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"Forest and Lake Marche" is a market held at "metsä Village", one of the largest facilities in Japan where you can experience the Nordic lifestyle.

At the "Forest and Lake Marche", which is held during seasons such as Mother's Day and Father's Day when there are many opportunities to convey your feelings to loved ones, there are many items that are perfect for conveying a little gratitude. Did.Visiting with your loved ones in the beautiful fresh green metsä village will be a memorable gift.

Why don't you turn "thank you" into a gift and give it to someone important to you?

Date October 2023th (Sat) and 5th (Sun), 27
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsä village special venue
Remarks ※ Rain stopped

Attention point

Shopping under the fresh green ♪

We have a wide range of products, such as handmade products that make use of natural materials, each one with a warm feeling.

A kitchen car that looks stylish is now available!

Enjoy a leisurely lakeside walk with take-out food.


British miscellaneous goods store COTSWOLDS (Cotswolds)
We opened in Kichijoji in 2000 with the aim of conveying the comfort and enrichment of life in the English countryside.
In 2010, the second store was opened in Johnson Town, Iruma City.
We mainly sell items that make life fun, such as miscellaneous goods imported directly from England and vintage accessories.
At Forest and Lake Marche, we would like to introduce miscellaneous goods imported directly from England such as tea towels and eco bags, as well as mushroom miscellaneous goods (artist's goods, imported miscellaneous goods, vintage).

[NEW SHOP! 5/27-28] Caligary Kawagoe

Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2019 winner, 2022rd place in the same Grand Prix 3.
In the city of Kanda, Tokyo, which is known as a fierce battlefield for curry, 5 people chose from over 500 curry stores, and the main store Akihabara was listed in the 2022 Tabelog XNUMX Famous Stores.

[5 / 27-28] Weekend woodworking

Weekend woodworking for wooden tableware.
Wooden utensils enhance your cooking.Why not add an accent to your everyday cooking?The glass-coated finish makes it easy to clean as it can be washed with regular detergent. (Avoid dishwasher)
We are waiting for you with everything from standard items to unique one-of-a-kind items.

[5 / 27-28] ozigi

ozigi will bring you something a little different, "I wanted something like this".

[5/27-28] Ishikawaya Foods Co., Ltd.

The owner himself tried it and said, "It's delicious! ] We have dried fruits from all over the world.
For making sweets and bread!For a fun picnic or hiking snack!Accompanied by wine!
Please enjoy the fascinating dried fruits.

[5 / 27-28] Dip Capua

We produce dip art accessories based on the concept of "feeling light and wind".It boasts delicate wire work.
We deliver cute works that lighten your heart with accessories that are as light as feathers.

[5/27-28] soeru craft

Based on the concept of "Thoughts, Soel, Ideas", we create paper miscellaneous goods and message cards with original designs that gently add flowers to various thoughts through manufacturing using paper and paper embroidery.
I would be happy if you could hold it in your hand and feel the different expressions of paper and the freshness and warmth of paper embroidery.

[NEW SHOP! 5/27] makori tree & kumarche

I try to make simple and natural cloth accessories using polka dots, checks, floral patterns, and borders, and works that make people smile when they pick them up.

[NEW SHOP! 5/27] Botanical

"Botanical" will sell small items using plants and herbs and hold herb ball workshops.

[NEW SHOP! 5/27] Jejeje's capricious woodworking

We are making wooden planter covers, woodwork miscellaneous goods, and pierced earrings for metal allergies.
The woodwork is a warm item that makes use of the texture of the wood, and the metal parts are made of titanium and surgical stainless steel so that even people with metal allergies can wear the earrings.
Please drop by.

[NEW SHOP! 5/27] Montbretia

Just like writing a letter to a loved one with all your heart and soul, each and every flower is carefully crafted.
We offer wreaths, swags, wreaths, hair ornaments, and more that gently snuggle up to you for anniversaries, gifts that convey your feelings, and casual everyday life.
The flower language of Montbretia is "nice memories" and "good news".I would be very happy if I could help add color to a gift for someone important or someone's wonderful memories.

[NEW SHOP! 5/27】Rimo cafe

Sweet potato x waffle = Imoffle

What is Imoffle?
It is a waffle made by mixing sweet potato paste and diced sweet potato with waffle batter.
This is an original product created by the owner who loves sweet potatoes.Please enjoy the sweetness of the sweet potato and the chewy texture of "Imoffuru".

[5/27] Wood shop

We manufacture Himmeli, LED lanterns, etc. mainly from domestic wood (cedar).
The kanji character for the items used by the Japanese people is 'gu'.Tools, fittings, toys, tableware, etc. I wanted to use wood if I could use it, so I put "wood" and "gu" in the shop name.
"Cedar", which is often used in woodworking stores, is hated because of hay fever, but it is light, has a good scent, and is excellent in workability.There are many "cedars" in the mountains of Japan, so I would like to use them more effectively.
Himmeli is a decoration used at Finnish harvest festivals, etc. It is usually made by threading straw through a polyhedron and hanging it.It is also called mobile of light.I named the product "Kimmeli" because it is made of wood.

[5/27] chie gotoh

I mainly make flower pots for succulents with a motif of the house.I am planting succulents in that pot.
We also make flower vases and candle holders, and hope to bring healing to everyone's lives.

[5/27] Small Kuri Kobo

Handmade glass accessories. 
Sheet glass is cut out by hand and fired one by one at a high temperature using a technique called glass fusing.
The degree of melting changes depending on the temperature and the color of the glass, so the expression changes one by one.
The transparency and glossy texture of the glass, and the glittering sparkle when it hits the light are very nice.  
I would be happy if you could find your favorite by all means.

[5/27] musubi "Yui"

We are producing macrame miscellaneous goods using old tools in Ogose-cho, Saitama Prefecture, which is rich in nature.
We add macrame to old tools to make miscellaneous goods that make life a little more fun.
Please feel free to drop by our booth.

[5/27] Yugensha

We are very much looking forward to opening a store again at Forest and Lake Marche in a wonderful location overlooking the lake.
A mug cup made with a unique kneading technique, a beer cup that foams creamy, two types of blue vessels, a mosquito repellent that can be used as a flower vase, and chopstick rests that can be decorated with fresh flowers. I would be happy if


We use additive-free wheat flour milled in the traditional Italian method.
Pizza baked at 500℃ heat after receiving your order allows you to enjoy the original taste of wheat.
Enjoy MIKIMANA PIZZA with your family and friends.

[5/27] 81 LABO

Baby castella perfect for souvenirs
No honey is used, so even children can enjoy it with confidence!

[5/27] Delicious restaurant

It is a kitchen car with gentle snacks and handmade rice, a delicious shop.
The rice is made with care and time, using low-salt soy sauce and salt for a gentle flavor.The sweets are additive-free and moderately sweet, and the concept is that they are good for the body.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] Shiokaze Lemon Town

A cute, “healing” object that can be decorated a little

The works are all handmade and take time to use shells, driftwood, and sea glass from the sea in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture.
We hope that you will find a little healing and happiness in your life.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] irashiikurashi

With the theme of a rich and comfortable life, this time we will sell items that use "Igusa", a natural material from ancient Japan, and fabric interior items that are natural and relaxing.In addition, we will hold a workshop where you can actually touch Japanese rush.
Through fun conversation, you will learn about the quality of materials, and we will make suggestions for your lifestyle, such as colorful carpets that are familiar with Nordic tastes and small items that make the most of natural materials.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] atelier UNIIQ

We make jewelry using engraving techniques.
Like wonderful tableware, rivers, and forests, accessories that change with the mood of the moment.
This time we are planning to sell aroma necklaces and silver jewelry.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] Asakusa Vehicle Factory

We are holding a "Kawa no Ticket Workshop" where you can choose your favorite "station" on a ticket-sized piece of leather, stamp it on a genuine leather ticket, and make your own original ticket key chain.You can select the station from "Unlikely Station", "Name", and "Children's Ticket".
You can also put your birthday in it, so it is also recommended as a gift.Everyone from children to adults can enjoy it.

[NEW SHOP! 5/28] Mamekawa Koubou

This is Mamekawa Koubou, which produces embroidered cloth accessories.
In a world full of cheap things, we aim to create something that you can keep with you for a long time with attachment.
Accurate "stitching" and "durability" unique to sewing machine embroidery, size and shape that are particular about ease of use, various "color combinations" that are pleasing to the eye, and slightly cute fabric accessories. please give me.


At SABLOSSA, we use only eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather as a material and handcraft our original leather products with a focus on "leather texture", "design" and "functionality".
In addition to wallets and bags, we will also sell outdoor goods that make use of the texture of tanned leather, and playful and slightly unusual items such as ribbon-shaped candy case.
In addition, we plan to sell authentic leather baby shoes made with the same manufacturing method as adult leather shoes, which is rare elsewhere.

[5/28] hana*coco

Gently snuggle up to your daily life.
I am making such works in Hanno, where you can feel the atmosphere of Northern Europe.
I hope that my work will add color to someone's life.

[5/28] Chakomori

Chakomori, a rice flour sweets shop, does not use wheat, and makes gluten-free cookies and baked goods made with carefully selected rice flour and fermented butter.
We are developing delicious sweets recipes with the theme of body-friendly, such as coconut oil and maple syrup vegan gluten-free cookies and granola.
I would like you to try Chakomori's sweets once.

[5/28] Ceramics Studio Tabito no Ki

We operate a pottery class in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, with the motto of "enjoy learning and creating freely".
Mori and Lake Marche sells pottery accessories.Each one is carefully molded from clay and produced using the Kutani ware technique.It is surprisingly light and strong, and the gold accents are made of real gold.
Please take a look at the casually sparkling accessories that are unique to pottery.

[5/28] grande domani

grande domani usually holds flower and candle workshops.
At Marche, we will produce and sell seasonal works such as candles filled with flowers and preserved flower green wreaths.I would be happy if it could be a healing item in your room.I would appreciate it if you could actually see the work and pick it up.

[5/28] k / zoo & kazi: ta

Using hand-knitted knitwear (Autumn/Winter only) and stained glass fusing techniques, we make handcrafted glass interior goods, kaleidoscopes, and accessories.There are many works that combine simple colorful shapes in both knit and glass, and I would be happy if I could deliver the "fun" of making them to everyone.
It's not a useful tool, but it makes me smile when you're by my side.

[5/28] petitefleur_bygreenbucker

This is a dried flower terrarium workshop where you can create your own small world in a bottle by choosing from colorful dried flowers and nuts that match the season.

[5/28] Adan

The pottery made in Okinawa has both practical and tropical patterns.It has excellent practicality as well as Nordic vessels.
It is said that Okinawan glass was made by picking up empty bottles that Americans drank up.The design is reminiscent of corals in the sea of ​​Okinawa, with countless bubbles floating on the surface of the glass.
I have lived in Okinawa for a long time, and I would be happy if I could widely introduce Okinawan pottery and Okinawan glass to everyone in Saitama, which cannot be seen in Saitama.

[5/28] Aloha Vine Me

A Vietnamese food and Hawaiian drink kitchen car delivered by a couple who love Hawaii.
We will deliver happiness with authentic banh mi, Vietnamese coffee, fruit-filled acai bowls, and tropical drinks that have been around for 20 years!
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