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[Bonus included] 1 day pass + “Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei” admission set ticket XNUMX

Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei is a natural hot spring facility adjacent to Moominvalley Park.
A 1-day pass and a set ticket for admission to "Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei" are available for a limited time with great benefits.
In this season of cold winds, after enjoying Moominvalley Park, soothe your mind and body in the hot springs and enjoy a luxurious time.

Date July 2024, 1 (Tuesday) to July 9, 2024 (Thursday)
Place Purchase tickets (Asoview!):please use this form.
Entry fee XNUMX-day pass + “Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei” admission set ticket

〇 Benefits
・[First 2,000 people] Moominvalley Park original mineral water
 *You cannot choose the color of the bottle.
・“Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei” 100 yen discount coupon for next admission fee 
Remarks *"Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei" is a hot spring facility for adults of elementary school age and above.
*Benefits will be handed out at "Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei".

Attention point

[Simultaneous event] For people aged 65 and over! Weekday limited senior discount

We are selling a very advantageous "Senior Discount" for seniors aged 65 and over!
You can enjoy Moominvalley Park for 1 yen, a 3,600 yen discount on the 1,600-day pass (regular price 2,000 yen).
■Period: January 2024, 1 (Tuesday) to February 9, 2024 (Thursday) *Weekdays only
■ Details:please use this form.

February event information

"Moominhouse Projection Mapping", which is very popular at the winter event "Winter Wonderland" (held until January 2024, 1), will be extended with a special version added only on Saturdays and Sundays in January!
In addition, the illuminations in the park change to a colorful look that makes you look forward to the arrival of spring, brightening the anticipation and excitement of the new season.
Enjoy a wonderful time that will warm your heart and body at Moominvalley Park, where the mysterious world of soap bubbles and sparkling scenery spread out beautifully.
■Period: January 2024, 1 (Tuesday) to January 9, 2024 (Wednesday)
■ Details:please use this form.
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