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Let's go out with your dog! "SÖPÖ SÖPÖ DOG TAIL FAIR(Soposopo Dog Tail Fair)” “söpö” means “cute” in Finnish.

During the event period, you can enjoy attractions with your dog and sell food menus for dogs.You can also take commemorative photos with Moomin and his friends, so enjoy this cute event with your dog!

Date Saturday, December 2023th and Sunday, December 12th, 16
※Rain or shine (canceled in stormy weather)
Remarks [Terms of use] Click here for more information.
We ask for your cooperation in complying with the terms of use so that you can use the service comfortably.

Attention point


Greetings with Moomintroll and friends

Please enjoy taking commemorative photos with Moomin and his friends with your dog.Those who take a commemorative photo with your dog will receive an original sticker!
[Terms of use]
・When taking photos, please place your pet in a pet cart, hold it on a short leash, or hold it in your arms.
・Please note that characters and dogs cannot interact directly.

Experience attractions with your dog

You can enter the attractions "Little My's Play Spot" and "Oshun Oxtra" which are normally not allowed with dogs.
■Target facilities: Little My play spot, Oshun Oxtra
[Terms of use]
・Please enter the venue with your pet in a carry bag or cart, where your face cannot be seen.
・There is a limit to the number of pet carts that can enter one performance.Please note that depending on the situation in line, you may be directed to the next performance.

[MENU for dogs] SÖPÖ SÖPÖ Berry Lettu

Pancakes made with rice flour and topped with sour cream, soy milk cream, and blueberries.
■Sales price: 800 yen (tax included) with original sticker
■ Sales location: Restaurant Moominvalley
*This is a meal menu for dogs.
*Dogs are not allowed inside the store.Please enjoy your meal on the terrace or in the lawn area in front of Kokemus.

[WORK SHOP] Making original badges

Limited art of "SÖPÖ SÖPÖ DOG TAIL FAIR" appears in the popular badge making workshop menu!A cute design featuring the dog ink from Moomin Comics and his friends is perfect as a souvenir to commemorate the event.
■Venue: Main Shop Moominvalley
■ Participation fee: 500 yen (tax included)

[SHOP] Cute Moomin pattern pet supplies

At Main Shop Moominvalley, we are selling pet supplies from the Finnish kitchen and houseware brand Muurla!

[Event Information] Moomin x Projection Mapping “WINTER WONDERLAND in MOOMINVALLEY PARK 2023” will be held ♪

During the day, you can fully enjoy the worldview of the story and nature, and at night, it is a magical night filled with vivid lights.
We will develop plans unique to winter, such as a photogenic environment that will make you want to point your camera at it, a warm menu where you can enjoy the taste of winter, and original goods limited to the event.
Please spend a wonderful time that can only be enjoyed this winter at ``Winter Wonderland in Moominvalley Park'', which can be enjoyed throughout the day.
■ Details: Click here for more information.
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