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Answer the quiz and get the "Hattifattener Petit Hand Towel"! 1

Limited to 1 people a day! Hattifattener Petit hand towel will be presented! Enjoy the Hattifattener mood at Moominvalley Park!

~ Moominvalley Park official Twitter latest information@ metsamvp_infoCheck out the quiz now! To
At Moominvalley Park, where you can relive the story of Moomin, we have prepared a plan that allows you to enjoy not only sunny days but also this rainy season. Can you become a Hattifattener from June 2019, 6 (Friday)? !! "Hattifattener Petit Hand Towel" will be presented to 21 people a day.
First of all, Twitter updates@ metsamvp_infoThen, we will take a quiz to everyone who visits Moominvalley Park on 0/00! Check the Tweet with the content of]. The first quiz will be delivered today on 6: 20 on Thursday, 12 month (Thursday) (delivered every 00: 12 from the next day). Find the answer to the quiz and tell the staff in the tent set up next to the photo studio “muikku photo”. If you answer correctly, you will receive a “Hattifattener Petit Hand Towel”!

Date June 6st (Friday) ~
Time 10:00 - 11:00 
Place In the tent installed beside the photo studio "muikku photo"
Entry fee Free
Remarks way to participate
(1) Twitter latest information@ metsamvp_infoAt [Moominvalley Park a quiz for everyone who came to Moominvalley Park! Check the contents of the quiz Tweet!
(2) Visit the Moominvalley Park on the 0st!
(3) Moominvalley Park Moominvalley area GO to the tent next to the photo studio "muikku photo"!
(4) Please tell the staff in the tent the answer of the quiz!
(5) If you answer the quiz correctly, you will receive a "Hattifattener Petit Hand Towel"!
(6) Put "Hattifattener Petit Hand Towel" on your head and play at Moominvalley Park!

※ Up to 1 day limited 200 sheets. As soon as the stock runs out, distribution on that day will be closed.
※ It will be one per person.
※ We present only to the person who made the correct answer to the quiz.
※ The post of the quiz you answer, Twitter latest information@ metsamvp_infoIt will be distributed around 12: 00 the day before the visit. Ex) Customers visiting 6 month 21 day (Friday) will answer the quiz on 6 month 20 day (Thursday).
※ Distribution place may be changed without notice by the situation such as the weather. Please note.
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