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Sound Walk ~The Door to the Story~ 1

A sound attraction where you can experience the world of Moomin stories that can be enjoyed day and night♪

This is a sound attraction where you can enjoy episodes of the unique characters living in Moominvalley by visiting spots scattered throughout the park.
Along with the scene unfolding before your eyes, you can hear the Moomins' voices and footsteps, and the world expands as if you have stepped into the Moomin monogatari, Ltd..
Please listen to the world of Moomin's story, which you can enjoy with sound while feeling the chill and wind unique to winter.

★In order to enjoy the sound walk, you will need to download the app and obtain the device and app location information.

Date December 2023, 11 (Thursday) -March 2, 2024 (Sunday)

*Closed on January 2024, 1 (Monday/Holiday)

Time According to Moominvalley Park business hours
Place ■Sales location: Hajimari no store, Main Shop Moominvalley, POSTI
Entry fee ■Trial price: 1,200 yen (tax included)
■[Limited quantity] Acrylic key chain

[Great value! ]1 day pass + sound walk advance ticket set
■Sales price: Adult 4,500 yen (tax included) Child 3,100 yen (tax included)
■ Ticket purchase:Aso View!
[Sales start from 1/11]Seven ticket(Seven code: 104-103)
Remarks ●When using the service, please prepare earphones/headphones that can be connected to your smartphone in advance. Can be used on smartphones with iOS 14 or higher and Android 8 or higher.However, please note that it may not work with some models.
●Please download the Locatone app in advance to enjoy it.The app can only be downloaded from app stores in Japan.
●Even customers who do not use smartphones can enjoy the winter wonderland experience, such as strolling through the illuminations and taking photos.
● Sound AR ™ and Locatone ™ are trademarks of Sony Group Corporation or its affiliates.

Attention point

To enjoy the sound walk

❶First, download Locatone™!
First, download Sony's Locatone ™ app from the Apple Store, Google Play on your smartphone.
*Operation is not guaranteed for iPads and Wi-Fi model tablet devices.
❷ [For those who purchased advance tickets for Sound Walk] Enter the ticket code
Enter the ticket code written on the leaflet distributed at the Moominvalley Park entrance when entering the park.

*There is no need to purchase tickets or coins within the app.

❸Select channel
From the Locatone ™ app, select "Moominvalley Park Channel".
※The image is an image.It differs from the actual screen.
❹Tour selection
Select "Sound Walk-Moominvalley Winter-" from "Moominvalley Park Channel".
※The image is an image.It differs from the actual screen.
❺Download tour data
Download the tour data from the download button.
※The image is an image.It differs from the actual screen.
❻Reconfirm before departure
On the day of the attraction, don't forget to have enough charge and earphones/headphones that can be connected to your smartphone!
❼Start when ready
When you arrive at the site, press the tour start button to start the tour.You can hear the voice when you visit the spot ♪
* After downloading the app and tour data, turn off Wi-Fi and start the tour locally.
(If you leave Wi-Fi connected from the outside, weak radio waves may be picked up and communication may become unstable.)

What is Locatone™?

By downloading Locatone™, an entertainment app developed by Sony to enjoy Sound AR™, on your smartphone, wearing earphones, and walking around the park, you can enjoy a special experience while feeling the world of Moomin stories. You can enjoy the experience.You can also enjoy sound play linked to movement and commemorative photos with the Moomins using the AR camera.
■ Details:please use this form.

[Limited to November 11th and December 11th] The 12th of every month is #Hattifattener Day

Sound Walk ~The Door to the Story~
Special content where Hattifattener spawns!
By tapping the AR camera button on the Locatone™ app, you can take a photo with the original photo frame of the Hattifattener that has been generated.
Enjoy with “sound” and “visual”!


During the day, you can fully enjoy the worldview of the story and nature, and at night, it is a magical night filled with vivid lights.
We will develop plans unique to winter, such as a photogenic environment that will make you want to point your camera at it, a warm menu where you can enjoy the taste of winter, and original goods limited to the event.
Please spend a wonderful time that can only be enjoyed this winter at ``Winter Wonderland in Moominvalley Park'', which can be enjoyed throughout the day.
■Event period: November 2023, 11 (Thursday) to January 2, 2024 (Monday/holiday)
■ Details:please use this form.
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