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Umbrella Sky is an event where you can enjoy the beauty of colorful umbrellas overhead.

Underneath the umbrella arcade, which creates complex shades of sunlight, you can enjoy a fantastic sight of rainbow-colored bubbles floating in the air.
In addition, shops and restaurants will also be decorated with umbrella motifs, and the entire Moominvalley Park will be enlivened with umbrella decorations.

Date 2023/4/28 (Fri) - 2023/7/2 (Sun)

Attention point

A space colored by the aurora-colored umbrella sky

The Umbrella Sky that spreads overhead on the road of about 100m to the Moominvalley area uses "Aurora Umbrella".The aurora color changes in complex ways depending on the position of the sun and the intensity of the light, so you can enjoy the sights that are unique to that time of the day.
In addition, guests will be greeted by soap bubbles created in the image of the event logo, Little My, and Hattifattener decorations, a mysterious creature that lives in Moominvalley.It invites you to the world of fantastic Moomin stories.
※The image is an image.

“#Umbrella Photo Con 2023” held!

A photo contest will be held again this year so that you can enjoy "Moominvalley and Umbrella" even more!Please post a nice photo of Umbrella Sky that you have taken with the hashtag “#Umbrella Photo Con 2023”.We are waiting for your application ♪
■ Details:

[DRINK] Little My Rainbow Bubble Tea

The DAY version, which has a refreshing taste using butterfly peas, and the SUNSET version, which has a refreshing cranberry flavor, are inspired by the blue sky in the daytime, the red sunset, and the colorful umbrella sky that changes its expression over time.
The straw is decorated with Little My, and contains tapioca pearls inspired by the soap bubbles of the logo.
■ Sales price: 600 yen each (tax included)
■ Sales location: Library Cafe
■Sales time: DAY version (left) 11:00-14:00
SUNSET version (right) 14:00-17:00 on weekdays, 14:00-18:00 on weekends and holidays
* LO weekdays 16:30, Sundays and holidays 17:30

[GOODS] Hattifattener Kohakuto

Colorful amber sugar with the image of an aurora.Amber sugar in the shape of a colorful Hattifattener inspired by the Northern Lights.The silhouette of Little My, the main character of the event, will also join the event.
■ Sales price: 1,300 yen (tax included)
■Sales location: Hajimari no Mise, Main Shop Moominvalley
* Scheduled to start selling from May
[GOODS] Umbrella that increases Hattifattener in the rain
A mysterious umbrella that reveals the Hattifattener design when it gets wet.
■ Sales price: 2,800 yen (tax included) planned
■Sales location: Hajimari no Mise, Main Shop Moominvalley

[GOODS] Edible soap bubbles
It's fun to play with, and it's delicious to eat.
■ Sales price: 700 yen (tax included) planned
■Sales location: Hajimari no Mise, Main Shop Moominvalley

[GOODS] [SOLD OUT] Stick Baumkuchen
A bite-sized, easy-to-eat Baumkuchen with the "Moominvalley and Umbrella" logo.
■ Sales price: 450 yen (tax included)
■Sales location: Hajimari no Mise, Main Shop Moominvalley

[Ethical Choice] Efforts for SDGs to reinvent umbrellas

This year, too, we will carry out the “upcycling” initiative, in which the exhibited umbrellas are upgraded to new products and reborn.
■ Sales schedule: Scheduled to start selling in September
* Detailed information will be updated on the official website from time to time.
*The image is the product from last year.Currently sold out.
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