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The 11th of every month is "Hattifattener's Day" 1

The 11th of every month is "Hattifattener's Day".

At the "Library Cafe" (Kokemus 2nd floor), limited art lattes with Hattifattener designs that change monthly are sold♪

In addition, the first 1111 people who shop at the target stores in Moominvalley Park will receive an original clear file with a design that changes every month!Please check the target store and get a limited clear file.

Date 2023th of every month from April 4, 11 (Tuesday) to March 2024, 3 (Monday)

Attention point

[First-come, first-served 1111 people] Limited clear file present!

If you shop at the target store, you will receive a limited clear file!

Target store
[Even months] Main Shop Moominvalley

[Odd months] Restaurant Moominvalley, Lettura Lounge, Library Cafe, Pikaruoka, Helucya

*One ticket will be given per transaction, regardless of the purchase amount.
* It will end as soon as it runs out.

"Hattifattener Day" Limited Art Latte

This month's design is here!
Selling price: 700 yen (tax included)
Sales location: Library Cafe (Kokemus 2nd floor)
※The photograph is an image.

There are 12 designs in all!

Art lattes and clear files have different designs every month.
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