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Swedish Christmas Lucia Day 1

\A special weekend to learn about Sweden through traditional Lucia and Vikings/

There will be a choir chorus from the traditional event ``Lucia*,'' which is an essential part of Sweden's Christmas, a screening of the national Christmas movie, and content themed around the Vikings, the ancestors of the Scandinavian people.There are plenty of things you can do to easily experience Viking culture, such as live performances of the folk instrument "koukin" that brings back memories of those days, sales of accessories and miscellaneous goods used by the Vikings, talk shows and workshops!

A talk event with Per Erik Högberg, the Swedish Ambassador to Japan, and a market where you can find Scandinavian design goods and vintage will also be held at the same time!

Date December 2023th (Sat) and 12th (Sun), 9 *Some programs may be canceled in case of rain
Time 10:00~17:00 ※クリスマス・ルシアパフォーマンスは12月9日(土)14:30/16:30
Place Various places in metsa village
Remarks Cooperation: Embassy of Sweden, Viking Association of Japan, Miyukino Film Festival in Madarao ~Nordic-Japanese International Short Film Festival~

Attention point

Christmas Lucia Performance by the Swedish Children's Chorus

Date and time: December 12th (Sat) 9:14/30:16
*The 14:30 episode includes a speech by Per-Erik Högberg, Ambassador of Sweden to Japan.
Location: Stairs outside the market hall *Inside the market hall in case of rain
Fee: Free
Cast: The Swedish School in Tokyo

*About Lucia
During the Christmas season, choirs are formed all over Sweden, and children enter the venue wearing white gowns, stars, and candles and singing Christmas songs with Lucia.It is traditional for her representative girl, Lucia, to wear her "hair of light" and Lucia's helpers hold her candles in her hands.Along with the Midsummer Festival, the Lucia Festival has long been one of Sweden's most important cultural traditions.Today, Lucia is still a very popular celebration in Sweden, bringing light and smiles to people during the darkest time of the year.

Mouth harp & Viking battle demonstration

There will be a solo performance of the folk instrument "mouth harp" used by the Vikings, and a demonstration of Viking battles.At the end of the battle, a battle cry is offered to Odin, the Norse god of war.

日時:12月9日(土)11:00、10日(日)11:00/16:00 (各回約15分)
※Rain or shine
*December 12th (Saturday) at 9:11 a.m. will include speeches by Per-Eric Högberg, Ambassador of Sweden to Japan, and December 00th (Sunday) at 12:10 speeches by Adam Beje, Public Affairs and Cultural Affairs Officer.
Location: metsä aukio
Cast: Tomoteru Motoyama (Japan Viking Association), Adam Bayer (Public Relations and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Sweden)
Fee: Free

Movie screening "Karl Bertil-Jonsson's Christmas Eve Story"

A special screening of the national animated film is a standard feature at Christmas in Sweden.

日時:12月9日(土)12:30/13:30、10日(日)14:30/15:30 (各回約23分)
Location: Craft Bibliotech
Cooperation: Miyukino Film Festival in Madarao ~Nordic Japan International Short Film Festival~

Synopsis: 14-year-old Karl Bertil-Jonsson works at a Swedish post office, sorting and delivering mail.He admires Robin Hood and comes up with the idea to take some of the Christmas mail that is overflowing at the post office and is destined for the wealthy and deliver it to the poor. This animated work has been looked forward to by Swedish children every Christmas Eve since it was released on Christmas Eve in 1975.

Original title: Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton
Release year: December 1975, 12 (Sweden)
Director: Per Åhlin
Screenplay: Tage Danielsson
Language: Swedish/Subtitles: Japanese

Talk event ① ~ Ambassador and FIKA ~ Talking with the Swedish Ambassador to Japan about how Sweden spends Christmas and winter

Take a break for drinks and sweets and experience FIKA, a symbol of Swedish culture!Ska vi FIKA with the ambassador while eating Russekat, a sweet that is eaten at Christmas time in Sweden, and having coffee in hand? (Would you like to have a fika?)
(Advance reservation required: First 20 people, coffee and sweets included, interpreter available on the day)

Date and time: December 12th (Sat) 9:13 (approx. 00 minutes)
Location: Craft Bibliotech
Cast: Per Erik Högberg, Ambassador of Sweden to Japan

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Talk event ② ~Vikings TALK~Touchable stories about Vikings

Listen to an explanation of the crafts and tools such as axes made by the Vikings, and try them out!At the end, there will be a demonstration of a Viking battle.
(Capacity 20 people, same day reception)

Date and time: December 12th (Sat) 9:15, 00th (Sun) 10:13 (approx. 00 minutes)
Location: Craft Bibliotech
Cast: Tomoki Motoyama (Japan Viking Association), Adam Beje (Public Relations and Cultural Affairs Officer, Embassy of Sweden)

Talk event XNUMX ~ Embassy staff and FIKA ~ Talking with Swedish Embassy staff in Japan about how to spend Christmas and winter in Sweden

Take a break for drinks and sweets and experience FIKA, a symbol of Swedish culture!Ska vi FIKA with the embassy staff with coffee in hand while eating Russekat, a sweet that is eaten at Christmas time in Sweden? (Would you like to have a fika?)
(Advance reservation required: First 20 people, coffee and sweets included)

Date and time: December 12th (Sunday) 10:15 (approx. 00 minutes)
Location: Craft Bibliotech
Cast: Adam Beje (Public Relations and Cultural Affairs Officer, Embassy of Sweden)

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Workshop ① Leather key chain making

Create your own original keychain by drawing freely with markers.There are two designs: Viking face and Dalana horse.

Date: April 12th (Sat) 9th (Sun)
Location: metsä Aukio *In case of rain, inside the market hall
Price: 1 piece 600 yen, 2 pieces 1000 yen (tax included)
Time required: about 20 minutes

Workshop ② Rune fortune charm

Lose your luck with old Scandinavian runes, each of which has a meaning!The leather charms pulled from the bag can be made into necklaces or bag charms.

Date: April 12th (Sat) 9th (Sun)
Location: metsä Aukio *In case of rain, inside the market hall
Price: XNUM X yen (tax included)

Workshop ③Hair ties and keychains made with Viking beads

Create your own accessories by matching the beads of the time with your favorite parts.Hair ties can also be used as bracelets!

Date: April 12th (Sat) 9th (Sun)
Location: metsä Aukio *In case of rain, inside the market hall
Price: 900 yen each (tax included)
Time required: about 15 minutes

Workshop ④ Experience wearing a shield helmet

How about taking a commemorative photo wearing a shield helmet?Now you too are a Viking!

Date: April 12th (Sat) 9th (Sun)
Location: metsä Aukio *In case of rain, inside the market hall
Fee: Free

Viking Market (Japan Viking Association)

A piece that fills a small gap in modern life. We produce and sell JAPAN-Made Viking items such as accessories and leather products that reproduce excavated items from the Viking era 1000 years ago.Weavings and books by Japanese Viking writers, as well as miscellaneous goods imported from Europe.

Date and time: December 12th (Sat) and 9th (Sun) 10:10-00:16 *Rain or shine
Location: metsä aukio

Nordic Christmas market by the lake

From the cold and dark winters of Northern Europe, we bring you things that will warm your heart.Find your favorite gift from once-in-a-lifetime encounters with Scandinavian design miscellaneous goods, vintage goods, and crafts!

Date and time: Saturday, November 2023th and Sunday, November 12th, 9 *Cancelled in case of rain
Time: 10: 00 to 16: 00  
Location: metsä aukio

Scandinavian baked confectionery shop Konditori

Scandinavian baked goods are so simple that you'll want to eat them every day, such as cinnamon rolls and raspberry jam cookies, as well as specialty coffee roasted in-house.
While learning from Swedish life, we deliver FIKA that gently touches the simple and unadorned daily life.

outdoor coffee finland

Outdoor coffee Finland that we want you to enjoy "in nature" and "outdoor scenes".Coffee inspired by the magnificent nature of Northern Finland is a craft coffee made with the concept of harmony with nature.
Robert Paulig Roastery, which has a history of over 30 years, consists of 9 professionals and was also selected as the Best Roastery Finland 2018.The “Notes of nature” outdoor coffee series is a form of their desire to drink outdoors.
Coffee that expresses the delicate flavor of berries that grow naturally in the forest, coffee that expresses the impact of the sparks of a campfire, and coffee that expresses the clarity of light passing through the gaps between the trees in a snow-covered forest. Introducing craft coffee unique to Finland, a coffee powerhouse where artisanal skills shine.
In addition, we also have coffee equipment and upcycled outdoor mugs that can be easily brewed outdoors, camping, and mountain climbing, so if you want to enjoy coffee time outdoors, please feel free to ask our staff. .


We have a lot of miscellaneous goods directly imported from Scandinavia that are perfect for Christmas presents, focusing on Japan-only private cask LAHJA and 5 other types of whiskey (SAVU, KASKI, KULO, PALO, 10 YO)!


We sell thick, thick, unheated, additive-free, pesticide-free, 100% natural raw honey from Lithuania, Northern Europe.

・Linden high-grade “raw” honey
Price: XNUM X yen (tax included)
The source of honey is linden.Although it has a deep richness, it leaves a refreshing feeling in your mouth.Honey is popular in Europe.  

・Creamy high-grade “raw” honey
Price: 4,860 yen (tax included)
The source of nectar is nectar from flowers such as apples, pears, and plums.It's a thick, cream-like raw honey.It also goes great with pancakes.

Many others available!

Lilla katten

Lilla Katten, a Swedish confectionery specialty store, is a small shop started by a couple who were studying abroad in Sweden.We strive to provide Swedish sweets that have been cultivated among the common people along with coffee culture, tailored to suit the tastes of Japanese people without sacrificing the individuality of each sweet.

Cafe Sucre

The original cookie tin with the design of the cookies inside is packed full of Scandinavian baked goods, the world's only small cinnamon roll cookies, meringue, and more!After being eaten, it can also be used as a storage space for small items.
This vegan cookie tin with a Scandinavian garden design is packed with guilt-free and gluten-free cookies that your body will love, using ingredients such as domestic rice flour, organic coconut oil, omega-3-rich walnuts, and sesame seeds.
We also recommend the cinnamon rolls, which contain coarsely ground cardamom and are not too sweet and easy to eat.

Scandinavian cuisine silfra

This is a kitchen car for Scandinavian cuisine!
We offer classic meatballs, Nordic home-cooked pitti panna, and colorful drinks.
Let's enjoy the Nordic feeling!

swedish organic cosmetics

・Care of Yard (organic cosmetics)
This is an organic cosmetic brand born in Yokumoku, Sweden that is full of energy and uses plenty of berry seed oil grown in the midnight sun of nature.

Each piece is carefully hand-painted by nine talented artists, designers, and craftsmen who value the originality of the design.This gives the work a special feeling and warmth.

How about a present for yourself or a loved one?

Wexthuset Japan

Vexset is a gardening select store founded in Sweden.
We carry a wide variety of gardening goods with excellent design and functionality, carefully selected from all over Europe by the founder, a Swedish gardener.
Incorporate greenery into your life from traditional gardening to furniture and miscellaneous goods.We will support your gardening life with a new style.


Gently snuggle up to your daily life.
I am making such works in Hanno, where you can feel the atmosphere of Northern Europe.

May my work add color to someone's life.With feelings.


“AMBER by MAZUKNA” is currently the largest amber brand in Europe.
We carry out processing and production in Kaunas, the second largest city in the Republic of Lithuania.In addition to traditional amber, we are also developing new color amber.


We create garlands, swags, wreaths, flower miscellaneous goods, etc. using eucalyptus, pampas grass, and small flowers.
This is a dried flower work with natural colors that will blend in with your room.


We create and sell wreaths, swags, candles, and other interior decorations using dried flowers and seasonal plants.

Köta Scandinavian miscellaneous goods that tickle your heart

We are a manufacturer that manufactures and sells licensed brand bags, pouches, and cold weather miscellaneous goods with a Scandinavian taste.

SCANDINAVIAN FOREST is an animal concept brand created by Ferg & Form, which produces popular Scandinavian goods.
The adorable "hedgehog" is the brand icon.We offer stylish products full of Scandinavian taste.We sell bags, pouches, and cold weather miscellaneous goods.

Kippis means toast in Finnish.
At the end of the day, the moment of ``cheers'' that gives us a sense of relief is like a reward in our daily lives.We develop our designs with the image of such a warm moment in mind.We incorporate textiles created by designers living in Scandinavia into various items.


ROOTOTE collaborates with NORDISKA TYGER, which revived Scandinavian textile designs from the 1960s and 70s.
This time, we have a line that is perfect for everyday use, from art-like totes that can be displayed in your room, to wine bottle-sized totes that can be used for light outings, to larger sizes that can fit cushions, totes that can hold A4 size sheets, and pouches. up.
Why not feel free to incorporate the nostalgic and new designs familiar to Scandinavian people into your daily life, where you can feel the nature and atmosphere of the times.

A workshop where you can make your own original bag by freely combining ROOTOTE bags (from ¥1,000) with original Nordiska tyger ornaments (¥300, ¥500).
Time required: Approximately 5 minutes ~
Target age: Small children must be accompanied by a guardian.

Lithuanian linen JURGA

JURGA sells many linen products from Lithuania, an advanced country in slow living.
Placemats designed with the historic center of Vilnius, the world heritage site of Lithuania's capital, are perfect for Christmas table coordination.On the day of the event, you can also enjoy coloring with a cloth-specific pen.We also introduce sauna towels and blankets made from 100% Lithuanian linen.


A Finnish, Estonian, and Yanesen music specialty store, cafe, and bar opened in 2018 in Sendagi, Bunkyo Ward, one of the most tranquil places in Tokyo.
Under the coordination of "O-moro music from Finland, Estonia", high-quality Finnish and Estonian music mainly sells CDs and records, and provides information about Scandinavia. Our customers also visit our store.
In addition to cafes and bars, they plan and manage various events such as the music festival "JUHLA FESTIVAL" held at Metsa last year, and also broadcast PODCAST "Yuhla Radio" from the radio booth inside the store.

IKEA JAPAN (opened on 12/9 only)

The IKEA Christmas Market is coming!
This year's limited edition Christmas collection is inspired by Scandinavian handicrafts, with designs perfect for the most exciting time of the year.
This time, the first 200 customers who purchase at this IKEA Christmas market will receive a coupon that can be used at IKEA Tachikawa.
Enjoy Christmas this year with IKEA items!

Atelier Pelto (opened on 12/9 only)

Atelier Pärt, born in Finland, is a Japanese artist who expresses heartwarming works and poetic worlds that can be used in daily life through porcelain brooches, plates, and accessories.
"Perto" means field in Finnish.The idea is for the atelier to become a place where the seeds of ideas can germinate and grow.

tuikku (opened on 12/9 only)

A shop for Scandinavian vintage tableware and miscellaneous goods.
We will introduce warm and attractive products mainly from Finland.

Kirsikkapuu (opened on 12/9 only)

An online shop that sells Scandinavian vintage and works by artists active in Finland.
There are some vintage items that you don't usually get a chance to see, so I would be happy if you could pick them up and see them for yourself.

saya (opened on 12/10 only)

In the workshop, we will be holding a garland making with a snowman made of luminescent clay and a Christmas version aroma gel pot using organic aroma.
We also plan to sell Scandinavian-patterned tableware, socks, masking tape, Swedish cutting board sets, and more.

lampi (opened on 12/10 only)

We use Swedish thread to create band-woven accessories, a Scandinavian craft.

Lintukoto (opened on 12/10 only)

We believe that Lintukoto is a place where you can rest your soul, so we hold workshops where everyone can have a relaxing time, and we also participate in marches and other events.
Himmeli, which means heaven, is a traditional product from Finland that was created as an ornament for the winter solstice festival.It is believed that the grain spirit resides in the wheat straw used for Himmeli, and it is said to have the power to bring happiness.
At Lintukoto, we peel rye and make it into straws to create mobiles of light while feeling the spirits.Please join us and experience rye with your own hands.
I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to experience the Scandinavian Yule here this season.

megumi (opened on 12/10 only)

We are ``megumi'' and are sisters who make baked goods by hand.
We make our products using seasonal fruits and ingredients that are gentle on the body.
This time, I will offer megumi an arrangement of Scandinavian sweets that I encountered while studying abroad in Sweden.

"metsä's Scandinavian Christmas 2023"

Please spend a relaxing time at Metsä Village, experiencing the ``simple but warm'' atmosphere that is unique to Christmas in Scandinavia.

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