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Finnair x metsä Village Spring Travel Quiz Rally 1

Travel quiz rally"Finnair x metsä Village Spring Travel Quiz Rally"

A special commemorative project for Finnair, an airline that can go to "Europe closest to Japan", and "Northern Europe closest to Japan" metsä Village!

Finnair named 'Best Nordic Airline'12Selected twice in a row, this year2023since its founding in100Anniversary, Japan launch40We are celebrating our anniversary.To commemorate the beginning of Finnair's memorial year and the new beginnings of metsä village, which welcomes spring, we will hold a stamp rally quiz that allows you to easily travel to the destination cities of Scandinavian countries.

Participation fee is free so that anyone can become familiar with the Nordic countries.If you clear the quiz rally, you will receive official goods not for sale from each organization such as the embassies and tourist offices of Scandinavian countries, goods directly imported from Scandinavia, and metsä Village where you can enjoy a natural environment like Finland, which is called the land of forests and lakes. outdoor experience ticket, and a bathing ticket for the natural hot spring facility "Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei" where you can see the adjacent Lake Miyazawa100You can participate in a special lottery with no loss, where you can win a luxurious gift of over XNUMX yen.

Nowadays, it is still difficult to travel abroad casually, but at metsä Village, the "Northern Europe closest to Japan", a trip around Northern Europe around the points of airline Finnair's destinations that can take you to "Europe closest to Japan". Would you like to go out to




Date Saturday, April 2023, 4 to Sunday, April 1, 4
Time According to the business hours of metsä village (lottery time: 11: 00-17: 00)
Place Each area of ​​metsä village (lottery location: metsä pier)
Entry fee Free
*Limited to one lottery per person
Remarks Special cooperation: Finnair, Embassy of Estonia, Estonian Tourism Board, Latvian Investment and Development Agency, Lithuania Tourism Board, Embassy of Finland, Finland Tourism Board, Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei
Supported by: Embassy of Iceland, Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of Latvia, Embassy of Lithuania, Embassy of Sweden

Attention point

Free to join!Win every day!No mistakes!Luxurious prize lineup with a total of over 100 million yen

If you clear the quiz rally, you can participate in a special lottery where you can win luxurious gifts totaling over 100 million yen, including embassy awards, government tourism awards, and products that can be enjoyed at metsä village, directly imported from Northern Europe.

Finnair Awards

A350 Marimekko Airplane Miniature, A340 Airplane Miniature, Moomin Strap Sniff & Little My, Finnair Reflector Badge, Finnair 100 Moomin Sticker, Finnair Desktop Calendar

Estonian Embassy Award

Maria Rasta side table, Nordmer honey, Rosik organic chocolate

Estonian Tourism Board Award

Wood spoon, can badge

Latvian Investment and Development Agency Award

Kitchen towel

Lithuania Tourism Board Award

Soda skit, tote bag

Finnish Embassy Award

Finnish emoji coloring book & sticker, various information booklet set

Finnish Tourism Board Award

Original tote bag

Scandinavian Miscellaneous Goods Award

Fazer gold box milk chocolate

roberts coffee award

cinnamon-cardamom coffee

Biokia Smoothie Award

dried lingonberries

Rene Dieu Award

Studio Hilla Coated Pocket Tissue Case

metsä peer award

Island boat (30 minutes), clear kayak (1 hour)

Miyazawako Onsen Award

Bathing invitation ticket

Moominvalley Park Awards

Moominvalley Park 1-Day Pass Pair Ticket

Participation award for all

metsä village coupon book

*About Finnair

Finnair, a member of the oneworld airline alliance, is a leading airline for passenger and cargo transport between Japan and Europe.We operate direct flights between Tokyo (Haneda/Narita), Osaka (Kansai), Nagoya, Fukuoka (summer), Sapporo and Finland. (Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo are suspended in 2023) Selected for the Skytrax Awards "Best Airline in Northern Europe" 12 times in a row.It is one of the world's oldest airlines and will celebrate its 2023th anniversary in 100.Moomin A350 special paint aircraft also launched to commemorate the foundation.On routes connecting Japan and Europe, we have a joint business with Japan Airlines, British Airways in the UK, and Iberia Airlines in Spain. Offers four-company joint fares, more flight options and convenience.Positioning sustainability as the foundation of our corporate activities, we aim to reduce CO4 emissions by 2025% compared to 2 by the end of 2019, and to achieve carbon neutrality by 50.
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