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[10/14] Lakeside yoga ~ Let's take a deep breath in nature ~ 1

Why don't you enjoy yoga by the lake in "metsä Village" where you can feel the Nordic atmosphere?

In front of you, a location like Finland, which is said to be the country of forests and lakes, spreads out.

Let's take a deep breath surrounded by the sound of the wind and the smell of the season.

Experience a short trip to refresh your mind and body.


○Instructor profile

Maro Marumo: I was repeatedly losing weight and gaining weight due to extreme dieting, but I was able to let go of the diet by making yoga a habit.Yoga has improved her life, including improving her chronic scoliosis.A yoga habit that even a 3-day boy can continueThere is a reputation for lessons to get a beautiful posture.

    Date June 2023, 10
    *Cancelled in case of rain (contact the organizer around 17:XNUMX the day before)
    Time 10:15-11:00 (Registration starts at 9:45)
    Place Nordic Square (lawn area)
    Entry fee 2,000 yen (tax included) (payment on the day, cash only) 
    *Cancellation on the day is 100%
    * Includes facility usage fee and yoga class fee
    Remarks ●What to bring/clothes Yoga mat or leisure sheet/casual clothes are acceptable
    ●Capacity 30 people (starting from 10 people)
    ●Target: Beginners
    ● How to make a reservation Please send a message from one of the following and fill in the necessary information and apply.
    ・Participate in lakeside yoga.
    ・Name (all participants)
    ·phone number
    ·mail address

    Attention point

    Even beginners are welcome!

    The level of yoga is relaxing yoga with a small amount of exercise, so even beginners and casual wear can participate.

    There is a changing place and coin lockers

    If you need to change clothes, you can use the multi-purpose toilet in front of the lawn. (You can also use coin lockers for your luggage.)

    Participant benefits ①

    metsä Village Coupon Book (*The photo is an image)

    Participant benefits②

    Adjacent popular hot spring facility Lake Miyazawa Onsen Kirari Bettei Discount Coupon
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