nature, you can enjoy the vivid flowers only at the Spring Festival.Colorful flowers welcome guests throughout the park.

SPRING FESTIVAL x Calbee collaboration project

Calbee PR Department Official SNSPresent campaign implementation (3/15-3/19)
❷Hemulens AcademyThe secret of potatoes supported by Calbee” held (3/21, 3/25)
❸Distribution of Calbee product samples! "Potato search puzzle solving game" held (3/24-3/31)
■ Details:

[FOOD] Flower sweets to taste spring ❶ Spring Festival Float

Three kinds of colorful floats, blue curacao syrup, green apple, and watermelon, inspired by flowers.
■ Sales price: 500 yen each (tax included)
■ Sales location: Lettula Lounge

[FOOD] Spring sweets made with flowers ❷ Spring Festival Flower Jelly

Two layers of green apple and lychee jelly.It has a refreshing flavor and contains bright edible flowers.
■ Sales price: 500 yen (tax included)
■ Sales location: Library Cafe

[FOOD] Flower sweets that taste spring ❸ Cooker ice cream

Kukka means "flower" in Finnish.Ice cream in the shape of a flower that looks very cute will appear in two flavors.
■ Sales price: 500 yen (tax included) 
■ Where to buy: Helucya: Strawberry & Banana Flavor 
Lettura Lounge: Soda Flavor

[FOOD] Cream bread (from 3/16 on sale)

Hattendo's "Cream Bun" will be sold exclusively in an original design package!
It's a sweet bread that tastes like you're eating a cake.It is a limited edition product that is recommended for lunch and sweets while walking around the park, and as a souvenir.
■ Sales price:
<Custard> 400 yen (tax included)
It's a plain taste that combines light whipped cream with light and simple custard cream.
<Blueberry> 440 yen (tax included)
Melt-in-your-mouth cream bread custard with juicy and juicy blueberry jam.
■ Sold at: Library Cafe, Helucya

[GOODS] Spring Festival limited goods ❶

Left: Hoodie Selling price: 6,600 yen (tax included)
Right: Tote bag Selling price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
■ Sales location: Hajimari no Mise, Main Shop Moominvalley

[GOODS] Spring Festival Limited Goods❷

Left: Edible Flower Candy Selling price: 380 yen (tax included)
Right: Edible Flower Cookie Price: 1,300 yen (tax included)
■ Sales location: Hajimari no Mise, Main Shop Moominvalley

[Entertainment] The show "Free and Happy Life" will be performed again!

The ′′ free and happy life ′′ that ended in November 2021 will be back this spring.It is a story about searching for your “freedom” together while enjoying the songs and dances of Moomin and Moominvalley friends.Based on the story of author Tove Jansson, you can enjoy live entertainment unique to Moominvalley Park.
■ Performance schedule details:
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