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Outdoor Film Event "Metsä Night Cinema -Finnish Film Selection-" 1

□ How about going to the lakeside night cinema that starts at sunset as a memory of Golden Week?
The market hall, where you can enjoy shopping during the day, transforms into a movie theater after sunset.Four Finnish films that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike will be screened on an outdoor screen on a lakeside location with a pleasant breeze.
At metsä, which has the same environment as Finland, which is called the "Land of Forests and Lakes", you can watch Finnish movies and think about Finland.

Enjoy a take-out menu made with carefully selected ingredients"Forest Kitchen Carnival"Also held at the same time!Until the night cinema starts, enjoy the food and drinks from each store in metsä Village and enjoy the warm sunshine on the lakeside.


Date May 2023, 5 (Wednesday/holiday) to May 3 (Sat) *Cancelled in case of rain
Time Screening starts after sunset (around 18:15)
* The end time is based on the screening time of each work.
Place Special venue in front of metsä village market hall
Entry fee Free
Remarks Supported by: Embassy of Finland

Attention point

5/3 (Wednesday/holiday) "Onneri and Anneri's House" (Japanese dubbed version)

A live-action adaptation of Mariatta Kurenniemi's children's literature series "Onneri and Anneli", which has been loved for a long time in Finland.One day, good friends Onneri and Anneri found an envelope on Rose Street.The envelope contained money and a letter that read, "I will give it to the honest." With that money, the two buy a light blue house from an old lady named Mrs. Baraki.However, one day a thief broke into the neighbor...
In Finland, it ranked first for 3 weeks in a row, recording the highest domestic performance in 1 when it was released!His 2014 works that have been serialized have mobilized a total of 3 million people, and he is a nationally popular series that one of his five people has seen!
*Winner of the Finnish Academy Award for Best Costume Design/Nominated for Best Sound Recording

Director: Sarah Cantel / 2014 / 80 minutes / Finland
(c) Zodiak Finland Oy 2014. All rights reserved.

5/4 (Thu/Holiday) "Queen of Fabric" (Japanese subtitles)

A biographical drama depicting the ups and downs of Armi Latia, the founder of the Scandinavian fashion brand Marimekko, which is also popular in Japan.Post-war Finland.Arumi, who started working at a business-use oil printing company that his husband had acquired, had the idea of ​​printing on cotton fabrics for personal use, and in 1951 launched a new company, Marimekko.The fashion show, which he invested all his fortune in, was a great success.The fabrics with colorful and innovative designs and the dresses that liberate women from lace and corsets became very popular, and the business started to take off.
Directed by Jorn Donner, the producer of Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece Fanny and Alexander and an early Marimekko executive.It draws with a skillful composition that mixes the play within the play of the actress who plays Arumi.Minna Harpukura of "FC Venus" as the main character aluminum.

Director: Jorn Donner / 2015 / 85 minutes / Finland

5/5 (Fri./holiday) "Comet in Moominland Puppet Animation" (Japanese dubbed version)

"Adult puppet Moomin" appears as an even more beautiful image! Directed by Tove himself, his TV series produced in Poland from 78 to 82 has been color corrected and re-edited into a beautiful feature film.
The original is "Comet in Moominland", which is said to be one of the masterpieces of the Moomin stories.A very important work that Moomintroll, Snufkin, and Snoke's daughter meet for the first time.It is said that the original author, Tove Jansson, loved the work because the carefully crafted small items, mainly puppets made of felt, are impressive against the beautiful "rich colors" of the background.
The theme song is performed by Icelandic diva Björk, and the Japanese dubbed version is performed by gorgeous veteran voice actors who have appeared in many popular works such as Minami Takayama, Ikuko Tani, and Ryuusei Nakao.

Director: Maria Lindberg / 2010 / 75 minutes / Finland, Poland, Austria

5/6 (Sat) "Onneri to Anneri to Himitsu no Sakusen" (Japanese subtitles)

A courageous story about slightly pretentious girls from Scandinavia and kind friends.The 3rd installment of the Finnish children's literature movie, which is a national hit!
A "children's house" suddenly appeared in front of Onneri and Anneri's house.Surrounded by high fences, it was a place without freedom where the director, Minna Pinna, ruled over children with no relatives by rigid rules.One day, Onneri and Anneri find a boy who has run away and hear about the cruel treatment at the "Children's House".In order to help the children, the two decide to carry out a "secret work" with their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Likinen, Noppotina and Pukutina sisters, and Petitchanen parent and child.
Set in Northern Europe in early summer, a very cute and adorable strategy unfolds♪ Onneri and Anneri, who have grown up a little, carry out a "secret work" to rescue the poor children!The growth of the last Onneri and Anneri in this work, and the story of the characters in the series, made my cheeks loosen with emotion.

Director: Sara Kantel / 2017 production / 75 minutes / Finland
(c) Zodiak Finland Oy 2017. All rights reserved.
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