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[Great nature adventure where you can also learn English] Let's look for treasure in the Metsä forest! 1

\Let's find treasures in nature! /

At metsä, you can meet various creatures in a forest and lake location.

There are many treasures hidden within its rich nature.Grab your treasure hunting map and set out on a great adventure in nature with your friends!

Furthermore, on this day we will be collaborating with an industry-academia collaboration project with University of the Sacred Heart!Quizzes and trivia related to nature asked by English professional university students. You can enjoy learning simple English along with the nature of metsä.

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Date 2023 years 10 month 21 day (Saturday)
Time 10:00-15:00 *Cancelled in case of rain
Place Meeting place: metsä village information
Entry fee Adults: 5,000 yen, elementary school to university students: 4,000 yen, preschoolers: 2,500 yen (including insurance fee)
Target: Preschool children and above (If participating is a 3rd year elementary school student or younger, at least one parent must participate)
*Adults who like insects, mammals, and plants are also welcome to participate.

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Remarks [Capacity] 15 people *Minimum number of participants: 5 people

[Clothing] Long sleeves, long pants, comfortable shoes

[What to bring] Lunch, drinks, insect repellent, writing utensils, rain gear, cold weather gear

Attention point


9:45 Reception starts

10:00 - 10:20 
Listen to the explanation of the event from the instructors and introduce yourself to today's friends!

10:20~12:10 <Treasure Hunt First Half>
Answer the quiz and get natural treasures such as pine cones and acorns!

12: 10-12: 40 Lunch break

12:40~13:20 <Field Craft>
Let's make free crafts using the shape, color, smell, etc. of the treasures we collected on the treasure hunt!

13:20~13:50 <Nature x English trivia>
Let's learn trivia about nature and English from a university student who is an English professional!

13:50-14:20 <Treasure Hunt Second Half>
Answer the quiz and get nature's treasure!

14:20~15:00 <Summary>
Let's match the answers to the treasure hunt!If you clear all the questions, you will receive a prize!

Lecturer: Forest field school (Morimana)

Morino Field Gakusha is a team that observes, investigates, and researches the nature and living things of Saitama Prefecture, and manages environmental learning events.Through fieldwork, Morimana aims to see nature objectively and from a bird's-eye view, and to enjoy and learn about living creatures from multiple angles. We are also active as a “Saitama Prefecture Biodiversity Conservation Activity Group”.

<Nature x English trivia part-time staff> Industry-academia collaboration efforts with University of the Sacred Heart

We would like to thank the University of the Sacred Heart, College of Contemporary Liberal Arts, Department of English, Culture and Communication for their cooperation in the "Corporate Cooperation through Translation" class.
As metsä Village, we will work to provide new stimulation and learning opportunities for the younger generation, and to use them as opportunities for growth.
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