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POP UP SHOP “Autumn fair – Delicious is fun!-” 1

Autumn is the time of harvest, and in Northern Europe there are events to celebrate the harvest.Enjoying time with friends and family before the long dark winter sets in..

I want to do something open and fun this fall!Isn't there a lot of people who think that?at such a timeEnjoy Scandinavian products that are sure to become a conversation topic..

Event Dates Saturday, October 2023-Tuesday, December 9 9
Time Open: 10:00 - 18:00
Place metsä hall

Attention point

BEER IPA Lager Pilsner Taster 4P Set (Orrefors)

A brand representing Sweden, whose Nobel series glasses are used at the Nobel Prize banquet.
The name ``BEER'' was carefully designed so that you can enjoy your favorite beer in the most suitable form.We have created a set of popular beer glasses in different shapes so that you can try them out.You can use it for yourself depending on your mood and beer of the day, or it can be used at parties or dinner parties where you can invite friends and enjoy your favorite craft beer.

Canned goods from Nordic waters (Fangst)

"Funst" means "to catch" in Danish and Norwegian.With the aim of exploring and rediscovering the richness of the Nordic seas, FANGST canned products were created to allow people to enjoy products from the Nordic waters as a convenient meal.
High-quality ingredients include Atlantic salmon from the Faroe Islands, freshwater trout from Denmark, several Nordic sardines from the Baltic Sea, blue mussels from the frigid Rimfjord, and herring from the Norwegian Sea.The rapeseed oil is canned with special care and is made from organic cold-pressed rapeseed oil from a refinery on Sealand Island in Denmark, using organic rapeseed purchased from farmers in Denmark and Sweden.

Finnish Kukko craft beer (Laitilan)

Kukko is a full malt and gluten-free craft beer born in Raitila, a town in southwestern Finland. Kukko means "rooster" in Finnish.The stylish can with a boldly drawn rooster in vivid colors will catch the eye on your kitchen counter or refrigerator.
Manufactured using wind and solar energy in an eco-friendly and sustainable factory in Northern Europe. In 2016, it was recognized by Greenpeace as ``Finland's most environmentally friendly brewery''.
Metsä Village also sells rare flavors that are hard to find at other stores.
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