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Potatoes are the core of Calbee's main products.

In order to continue to provide delicious and enjoyable products using potatoes, which are a blessing of nature, we must provide opportunities for people to deepen their understanding of the raw material, potatoes, and create a sustainable cycle.

In order to know and understand such ideas, collaboration with Moominvalley Park was realized as a direct approach to customers.

It is no exaggeration to say that potatoes are an indispensable ingredient in Finland and always appear on the table during the day and at night.

This time, the efforts with Moominvalley Park include the learning "Hemulens Academy", the "Potato Search Puzzle Solving Game" where you can find hidden potatoes in the park and complete the letters, and a kitchen car where you can eat Calbee products. An event is held to learn about potatoes in a fun way.

Attention point

Hemulens Academy "Potato secret supported by Calbee"

You will learn how "potatoes" grow from the time they are planted in the field to the time they are harvested, and the secrets of potatoes that you may know but actually don't know in a quiz format.
Participants will receive a Calbee potato product and a student-only badge!
■Date: March 3 (Tuesday/holiday), March 21 (Saturday)
■Meeting place: KOKEMUS 2F kids space
■Time: 3/21 (Tue) ①11:30 ②13:30 ③15:00
3/25 (Sat) ①11:30 ②15:00
* Numbered tickets will be distributed at Welcome cove from 10:00.
■ Time required: Approximately 30 minutes
■Experience fee: Free
■Capacity: About 30 people each time
■What is Hemulens Academy? :

"Search for potatoes" Puzzle solving game

Find the potatoes hidden in the park and write the letters next to them on the answer sheet.
Participants will receive Calbee potato products and Moominvalley Park exclusive stickers!
■ Period: March 3th (Friday) to March 24st (Friday)
■Participation method: We will give you an answer sheet and writing utensils at the entrance when you enter the park.After answering, please put the answer sheet in the box at the entrance.
■Experience fee: Free

Kitchen car appears at Moominvalley Park

Calbee's kitchen car first appeared in Moominvalley Park!
"Poteriko" is a hot snack with a new texture created from Calbee's popular product "Jagariko", and you can enjoy the fluffy feeling of potatoes.
■ Hours of operation:
3 month 24 Date (gold) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
3 month 25 day (Saturday) 10: 00 ~ 18: 00
3 month 26 (day) 10: 00 ~ 18: 00
■ Sales price: 400 yen (tax included)

Let's plant potatoes and dreams!

Lonely mountain has a potato field!
The planted seed potatoes will be grown by Moominvalley Park staff, and plans will be made for harvesting in July and August.
■Potato field opening: Saturday, March 3
*The seed potato planting experience will be held for the first 100 people only.
*Some contents may be canceled or changed depending on the weather.

[Reception has ended] Calbee PR department official SNS gift campaign

A total of 50 people will win a lottery of Moominvalley Park original goods and Calbee products! !
■ Target period: March 3 (Wednesday) to March 15 (Sunday)
■ Participation method: ①Calbee PR department official accountFollow
② Attach "#Moominvalley Park's favorite character" and write the name of the character you want to meet and quote RT!
■ Quoted RT target posts:please use this form.
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