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Finnish movie “Autumn Leaves” x Metsä Village [Wanwan Campaign] 1

\To commemorate the release of Kaurismäki's latest film, metsä"Wanwan No."Great deal! /

Finnish master director Aki Kaurismäki's latest film, ``Autumn Leaves'' (No.76Winner of the Jury Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival) and the ``Dog Wan Campaign'', a mutual discount and gift project through the ``pet dogs'' that are essential to Kaurismäki's works.The12Month15Day(Fri)More implementation!

“Wan Wan Campaign”"  will start on the first day of release in order to respect the many famous dog actors that have appeared in the works and to commemorate the release of the new movie.Metsä Village, where you can enjoy strolling with your pet, dining, and shopping, will also make movie releases more exciting.

Date September 2023, 12 (Friday) -October 15, 2024 (Sunday)
Remarks *The theaters eligible for the campaign are:Theaters in the Kanto area
*You can use and apply for the island boat even if you are not bringing your dog.
*You may have to wait for the "Wanwan"/Island Boat depending on the reservation status on the day.
*"Wanwan" island boatTerms and ConditionsPlease check before applying.

Attention point

XNUMX.One-Wan Mutual Discount

〇Let's watch ``Autumn Leaves'' and then ride ``Wanwan''
Get a 500 yen discount on the lake boat "Wanwan" or the island boat, which you can enjoy with your dog, by showing your ticket stub for the movie "Autumn Leaves".

〇Let's watch "Autumn Leaves" after riding on "Wanwan"
When you board the ``Wanwan'' or the island boat, ``Kareba'' will give you a postcard with a discount coupon of 300 yen off the day's fare.

Postcard with discount coupon

A postcard given to those who board the "Wanwan" or island boat at Metsä Village.

After using it as a discount ticket, you can write a message and give it to a loved one or your dog, write your impressions of a movie, or use it as interior decoration for your room.

2. Wanwan present [Recruitment has ended]

After following the Eurospace & Metsä Village official X account, 12 people who quote and repost the relevant post (scheduled to be posted on December 15th) will be randomly selected to win a "Wanwan" or an island boat ticket!

Application method:
(1) Eurospace Official X (@eurospace_d) and metsä Village Official X (@Metsa_Official) Follow 2 accounts
(2) Quoting and reposting the corresponding post from metsä Village Official X (scheduled to be posted on December 12th)
(3) Winners will receive a boarding ticket for the Wangwan (island boat) via DM later.

Application period: December 2023, 12 (Friday) to January 15, 2024 (Sunday) 
Winner announcement: January 2024, 1 (Thursday) 11:11 (tentative)

What is "Wanwan-go"...

A boat that can be enjoyed with small, medium, and large dogs.Enjoy a special time on the lake, which also serves as a picnic time with your loved ones.

Regular price: 4,500 yen (tax included) / 40 minutes + dog 1,000 yen (tax included) / dog

*Includes rental fee for sheets and life jackets (S/M/L)
*Up to 2 dogs regardless of breed or size
* Up to XNUMX people and dogs can be on board.

XNUMX. "Dead leaves" mini gallery

A mini gallery of “dead leaves” will be available at metsä Village Craft Bibliotech for a limited time!
Also pay attention to the stand panel of the main character Ansa's pet dog.

About the movie “Autumn Leaves”

Nordic city Helsinki.Ansa loses her job due to unreasonable reasons, and Horappa manages to work at a construction site despite being addicted to alcohol.One night, the two meet at a karaoke bar and are attracted to each other without knowing each other's names.However, unfortunate coincidences and the harshness of reality push them away from their modest happiness.Will the two be able to reunite safely and share their feelings...?

Director/Screenplay: Aki Kaurismäki
Cinematography: Timo Salminen
Starring: Alma Pousti (``TOVE''), Jussi Vatanen (``Unknown Soldier''), Janne Hutiainen, Nupp Koivu
2023/Finland/Germany/81 minutes/Finnish/Original title “KUOLLEET LEHDET”/English title “FALLEN LEAVES”
Distribution: Eurospace  
Supported by: Embassy of Finland

76th Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize, 2023 International Federation of Critics Awards Annual Grand Prix, 59th Chicago International Film Festival Best Director Award, 40th Munich Film Festival Bayern 2&SZ Audience Award, 20th Cinefest Miskolc International Film Festival Zukor Adolf Award (Grand Prix), 96th Academy Awards® International Feature Film Award, Finland representative selected, 2023 European Film Awards Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Screenplay

About director Aki Kaurismäki

Screenplay, director, editor, producer.
Born April 1957, 4 in Olimattila, Finland.He will study communication theory at university.Although he started his career as a film critic, he is not only a critic, but also engages in a number of other jobs such as a scenario writer, actor, and assistant director. In 4, he and his older brother Mika founded the production company <Ville Alpha>, the Midnight Sun Film Festival in 1981, and the distribution company <Senso Film> in 1986.He also operated a movie theater called ``Andorra'' with a bar called ``Corona Bar'' and ``Cafe Moskva'' in central Helsinki, but he closed it in 1987. In 2019, he and his friend opened a movie theater called Kino Leika in Karukkila, a small town northwest of Helsinki.
In 1983, he released his first feature-length directorial work, Crime and Punishment. In 86, ``Twilight in Paradise'' was invited to film festivals around the world, including the Cannes Film Festival Directors Fortnight, and attracted the attention of filmmakers around the world.Since he gained attention in Japan with ``Leningrad Cowboys Go America'' in 90, all of his directorial films have been released, including ``The Floating Cloud'', ``The Man Without a Past'', and ``Shoe Shining at Le Havre''. ' were huge hits.His fan base continues to increase with each release of his new work.
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