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Hygge Terrace BBQ Photo Contest 1

Open for a limited time on a quiet hill "Hygge Terrace BBQ. "
Why don't you post your wonderful memories on the BBQ terrace where you can enjoy natural feed and carefully selected ingredients grown on pasturage in the photo contest?

■ How to apply on Instagram
1. Official account@hygge_terrace_bbqFollow
2. Add the hashtags "#Hygge Terrace BBQ" and "#metsä Village"
3. Post a photo taken at "Hygge Terrace BBQ"

■Luxury prizes will be presented to the winners!
・Grand Prize BORETTI TERZO BBQ Grill
・Excellence Award GMC Premium Set (for 4 people)
・Prize Allyumer Original Sierra Cup 3 piece set

The Grand Prize/Excellence Prize/Winners will be announced at the bottom of the page!Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Date Application period: Saturday, April 2023, 4 to Wednesday, May 29, 5
Remarks ■ 注意 事項
* It is not determined by the number of "likes" or the number of comments.
*Those whose posts are set to private are not eligible to participate.

■ Terms of use
(XNUMX) Posts with the hashtags “#Hygge Terrace BBQ” and “#metsä Village” may be used and posted on the official website of metsä and in public relations and advertising activities.Also, please note that we may modify or edit some of the works at that time.
(XNUMX) No compensation will be paid for the publication or introduction of submitted works.
(XNUMX) This Contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administered or affiliated with Instagram.
(XNUMX) Please comply with the following matters when posting.
* Posted works are limited to original works for which only the applicant has all rights (including copyright).In particular, please note that using images on websites, SNS, blogs, etc. without permission constitutes copyright infringement.
* If you want to use a portrait of a third party in your work, please be aware of the fact that it will be published on the site before posting. The submitted work is limited to those that do not include anything that infringes the rights of a third party and that touches the law.
* If a dispute arises with a third party regarding the posting of photographs, the poster shall resolve the dispute at the responsibility and expense of the poster.
* Submitted works will be limited to those that do not include information that can identify the individual's identity such as name, address, telephone number.
(6) It does not matter whether the posted work is used or not.
(7) You can apply as many times as you like, but you can apply for the same work only once.
(8) Posts that are not closed to the account or have hashtags will not be applied.
(9) We are not responsible for any injuries, accidents or troubles that may occur during your visit to the park. Please note.

■ About sending prizes
・ For winners@hygge_terrace_bbqWe will contact you via direct message from your account.
・ After sending the direct message, please contact us within the deadline for replying according to the written contents.
・ If you do not contact us within the deadline, your right to win will be invalidated.
· "@hygge_terrace_bbqIf you do not follow "," the right of selection will be invalidated.
・ If the prize cannot be delivered to the address you received due to incomplete input or contact failure, the right to win the prize will be invalidated.
・ The right to win the election is that of the individual and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash to a third party.

■ About the handling of personal information
・ Personal information will be used for shipping products. In addition, regarding the handling such as collection, use and management of other personal informationClick here for the guidelines..

Attention point

Get a luxurious gift!

・Grand Prize BORETTI TERZO BBQ Grill
・Excellence Award GMC Premium Set (for 4 people)
・Prize Allyumer Original Sierra Cup 3 piece set

[Grand Prize] sasapyyy

[Excellence Award] ioio_002

[Excellence Award] Mr. nekooooo921

[Winner] coco_cccccco

[Winner] Mr. haru_y_u

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