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In Moomin's story, an astronomical observatory appears to look at comets and stars, and Snufkin makes a wish for a new moon, and has a deep relationship with the fellows of Moomin and the night sky to be able to sing new songs.

At the starry night party of "Moominvalley Park", the roof of "Lonely Mountain" with the observatory and the roof of "Kokemus", which will be unveiled this time, will be the venue, and the star sommelier (R) will guide you through the starry sky. Also, the topic of the starry sky of 2019 summer this year is that “Saturn, the Milky Way, Jupiter” line up nicely. The next array will be after about 60 years. You can enjoy Saturn's ring, Jupiter and its satellites, and the Heavenly Gem "Albumeo of the Sky" with Vixen's high-performance telescope. In addition, XNUM X month X NUM X day and X NUM X day will be around "Today and Night" that the moon can be beautifully admired. Observe the crater of the moon, as well as Saturn's ring and Jupiter's satellite, with an astronomical telescope. Please enjoy the starry sky while thinking about Moomin's story in a special time and space after the closing of "Moominvalley Park".

<How to participate>
To participate in "Moominvalley Park's Starry Night Party", apply for a tour organized by Club Tourism.

7.20 (sat) [Shinjuku / Nerima departure]
【Tokyo · Ueno departure】
[Shinjuku departure] <Woman club / women limited participation>
[★ Local gathering plan]
7.21 (sun) [Shinjuku / Nerima departure]
【Tokyo · Ueno departure】
[★ Local gathering plan]
8.10 (sat) [Shinjuku / Nerima departure]
【Tokyo · Ueno departure】
[Tsudanuma 2, Keisei Tsudanuma, Nishifunabashi, Matsudo departure]
8.11 (sun) 【上 上 大 ・ ・ Yokohama West Exit】
【Hiratsuka, Ebina departure】
【Department of New Urban Center and Kawagoe】
8.17 (sat) [Chuo Hayashima / Machida departure]
[Odawara · Chino departure]
【Department of New Urban Center and Kawagoe】
8.18 (sun) [Shinjuku / Nerima departure]
【Tokyo · Ueno departure】

※ We change program contents depending on the weather situation and will hold.
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Attention point

Guide the starry sky with the Star Sommelier (R)

The starry sky is explained by Vixen's Star Sommelier (R), a comprehensive optical equipment manufacturer that manufactures astronomical telescopes, binoculars, and microscopes.
※ The photograph is an image.

Enjoy with Vixen's high-performance astronomical telescope.

You can also see Saturn's ring, Jupiter and its satellites, and “Albireo in the sky” in the Milky Way.

Special program in case of cloudy or rainy weather

Can't see the stars? Special plans are also available on such days.
You may be able to enter a place where you can't usually see or see! ?
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