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Japan's Largest Umbrella Sky Design Project
Umbrella sky with about 1000 umbrellas and brightly colored roads appear in the forest (metsä).

"Umbrella Sky" started in 2012 as part of an art festival in the small Portuguese town of Agueda.The extraordinary sight of an umbrella filling the head attracts many people.This time, metsä village is carrying out Japan's largest umbrella sky design project.Designed by Masaru Suzuki, a textile designer who also designs with global brands such as marimekko.From the entrance of the forest to the lake, the 1,000m road that works with the colors of about 100 umbrellas floating in the air changes like a rainbow.The view of the world that you can see changes depending on the approach and ending.Enjoy looking for animals and umbrellas that are casually hidden on the road.Enjoy an exceptionally colorful and dramatic space experience.

* Due to its popularity, the exhibition period is currently being extended.It may end without notice.Please note.

Date Extending the exhibition period
Place metsä thie
Remarks In case of stormy weather due to typhoons, some exhibits may be changed in consideration of safety. Please note.

Attention point

Japan's largest umbrella sky design project

The path of 1000m linked to the color of about 100 umbrellas floating in the air changes like a rainbow.

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