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Sauna originated in Finland.
At the metsä hall, we will exhibit a sauna house for a limited time with the cooperation of a popular sauna house maker in Japan.
Actually enter the sauna house,Grab that image.
In addition to products related to saunas and outdoor activities,We also introduce products directly imported from forest-loving Finland.You.
Date Saturday, January 2023, 2 - Thursday, January 18
Time 10:00 - 18:00
Place metsä hall
Remarks * Sauna experience is not available.
*Shoes are strictly prohibited in the sauna house.
* Items listed may be sold out due to the limited number.Please note.

Attention point

a+ sauna house exhibition

In 2022, a+ started a wood-fired sauna business with the theme of “living with fire”.

In addition to the original sauna “hiraku” (“opening” concept) that boldly cuts out the entire window, we have also started handling the new sauna stove brand “Fintec” that will be available from 2023.

Original sauna "hiraku"

Please experience the "living with fire" proposed by a+.
(Fire is not lit in the metsä hall venue)


Inspired by the diverse expressions of the refreshing and calm Finnish forest (metsä), we create timeless and high-quality lifestyle products in Finland. metsä/Skogen aims at sustainable development with the spirit of "LOVE" and a little "Wabi-Sabi", starting with respect for nature and its regeneration.
The text design for the sauna cushion and sauna seat is one of the Marimekko text designers, Maija Louekari.


Osmia is Design in Finalnd & Made in Finland design & handcraft company.
Based on the essence of the scent inspired by the rich nature of Finland, we design and develop a fragrance that is as close as possible to the natural scent of Finland.Introducing body soap, shampoo, sauna aroma, etc.

kippis Hyadain Sauna Hat

From kippis, which makes wonderful items with textile designs drawn by designers active in Northern Europe, we would like to introduce a sauna hat that was conceived by music creator Hyadain.
Kippis means "Cheers" in Finnish.At the end of the day, the moment of "cheers" that gives us a sense of relief is like a reward in our daily lives.
We are developing designs with the image of such a warm moment.
*Sold from late February
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