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"Moomin's Day 2023" Special Week 1

August 8th, the birthday of Tove Jansson, the creator of the Moomin series, is designated as "Moomin Day" and various events are held every year.

Date October 2023th Wed to March 8th Wed, 9

Attention point

Moomin Day fan gift

A limited fan with the main art of Moomin Day 2023 and an event map on the back will be presented.
Those who enter Moominvalley Park can take it freely.
■Distribution location: In front of Moominvalley Park information, etc.
* Distribution will end as soon as it runs out.

Very popular!Stacked stamp rally

You can create a colorful piece of art by stamping the stamps scattered at five locations in the park on the postcard on the mount.I can't wait to see what kind of design it will be after it's completed.
■ Distribution location: Moominvalley Park entrance

"Moomin Day" special stage "Shouldn't we dance together? 』

A special stage will be held at Emma's theater on "Moomin Day"!
Spend a special and fun time with your Moominvalley friends.
■ Date and time: Wednesday, August 8, 9:16- (about 30 minutes)

[Regarding advance lottery for the viewing area]
Appreciation in Emma's theater show area will be pre-lottery.
Lottery application period: July 7 (Wednesday) 5:10 to July 00 (Friday) 14:23
■Lottery result announcement: July 7th (Thursday) around 20:17
■ Lottery application /Lottery result confirmation:please use this form.
* Special shows can be viewed from outside the viewing area.

■ For detailsplease use this form.

~ Moomin Day Memorial ~ metsä Fireworks Festival

Various fireworks such as the gorgeous star mine dance and the shaku ball that blooms large flowers brightly dye the night sky and the surface of Lake Miyazawa in the summer.

Date and time: Wednesday, August 8, 9:19-40:20
* Light rain was carried out, and strong winds and stormy weather were cancelled.
* Cancellation information will be announced on the metsä official website and SNS.

For more information about the fireworks display, such as the sale of bleachers,please use this form.

A special greeting from Little My

A special greeting will be held for the first time to mist guests visiting Little My.
Little My, a mischievous child, sprays mist on guests who want to cool off.You can have a cool and soaking wet experience together.I can't wait to see you when we meet.
■ Period: From Saturday, July 7th
*It may be canceled due to weather conditions.

Special program at "Oshun Oxtra"!

On August 8th (Wednesday), an event for the movie "Memories of Moominpappa" will be held at Moominvalley Park!A special promotional video will be screened at "Oshun Oxtra" in Moominvalley Park, which will be linked to the content of the new movie "Memories of Moominpappa".
■ For details,please use this form.
*After August 8th (Thursday), it will be screened at Kokemus 10F "Tove's Memory Theater".

"Moomin's Day" special week limited sweets that look cool

sea ​​drops
Sweets inspired by the sea in summer.
A transparent water cake comes out from a small balloon.
You can enjoy the plump texture of mizumochi with your favorite soybean flour and brown sugar syrup.
■ Sales price: 700 yen (tax included)
■ Sales store: Library Cafe

[Beer terrace menu] At night, enjoy a festival with one-handed menu and fireworks!

(From left)
Edamame ASK
Takoyaki I gave ASK
Chilled tomato ASK
sausage set ASK
■ Sales store: Restaurant Moominvalley 15: 00 ~ sales
■ Sales start: August 8st (Tuesday) ~

[Beer terrace menu] Enjoy Moominvalley Park with a festival menu ♪

(From left)
grilled corn ASK
Whole Pickled Cucumbers ASK
Bone sausage ASK
Hash browns ASK
■ Sales store: Pikaruoka 15: 00 ~ sales
■ Sales start: August 8st (Tuesday) ~
* Grilled corn only, August 8 (Wednesday) ~

[Beer terrace menu] Alcoholic drinks that adults can enjoy

Adult cream soda (left)
A cream soda that adults can enjoy, with a fun fireworks display and liqueur added.
■ Sales price: 700 yen (tax included)

Summer Vacation Cocktail (Medium)
A cocktail version that adds vodka to the “Summer Vacation Soda”, a drink limited to the “Riviera” event, is now available.
■ Sales price: 700 yen (tax included)

Manhattan Dynamite Cocktail (right)
The cocktail version of Manhattan Dynamite that appears in the show will be reprinted for a limited time.
■ Sales price: 700 yen (tax included)

■ Sales start: August 8st (Tuesday) ~
■ Sales store: Lettura Lounge 15:00-Sale

Arcade game prizes are the main art of "Moomin's Day"!

A pin badge with a "Moomin's Day" pattern is now available as a prize for arcade games! It is a limited item using the main art of 2023.
■ Location: Arcade game
■ Game fee: 500 yen (tax included)
※ It ends as soon as it disappears

[Limited quantity] Making original badges

A workshop for making badges using the main art.
The moment when you turn the machine around and check the completion of the badge is exciting.
For those who don't have time, we also sell finished products.
■ Experience location: Main Shop Moominvalley
*August 8th only at Main Shop Moominvalley Kid's Space
■Experience/sales price: 500 yen (tax included)
※ It ends as soon as it disappears

Enjoy until the time of fireworks! "Moomin Day" Limited Bus Tour

Direct buses arrive and depart from Tokyo, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Omiya, and Minami-Koshigaya! Departs after the fireworks display at Moominvalley Park on August 8th, Moomin Day only.You can go back smoothly with reserved seats.
■From Tokyo Station: Reservationsplease use this form.
■From Yokohama Station via Shinjuku Station: Reservationsplease use this form.
Departing from Minami-Koshigaya Station via Omiya Station: Reservationsplease use this form.

[Distribution has ended because the planned number has been reached]
"Moomin Day" original tote bag gift!

Presented to customers who purchase 5,000 yen (tax included) or more at eligible stores in Moominvalley Park.
■ Distribution period: Saturday, July 7th until stock runs out
■ Target stores: Beginning store, Main Shop Moominvalley, Little My store, Post office
*Arcade games, nibbling shops, capsule toys, and workshops are not eligible.
*Applies to tin badge workshops and workshop kits sold at Main Shop Moominvalley.

[Simultaneously held! ] Vacation feeling in the sea of ​​mist ♪ Riviera

I feel like I'm on vacation in the sea of ​​mist♪
During the event period, you can enjoy the experience of being in the sea in the mist that imaged the beach where the Moomins spent time, and decorations of parasols and beach chairs, and event-limited food will appear.In addition, Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden will appear in swimsuits for the first time.
■ For detailsplease use this form.

"Moomin's Day"

In 2005, August 60, the birthday of the author Tove Jansson, was established as "Moomin Day" to commemorate the 8th anniversary of publication.Every year on August 9th, many Moomin fans gather at Moominvalley Park to celebrate in various ways.
■ For detailsplease use this form.
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