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Join the "Mystery Solving Rally" and enjoy Moominvalley Park even more! 1

The Park Original Mystery Solving Rally, which will be held for the first time at Moominvalley Park, will be available to everyone for a limited time from Saturday, August 8th.
You can enjoy it without knowing the story of Moomin.Collect hints studded in the park and aim for clearing.

Date 8 month 10 day (Saturday) to 9 month 30 day (month)
Time Sales time: OPEN ~ 15: 00
Available time: OPEN-17: 00
* OPEN is 9: 00 ~ in the summer period, and 9: 2 ~ after the 10 month 00 day.
Entry fee ASK
Remarks ■ How to participate
Purchase riddle paper.
Sales location: Beginning store, Emma store

■ Precautions for participation
* A simple writing tool is required to solve the riddle.
* It is necessary to obtain information from the items and panels scattered throughout the park. At that time, if you have a digital camera or a mobile phone with a camera function, you will be able to smoothly unravel.
* Hints are available for those who are new to riddles and are not good at it.
* The proof of solving all the riddles will be 1 for 1 rally rally paper.
* If you can't solve the mystery in one day, you can try again on another day.
* There will be no additional fees other than admission fees for proceeding with riddles.
* Please be careful not to inconvenience other customers while solving the riddle.
* Sales may be canceled depending on the weather.
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